SysTools Driver Viewer FREEWARE

Tool to Scan & View all System Driver Files with Details

  • Scan and load the list of all drivers installed on a machine
  • Show complete details of each system driver with associated files
  • No external utility installation required to view system driver files
  • Compatibility towards all Windows versions including OS 10, 8.1 and below

List of Key Features in SysTools Driver Viewer Freeware

view all systems drivers

View All Systems Drivers

The Driver Viewer is a freeware tool to read and open the list of all system drivers present on a machine. It can show you the list of drivers such as network driver, sound driver, graphics driver, mother board driver, etc.; installed on the hardware of respective computer machine or laptop.

quick scan and list drivers

Quick Scan & List Drivers

In order to view the list of drivers available in your machine, you need to scan it first. The software quickly and deeply scans entire machine and lists all the drivers present within the system. Along with the drivers, software also lists driver files.

show complete driver details

Show Complete Driver Details

After scanning and listing all system drivers, you can click on any specific driver to view its corresponding details. The software will show you information like; installation file, driver name, version, class, hardware ID, provider, digital signature, release date and its set up section.

list all driver files

List All Driver Files

Along with drivers the software also lists all the files used by any specific driver installed on your machine. You can view the driver file name and type. Every driver has some associated files and while viewing the details of a driver, you can also check the list of driver files.

Driver Viewer Tool Screenshots

driver viewer tool
Step 1: Driver Viewer Software
scan driver
Step 2: Scan Drivers
preview system drivers
Step 3: Preview System Drivers
View Driver Details
Step 4: View Driver Details

Watch Live Video of Driver Viewer

online video

Driver Viewer Software Specification

driver viewer Box

Size: 1.9 MB Version: 1.0

MD5: 22551b0b3ae96abee0aaeccf660e5905

Download Driver Viewer Software

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space

Frequently Asked Question

Can I view the drivers of my Mac Machine?

No, you cannot view the drivers of a Mac machine as the software is a windows based tool. You can use the software on windows 10, 8.1 and below versions.

What Our Customer Says...

The tool was very helpful in checking all the required drivers availability on systems. Being a network and hardware administrator it was amongst the common chores of my day. The tool made this time consuming and tedious method interesting and quicker than ever before.

Madeleine Richardson, Australia

It seemed that being an external source application, flaws must be a part of it. However, I must say, I am quite impressed by the software. It has taken care of all system drivers by helping me view them and carry out modifications in them if found faulty or not working.

Leyla, Iran