Features of Best EMLX Reader

Overview of EMLX Viewer

  • Standalone application to open and view EMLX files.
  • Email client installation is not required to use the EMLX file viewer freeware.
  • Searching for the required keywords within EMLX messages is allowed.
  • Provides Windows Explorer like interface to Auto locate and load Emails.
  • Preview all the attachments from the EMLX files with its in-built viewer.
  • Flexible view modes- switch to horizontal or vertical view modes.
  • Supports both 32 and 64-bit Windows Operating System.

Open and View


View and Read EMLX File

Generally, an EMLX file represents the individual email which is a flexible message storage format supported by number of desktop operated Email clients. This EMLX FIle Viewer software has the capability to browse and read EMLX File in the form of EMLX file format.

Explore and Read Within EMLX Files

The Smart Search Feature of EMLX Viewer allows you to explore email by typing the words or phrases in the search bar. Now after the exploring process has been completed the EMLX reader software will read the list of all the emails having the exact same term typed in the search bar.

No file limitation

simple GUI

View Header of EMLX File

The EMLX File Viewer provides you to instantly view EMLX file with the proper formatting of emails. In addition, you can also read the email messages with its properties like To, From, Subject, Received, Data and Size.

Automatically Load EMLX File

After you have selected the folder having the .eml files, the EMLX file reader Tool will automatically load and process all of them. EMLX opener will show you the total count of all the eml mails contained in the folder.

Support all windows version

No pre Requirements

View and Read Noname.eml

The EMLX File Reader supports all the emails sent or received as attachments in noname.eml format. Such attachments are not accessible when they are received on a web based email service. Using this software you can easily open and read noname.eml files.

Windows Explorer Like Interface

When you are running the EMLX viewer software, you will get a user friendly interface similar to Windows Explorer. They are easy to navigate the folders containing .eml files and you can open and view all the .eml files.

Search File option

Open EMLX File in Gmail and Hotmail

First, the Gmail message headers can be saved as text files and it can be further accessed as the complete message they are representing with this program. That header file in text format when renamed in .eml format becomes the corresponding message and can be open and read using Gmail EMLX Reader tool.

Second, whenever the Hotmail message headers are saved it generates a text file. When this file is renamed as .eml file it becomes readable and can be open and read EMLX File using Hotmail EMLX viewer software.

Step-by-Step Guide to Run the EMLX Viewer

Step 1 Launch EMLX Reader

First, go Start and select All Programs and then finally open EMLX file Viewer to read EMLX File.

Search File option

Step 2 Explore Heirarchical View

Second, explore the tree view and find all the EMLX files. Then, preview all the selected EMLX mails from the selected folder of EMLX files

Search File option

Step 3 View EMLX File

Third, EMLX Viewer allows user to view EMLX mails in a usual way like Hex View, Normal Mail View, Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, HTML View, RTF View.

Search File option

Step 4 Add Multiple filters

Fourth, now click on the Search button to find any specific email within the single EMLX file folder or from multiple EMLX folders. You can add multiple filters for searching particularly to read EMLX file.

Search File option

Step 5 Advanced Search option to view EMLX file in EMLX File Viewer

Fifth, you can view the highlighted Email after processing the queries matches like Mail Containing Exact Match. Then, EMLX File Viewer software will show the partial words contained by other emails that is having the exact matched pattern of words.

Search File option

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What Clients Say

A great salute to the developer who created this EMLX file viewer. I first worked with the EMLX file viewer but after few months of use I moved to Pro version. I can only say that its and easy application to view the EMLX files and the tool provides a good looking user interface to view EMLX file. I have become a big fan of EMLX Reader.

Ashton Dean, Canada

The EMLX File Reader software with its in-built advanced features that view EMLX files with ease. One of my most favourite feature in EMLX File Viewer is Advanced Search Option which is not present any of the EMLX viewers available in the market currently. It is one of the best feature and distinguishes it with the other. Keep up the good work.

Nathan Dyer, South Africa