Features of Best EPUB Reader

EPUB Viewer

Overview of EPUB Viewer

  • Open and Read .epub file.
  • Advance Search mode to Search within EPUB files.
  • No size and content limitation to View EPUB File
  • Compatible with all Windows based Operating system.
  • Support Document Encoding (UTF-8, Unicode).
Open and View

Open and View EPUB Files

Epub Reader is designed in such a way that it helps to read EPUB file data in exact form. The software gives the preview of all the supporting images, Hyperlink, breadcrumb by maintaining the file quality.


Preview EPUB files Attributes

The software gives the preview and open EPUB files by maintaining the formatting, structure and integrity of data in original form. It loads all the files instantaneously and previews the data along with its all attributes.

No file limitation

No .epub Files Limitation

The application is programmed in such a way that users can open, view, and read ePUB file without any file size (for e.g. 100 MB EBook file) or content length limitation. It allows users to simply view all the data at once it is loaded by using EPUB opener.

simple GUI

Simple User Graphical Interface

EPUB file Reader has no complicated structure or steps involved that are incorporated on the application, which helps in creating it in way that looks and feel simple for navigation. Even a non-tech user can easily utilize this free of cost EPUB file viewer tool.

Support all windows version

Supports all Windows Version

EPUB Viewer is Windows based utility. It is compatible with all the Windows editions to view the ePUB file data, i.e. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows.

No pre Requirements

No Pre-Requirements Needed

For utilizing Epub File viewer freeware software, users do not require any specific application installation on the machine to read EPUB File. It is a standalone application that easily opens and read various Ebook files without affecting file quality.

Search File option

Search EPUB Files Option

The software provides a smart search feature that allows users to search within EPUB files by simply typing a word or phrase in the search bar. Then, the software will list all the required data having the accurate match.

Step-by-Step Guide to Read EPUB File

Step 1: Launch EPUB File Viewer

Once it is downloaded. To open the application, Go to Start >> All Programs >> Free EPUB File Reader.

Preview of EPUB Viewer

Step 2: Add EPUB file

Now, click on Add File option from the menu bar of the application in way to add and process EPUB file which will help to read EPUB File.

Preview of EPUB Viewer

Step 3: Preview the Scanned File through EPUB File Viewer

As soon as the EPUB file is scanned, the entire data of EPUB file is displayed in the next pop-up Window. The left side of the panel shows the root structure of EPUB file and the preview is generated at the right-bottom section of EPUB Viewer.

Preview of EPUB Viewer

Step 4: Multiple Views for Previewing Files

The EPUB Viewer provides multiple views to read EPUB file mails. You can choose any of the view and get a preview of all the emails in that form.

Preview of EPUB Viewer

Step 5: Choose the attribute

To categorize the various attributes of the EPUB file, the software provides an option to choose the desired attribute and view EPUB File separately.

Preview of EPUB Viewer

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What Clients Say

In order to open EPUB file that had gone corrupted, I deployed free EPUB Viewer tool. It recovered my entire corrupted data into healthy form and views it in exact form. I would really like to thank the organization for developing such a useful tool.

Josephine Day, London

One of the most efficient Epub File Reader freeware is EPUB file Viewer software. It allows viewing of entire EPUB file data without spending any amount of money. Kudos you all.

Julia Williams, Peru

Rest assured, I will always recommend SysTools File Epub File viewer to everybody who is looking for an efficient and reliable utility to read EPUB File and recover corrupted EBook files on their PC.

Adrienne, Australia