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Folder Lock Tool
Encrypt, Hide & Block Folders with Password & Unlock Folder Protection

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  • Supports to Lock folders, files and drives using Master Password
  • Provides Dual Option for Folder Protection: Folder Locking & Unlocking
  • Allows to Unblock all the password protected Folders at once in batch
  • Folder Locker Tool Operates through only one master key
  • Facility to create locker available to encrypt files & Folders
  • Provides Online backup feature as a precaution to theft and deletion
  • Supports to Password Protect data in USB Drive, CD & DVD
  • Allows to Shreds data from the drive to retain complete data privacy
  • Folder Key Software store confidential information in password wallet
  • Provides Password protection and compression for email attachments
  • Provides Stealth mode for full-proof protection from online phishing
  • Allows to Cleans all Windows and system history including temp files

Recommended Note ~ Folder Key

Make it a point, do not un-install Folder Key Software and not to change the locked folder location before unlocking the folder with Folder Lock tool.

Highlighted Features of Folder Lock Software
Folder Key Tool to Lock & UnLock Folder in Windows 10 , 8.1, 8, 7

protect folder files

Lock Folders/ Files / Drives with Key

Add any file, folder or drive to this Folder Lock Tool and it will successfully lock it. Once locked, the file/ folder/ drive will only be accessible through the Folder Locker Tool and not become visible in Windows Explorer i.e, all the file/ folders become hidden after locking to avoid intrusion of data. This Folder Locking software also contains Protection On/ Off feature. Users can unlock the item any time simply by clicking a button to Unblock the Protected data. The folder lock software provides dual options to make folders protected in Windows 10 , 8.1, 8, 7 & below :

  • Folder Locking: Add password to lock folders & block it
  • Folder Unlocking: Remove password from folder to unblock it

option to protect folder

One Master Key to Run Folder Key

No matter how many files and folders a user wishes to lock, there will be only one key to it. Thus, users do not have to take the burden of remembering multiple keys only for this folder lock software alone. However, in case of creating a locker, there is the provision within Folder Locker Tool of providing a separate key for each locker. In order to protect information within folder(s), you can now lock them with a password. Apply desirable password on multiple folders in your machine and make it restricted. No one can operate the folder key software until they don't have the password. Only owner of a protected folder can unlock it by using the respective password.

apply lock on folder files

Apply Lock on Folder Files

With this option you can add multiple folders one by one and provide a password for each of them. Click on block command and the software will lock folders at once. Once protection gets applied on the file, you won't be able to access it unless you don't unblock it.

unlocking folder files

Locker Facility to Encrypt Folders & Files

The Locker feature of this Folder Locking software comes with encryption-on-the-fly feature. It means that users do not need to manually encrypt and decrypt files with this folder Encrytion software. Once they add any file to the locker, it becomes encrypted automatically. After files get added in a locker, it becomes encrypted and no one can access them without password.

encrypt folder passwords

Online Backup for Emergency Situations

Even if you secure your files by putting it in a locker, you can lose its possession to a thief. For such situations, online or cloud backup of data is mandatory. With the online backup feature within Folder Lock Tool, the encrypted locker can be saved in online as a backup. Users can retrieve their data from online if the data encounters theft or accidental deletion.

set same password

Password Wallet to Protect Credentials

Digitization in recent time has given rise to securing information in a safe place. Our everyday transactions, as well as credentials of different online and offline accounts should be stored in a safe place. Users can store all confidential passwords, pins, keys, etc., inside the Password Wallet within folder locker . Moreover, all data of this wallet are saved with encryption.

encrypt folder passwords

Shred Data for Complete Data Destruction

With so many data recovery tools available, data deletion does not mean the full destruction of it. Deleted data recovery by unauthorized persons can cause severe problem to the original owner. Only shredding of files can ensure that your data will not fall into some wrong hands. File shredding feature of this Folder Locker Tool can do this job perfectly.

set same password

Protect data in USB Drive, CD & DVD

If necessary, users can carry their lockers in USB pen drive or other external drives. Users do not need to install this Folder Locking software on every system they try to run the external drives. This necessity is gone as the utility turns the lockers into executable files. Attachment compression and DVD burning can also be done using this tool.

encrypt folder passwords

Clean Windows History

Many of us regularly clear our browser history but do not pay attention to our OS history. This feature will help you to clean history of Windows programs as well as operating system. By removing temp files and clipboard data, the Folder Lock Software helps your system to perform faster and better.

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Download Folder Lock Tool

Size: 10 MB Version: 7.7.6

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System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 5 MB of free hard disk space

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What Clients Say

After searching for a reliable Folder Locker Tool for quite some time, I have come across this fascinating Folder Locking software . I do not worry about protecting my files from unauthorized access anymore. The application has taken the responsibility of protecting my folders and I can live a stress-free life now.

— Atique Imami, UAE

I am so happy to find out this Folder Lock Tool that works perfectly to hide files and folders. Now I can share my laptop with my nephews without worrying about my project files. I thank the developers for creating this folder hide tool with so many useful and diverse features.

— Caroline Frost, Alabama, USA

This is the best Folder Lock Software in the market! The folder key software is so affordable that I presented it to three of my friends. They are also impressed with its performance and so am I. Now we do not have trouble keeping our folders hidden and secure.

— Kevin Stewart, Canada

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