How to Convert and Import SQLite Database to Access MDB Easily

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Published On September 22nd, 2022
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Want to export data from SQLite database file? Looking for the best solution? Do not know how to convert SQLite to Access database? Just relax, we got you. Here, in this blog, a seamless approach to import SQLite to MS Access MDB file is covered.

SQLite is basically a relational DBMS, independent of traditional client-server configuration. It is famous among the users because of the level of reliability and simplicity it offers to the users. The usage of SQLite database can easily be seen is some of the popular applications. For example, Wikipad, Adobe Acrobat, IncrediMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. It can easily be deployed in any platform like operating system, smartphones, web browsers and have all capabilities required by the organization while creating the database.

Like any other database, SQLite also has chances to get corrupted. In addition, due to some organization’s needs also, a user needs to move to some other database. At that point, users start looking for some other option.

The very first choice that strikes in any user’s mind is Microsoft Access. It is another popular database and used by the software developers for developing an application. Apart from the backend tables program in SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase, MS Access can be used at the front-end program also.

Export SQLite to Access Database Using Professional Approach

SQLite database stores object like tables, triggers, and views, in it. So, when an SQLite DB file gets corrupted or a user needs to convert it to some other database, all these data items need to be migrated. Now, the question is how to import SQLite into Access MDB file in an efficient manner?

SysTools SQLite Database Recovery software is one such application that let users deals with SQLite (.db) properly. The application is so smart that it repairs all objects like tables, views, and triggers of the SQLite database in no time. In addition, it provides users an option to convert SQLite to Access database also. Moreover, a user can export or import recovered SQLite DB into either MDF, DB, and MDB files in connection with DSN. However, a user can import SQLite DB to Access / MDF / MDB without DSN connection.

Quick Steps to Convert SQLite Database to MS Access MDB File

Open SQLite Database File

  • Click on the Browse button to locate SQLite DB file. Choose the file and click on the Open button.
  • The software will begin the scanning process as the file is uploaded to the software.

Scaning Database File

  • As the scanning process completed successfully, you can view SQLite database detail in the software panel.

Preview Data

  • Now, to convert SQLite to Access database, click on the Export button.

Export Options

  • Now, Microsoft Access Database radio button from the Select Export Type window.
  • Then, click on the OK button and perform Data type mapping between the two SQLite and Access database. Click OK.

Data Type Mapping

  • Choose the destination location of your choice by click on the Browse button.
  • After that, click on the Export button to begin the SQLite to Access conversion process.

Exporting Process

  • When the process completed successfully, a message will pop-up. Click on the OK button and exit the application.

Successfully Exported


Whenever a user needs to deal with SQLite database corruption or want to migrate it, SysTools SQLite Database Recovery software is used. It is one of the seamless approaches to convert SQLite to Access database. In addition, it is capable to recover corrupt DB file with all data items i.e., tables, views, and triggers.


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