SysTools Sqlite Database Recovery

Tool to Repair & Export Corrupt Sqlite (.db) File as Other Database Format

  • Recover & Preview Tables, Columns, Views, Triggers of Sqlite File
  • 3 Export Options: Save as Sqlite, MS Access or other databases
  • No Size Limitation: Recovery Tested with 1.5 TB of Sqlite Database
  • Option to search within Sqlite file by keyword or phrase
  • Supports multiple DSN: SQL Database, MS Access
  • Allows mapping of Sqlite Data type with other data type
  • Recover Sqlite .db file created by Thunderbird, Incredimail etc.

List of Key Features in SysTools Sqlite Database Recovery Tool

recover complete sqlite database

Recover Complete Sqlite Database

With the help of Sqlite database recovery tool you can easily recover all the tables, columns, triggers, indexes, views etc.; from Sqlite file. It will also generate an instant preview of all the items which are being recovered by the tool.

quick scan and load sqlite file

Quick Scan & Load Sqlite File Data

Once you open the Sqlite .db file, software will quickly scan it. After scanning, it will load the complete database and display a preview of the complete items stored within. This way you can easily view all the components present within a Sqlite file before exporting it.

export sqlite file

3 Options to Export & Save Sqlite File:

After recovery, you can export & save the Sqlite file in three different forms:

  • Export to MS Access MDB Database
  • Export as Sqlite Database file
  • Export to other database using DSN like SQL MDF

choose dsn to export

Choose DSN to Export Sqlite File

There are multiple database source name options available in which you can export the Sqlite file. These options include:

  • Export as SQL MDF database
  • Export as Sqlite Database
  • Export as MS Access MDB file

export selective items

Export Selective Sqlite Items

While exporting database from Sqlite file to one of the multiple formats featured; software allows you to check or uncheck the items. This way, it is possible for you to export only selective data without compromising any Meta properties or other crucial information.

data mapping

Allows Sqlite Data Type Mapping

If you select the DSN to export recovered Sqlite file then software prompts you to map the Sqlite data type with the other database type. There will be a default mapping of all the items but if you like; you can change the data types, as supported by the software.

Sqlite Database Recovery Tool Screenshots

sqlite database recovery tool
Step 1: Sqlite Database Recovery
auto scan sqlite .db file
Step 2: Auto Scan .db File
view sqlite database
Step 3: View Sqlite Database
export sqlite database
Step 4: Export Sqlite Database

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Sqlite database recovery box

Size: 2.1 MB Version: 1.2

Trial Limitations

Trial version of Sqlite Database Recovery software preview all db or .sqlite database file

Download Sqlite Database Recovery Tool

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
Is the software compatible with Windows 8 computer?

Yes, this software is fully functional with Windows 8 and below versions as well.

Can I get my Sqlite database back in healthy format via recovery?

Yes, after recovery of Sqlite database from corruption or inaccessibility; software saves it into three formats; Access database, Sqlite database and MDF.

Are corrupt database files in .sqlite format also recoverable?

Yes, software recovers data from two types of files i.e. 'Sqlite.db', '.sqlite3' and '.sqlite' files.

Is it possible to recover .db database created under UNIX application?
I have a .db database created under UNIX application. Can I repair it using this software or does the software support only a specific number of platforms?

Yes, software repairs Sqlite.db database regardless of the application it has been created under. It supports .sqlite database created on UNIX, LINUX, Mac, Android, iOS etc.; and via any email client applications.

Can I install the tool on my Mac machine?
I am looking for a product which can repair my Sqlite.db database created on Mac machine. Can I use this tool on Mac OS X?

No, ours is a Windows based utility and only repairs databases on a Windows machine. However, you can bring the Sqlite.db file from your Mac machine to a Windows based computer with the help of any removable storage device.

What does the "DSN" option given in software mean?

Data Source Name better known as DSN is an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) which contains data structure information about a specific database. In Sqlite Database Recovery you can export recovered data into .mdb, .sqlite and .mdf with the help of DSN registry. To know more about how to create a new DSN for a specific database CLICK HERE

How many databases can I repair at once?

You can only add one database at a time for recovery.

Does the software enforce any size limitation for database?
Is there a size limitation imposed on the database that the software accepts for recovery as I am having a corrupted database of very large size?

No, software does not enforce any size limitation on the database for recovery. You can repair Sqlite databases of any size without trouble.

Can I also recover transaction details from Sqlite database?

Yes, all data from Sqlite database is recovered by the tool such as tables, views, triggers, transactions, schema, row, column etc.

Is SQL Server environment needed to export database as MDF?
What if I choose the option to export my recovered Sqlite database file as an MDF? Do I need to have an SQL Server environment available to do so?

No, you don't necessarily need to have SQL Server environment to export database as MDF. You can export recovered database into MDF via creating a DSN for it. DSN will let you save the data in MDF format. But All DSN need their respective driver installed on machine.

What our Clients Says

Sqlite database browser application created with the entire details of contact history in the Android was inaccessible and many reasons came to mind as reason for the Sqlite corruption, but what I need was solution the powerful Sqlite reader software, and I got exactly what I need by selecting option to download Sqlite Recovery software. It works, it recover Sqlite data to 3 different formats, I got that service, still it feels like unbelievable. Hurray I recovered my Sqlite database, Thank you guys, Thanks a lot.

Macgrezz Jacqulin, Italy

Having used the Sqlite Database Recovery application I can confidently state it as a highly dependable solution for recovering DB files of your application. I had recovered all of my data for my Skype account using its Sqlite.db file and your software. Thanks!

Samantha George, Sydney
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