How to Export The Bat Emails to Outlook PST| Detailed Guide

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Published On September 22nd, 2022
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Usually, email conversion is something that can only be handled by professionals who know what they are doing. The same is the case of The Bat To Outlook Migration. However, some tools with unique capabilities make this entire export scenario a child’s play. This article contains the step by step process to export The Bat To PST with the utmost ease.

But first, let us talk about the two email clients in question and have a look at some queries regarding this conversion process.

About The Bat!: The Bat is a Windows-based desktop email client available to users in two versions: Home and Professional. Considered among the very best in terms of security, The Bat incorporates a variety of secure modules and filtering options. Though new users seem to have difficulty in understanding its mechanics due to the complexity of The Bat mail.

MS Outlook: With a user base in hundreds of millions, MS Outlook has established itself as the most popular email application especially in a work environment. With high-security features and centralized email management system, it attracts users from all types of email applications including The Bat! To confirm this, here are a few users queries:

  • How to Import emails and attachments from The Bat To MS Outlook?
  • Can The Bat Export Emails to Outlook. How?
  • How do I migrate The Bat Mailbox to PST?
  • Can Outlook read The Bat! Emails?

Now, let us see how this email migration can be carried out without any complications.

How to Export The Bat To Outlook?

The Bat! Email client stores its emails in TBB format. However, it also supports Unix Mailbox format i.e., MBOX which is a popular database format to store emails and attachments. On the other hand, Outlook uses its very own PST file format for the same task. So in order to export The Bat Emails to MS Outlook, these MBOX files need to be converted to Outlook readable PST format. And so it requires a specific tool which specializes in this particular task.

SysTools MBOX to PST Converter has the ability to export The Bat Emails to Outlook PST file while saving users a lot of time and money. It is a complete package of powerful features and simple interface to convert The Bat! MBOX files to the readable format of Outlook in a matter of minutes. Users can carry out the entire export on their own.

Step by Step Process to Transfer The Bat To Outlook thoroughly:

  • In the Bat! Interface, open the folder containing emails to be exported to Outlook
  • Now, highlight/select the emails to export. Use Ctrl+A for the entire folder message selection.
  • Afterward, navigate to Tools >> Export messages to > UNIX Mailbox

the bat to outlook transfer

  • Name the file as per requirement and hit the Save button
  • Repeat the procedure for all The Bat! folders that you want to export to MS Outlook.

Now you have all your The Bat! emails and attachments stored in the MBOX file. All that needs to be done now is converting them to Outlook PST.

4 Simple Steps to Export The Bat to Outlook

  • Step 1: Run the software.
  • Step 2: Click on “Add File” to import The Bat files.
  • Step 3: Preview The Bat emails before converting to Outlook.
  • Step 4: Click “Export” to transfer The Bat into Outlook PST.

The complete procedure in detail along with screenshots is given in the following section:

  • Download the MBOX to PST Converter wizard

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  • To add The Bat! MBOX file into software hit the Add File button. Afterward select MBOX file and click Next

locate the bat mbox

  • Now, browse the earlier exported The Bat! File and hit the Process button. To scan multiple files at the same time, make use of folder mode option

import the bat mbox

  • Once added, all the emails will be displayed in the preview pane along with attachments. Here, find and click the Export Menu button

display bat mail emails

  • In the Export wizard, choose to either export all the files or only specific folders while ensuring that the export type is set as PST format

export the bat

  • Use Change button to set a new destination to save emails after The Bat To Outlook Conversion.

change location

  • Finally, click the Export button and start the process of transferring The Bat to PST

Complete Guide => Here

Once the transfer is complete, you can close the conversion tool import the PST file in Outlook platform. The procedure for that is a simple one:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to File >> Open & Import >> Import and Export Wizard
  3. Select Import from another program or file >> Outlook Data File (.pst)
  4. Choose Import items to current folder >> browse converted files (PST)
  5. Click Finish.


Data migration is a risky procedure. Loss of message body, corrupted attachments, broken inline images, and absence of header information are common issues associated with it. That is why it is necessary to go with specialized tools in cases such as exporting The Bat To Outlook. The mentioned transfer wizard prevents all these issues from happening while at the same time converting The Bat Emails to PST format at a high speed.

Have Any Queries?

Where is the Bat data located?

Select Tools >> Export Messages >> UNIX Mailbox to export The Bat mailbox files. You just need to select the emails you want to send.

Can I access The Bat emails in Mac Outlook?

Yes, with the given solution, you can easily create PST files that are accessible in both Windows & Mac Outlook environment.


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