How to Migrate Sparrow Mail to Outlook PST?

Chirag Arora ~ Modified: December 27th, 2021 ~ Email Conversion ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Incompatible storage files and lack of direct method makes Sparrow Mail to Outlook conversion a complicated one. However, with intuitive tools, this kind of migration is possible. The article defines one such mechanism to export emails from Sparrow Mail to PST along with attachments.

About Sparrow Mail: Launched in February 2011, Sparrow became an instant hit as a commercial email client for Mac OS X and iOS. Its user interface was a simple yet intuitive UI with a quick reply feature. And that was what made it so easy and flexible to use. Additional functionalities include support for Dropbox, drag-and-drop attachments, and easy account inter-switching.

However, within a period of two years after its beta launch, Google acquired Sparrow and ceased all further developments other than bug fixes.

Switch of Sparrow Mail users to MS Outlook

Without any updates, Sparrow is simply outdated lacking email management features essential for both home users and professionals alike. So, sooner or later opting for an alternative solution became mandatory for Sparrow Mail users. And what better to choose than MS Outlook – another commercial email client with the best set of features both as a Personal Information manager and as an email application. There are cases in which users have already migrated from Sparrow mail to Outlook but due to incompatibility are due to transfer Sparrow emails and attachments to MS Outlook platform.

In the next section, we will talk about this incompatibility and how to overcome it error-free.

Complications & Solution Regarding Sparrow Mail to Outlook Conversion

Sparrow Mail client uses MBOX file format as its storage file while MS Outlook has PST format for the same purpose. This incompatibility between Outlook and Sparrow makes it impossible to find a direct solution to export emails of Sparrow Mail to Outlook. Unconventional methods carry a certain risk factor and cannot be trusted by users to get the job done without any issues. Conversion scenarios as complex as this one have following concerns:

  • Will the Sparrow data be readable in MS Outlook after conversion?
  • What about the email headers? – chances of them being missing are large.
  • Also, broken images and hyperlinks are quite common in such cases
  • Then comes attachments – Will they be safely transferred?

For these very reasons, specialized software applications from trusted sources are in demand nowadays. A utility that can export Sparrow Mail to Outlook by converting all the emails and attachments from Sparrow Mail to PST format. SysTools Mac MBOX converter is one such utility for Mac platform. With expertise in data migration, this intuitive tool hastens the conversion process without changing a tiny bit of email information. It specializes in handling the above defined concerns easily by:

  • Changing email encoding to make sure it is easily readable in Outlook;
  • Preserving message headers during Sparrow to PST conversion;
  • Ensuring that all inline images and links are not manipulated while exporting emails;
  • And, retaining all attachments associated with Sparrow emails even after migration is complete.

Before moving onto the export guide, let us see where Sparrow Mail keep its emails:

~User/Library/Application Support/Sparrow

Go here and find files with no extension. Those are the required MBOX files containing all emails and attachments of Sparrow email client.

Steps to Follow for Convenient Sparrow Mail to Outlook PST Conversion

  • Step 1: Run Mac MBOX Converter and add Sparrow Mail files Scan sparrow emails
  • Step 2: Choose PST for export along with folder structure and export location for Sparrow emails choose pst options
  • Step 3: Apply Advance PST Settings such as single and split PST options along with setting up date filters for selective conversion filters for conversion
  • Step 4: Export emails of Sparrow Mail to PST for Outlook and view report with output PST file. export Sparrow to Outlook PST

The above defined step by step process is a brief one. For detailed guide, visit here:

Once the software generates PST files, import or open them in MS Outlook application of your choice. Since the Sparrow Mail to Outlook transfer utility supports all the Outlook versions(latest or not) including 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. The file is generated with such precision that it is compatible with Outlook for Mac as well as Windows.

If users have Sparrow mail MBOX file on Windows platform, no need to worry, as the software is available for both Mac and Windows users.

free download
Download for Windows
Download for Mac


As a discontinued email application, Sparrow which was once called the best email client for Mac has lost all its reputation over the years. So switching to better applications is more or less the only choice for its users. This article defines the most favorable alternative to Sparrow and provides an accurate utility to carry out Sparrow Mail to Outlook conversion. Be it old orphan MBOX files or recent Sparrow Mail file, the tool is flexible enough to export Sparrow Mail to PST in a matter of minutes.

Listed Common Queries

Is the conversion solution available for Windows or Mac?

We provide conversion on both Mac and Windows platform. You may choose the program as per your requirements. Rest assured, the files exported can be used by both Windows & Mac Outlook without any issues.

Where can I find the data stored by Sparrow?

You can find it here: ~User/Library/Application Support/Sparrow

Why are there no updates in Sparrow Mail?

Google bought the Sparrow Mail in 2013 and ended all further developments except minor bug fixes. Currently, Sparrow mail is an outdated email client.

Can I export my Sparrow Mail data to Outlook 2019?

Yes, you can access your Sparrow Mail data in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and lower versions as well as Mac Outlook 2019, 2016 and 2011.