Recover Permanently Deleted Data from Laptop, Computer and PC Easily

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“Recently I had observed that my folders were loaded with so many files. Due to this overloaded files, my system was degrading its overall performance. Therefore, I permanently deleted a few of my files. Now I have got some urgent requirement of my research work, hence I need to recover those shift + deleted files from computer. I am not much familiar with the recovery methods. So, please help me out with the suitable methods to recover permanently deleted data from my computer pc. Requesting for the earliest reply, thanks in advance!”

restore shift + deleted data

Here, in the above scenario, we understand a user deletes the files permanently without knowing its future requirements. Suddenly over a period of time, there comes the need to restore the files back. Even though there are manual solutions to recover permanently deleted files from PC. But, it is not completely reliable as sometimes the approach fails and users often faces technical issues for the same. Now for reliable data recovery, it is suggested to use an automated tool. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss both the manual and automated solution to recover permanently deleted files from laptop in an efficient manner.

Major Reasons that Cause Permanent Deletion

Apart from manually deleting the data files either permanently or temporarily. Let’s check out some other factors as well, which leads to permanent deletion of files. Some of the common reasons are listed below:

  1. Clearing or emptying the Recycle bin
  2. Malicious Software or Virus Intrusion
  3. Deleting files via Command prompt
  4. Eliminating files from External Storage drive
  5. Deleting User Account from Drive that leads to files deletion
  6. When “Don’t move deleted files to the Recycle Bin” option is enabled

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Manual Techniques to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Computer

While performing the manual techniques to restore the files that are permanently deleted from the computer, one needs to have adequate technical knowledge. Also, at the same time, there needs to have sufficient patience as well. This is because, the process is quite a time consuming, which may lead to distraction in other works. Some of the top solutions to recover permanently deleted files from laptop are mentioned below:

Solution 1: Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Computer

  1. First of all, click the Start button and select Computer
  2. Now, navigate the folder from which the files or folders were permanently deleted
  3. After that, right-click on the folder and select Restore previous versions option
  4. Select the latest one and click Restore Previous versions in which all the permanently deleted data from PC will be restored

Note: Restoring permanently deleted files from computer via the Previous version will list all the available previous versions of the files or folders. Basically, the lists include the files saved on the backup (If using Windows Backup to backup files) and restore points, in case if both the types are available.

Solution 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Computer Using Backup

This approach can be utilized only if the media or the drive in which the backup is saved is available. For that, follow the below-listed steps in sequence to recover permanently deleted files.

  • Firstly, click on the Start button>> Control Panel>> System and Maintenance>> Backup and Restore
  • Then, select Restore my files and follows the steps in the wizard
  • By this, the files that are advertently or permanently deleted will be easily recovered from the computer

Solution 3: Recover Shift + Deleted Data from PC Using File History

  • Open the folder from which the files were permanently deleted
  • Once the File History is launched, it will display all the recent backup of that folder
  • Now, click Previous to locate the files and select the files to be restored
  • After that, click the Green Restore button to recover the permanently deleted files from PC.retrieve permanently deleted files from desktop
  • If the computer prompts that the files with the same names already exist, then choose to Replace the file in the destination option.
    recover permanently lost files from computer

Expert Approach to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop

There has been a major failure in restoring the permanent deleted files and folders from pc using the above discussed manual methods. The backup manual approach can be utilized, only if the user has availed for backup i.e., for daily, weekly and so on. Then, what can be the effective approach in recovering shift + deleted data from computer or laptop? Even though there are several automated tools available to recover the deleted files, all those in some instance proves fatal. Therefore, it is recommended to use SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery tool. It is a comprehensive software with so many attractive features, which helps to recover the permanently deleted data files from computer.

Steps to Recover Deleted Data from Computer Using Software

From the above discussion, you come to know that there is a possibility to recover deleted folders from laptop. Now just perform the steps listed below

Step 1: – Download the software and Install on your Computer

free downloads
Step 2: – Select the partition from which files deleted and click on Scan

recover deleted files from laptop
Step 3: – Preview all recovered files and folders easily

retrieve deleted files from laptop
Step 4: – Now you can easily Save recovered files and folders on your computer

restore deleted data from PC

Dominant Features Offered by Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

  • Successfully recovers permanently or temporarily deleted files & folders
  • Quickly restores deleted files from all types of internal & external hard drives
  • Provides two-mode scanning options, which is Scan & Formatted Scan
  • Efficiently restores RAW files like JPEG, WAV, AVI, etc. from a both internal and external hard drive
  • Ensures to maintain On-disk folder hierarchy and data integrity
  • Compatible to recover deleted files from GPT & MBR partition recovery
  • The recovered permanently deleted data is highlighted in Red color

How to Recover Deleted Files from Computer? – Know User’s Questions

“Hello Expert, I am using Dell laptop with Windows 10 OS. Recently I deleted some files from E drive. Now I want to get them back, So please suggest me an appropriate way to recover deleted data from computer.”

“I am in big trouble because my son deleted complete data from my computer. Is it possible to recover deleted data from computer? Please assist me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.”

“Hello, I don’t know anything about data recovery. I have saved some personal documents in my laptop and accidentally deleted. I want to know, is it possible that? I can recover permanently deleted data from laptop my own.”

“I deleted some files from my computer using shift + delete key. Now want to know, how do I recover permanently deleted files from computer? Please suggest me a secure way.”

I all above queries, user are asking how to recover permanently deleted data from computer. Similarly, there is a number of users facing these uses. This write-up will educate you enough to get deleted file back from computer.

Let’s Wrap Up

For users who are frequently looking for convenient methods in recovering permanently deleted files from the computer or laptop, then this blog is the ultimate solution for the same. Here, we have discussed both the manual and professional method. With respect to the various consequences associated with the manual techniques, it is advised to use SysTools software, which is highly recommended by technical experts. Apart from delivering dynamic features to recover permanently lost data from PC, one can easily install and download this tool on all versions of Windows operating system.