How to Migrate From Zoho Mail to G Suite Comfortably? – Handy Guide

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Zoho to G Suite

In a true sense, the meaning of Email migration means copy the email messages from the existing account to a new account. In fact, sometimes people only have email files received by another person and want to access in its email account. Similar case happens in Zoho mail to G Suite migration.

As we know, Zoho Mail and G Suite are prime webmail services used by the folks, however, there are multiple things that make G Suite a better cloud application for centralized mail management. Therefore, the users who are appreciating Zoho Mail free account for email communication now wants to move from Zoho to Google Apps. And it’s worth to invest in G Suite to carry out business work comfortably.

So, if you do not want to use Zoho Mail further, then certainly this article is for you!! Here, a complete guide will describe that will help you to migrate emails from Zoho to G Suite account. So, let’s get started!!

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The idea to move from Zoho mail to G Suite looks easy, but it is tough to execute. Get the relevant solution here!!!

Start with Smart Solution for Zoho to G Suite Migration

In need of an efficient and fast migration workaround, SysTools Zoho to Gmail Migration Tool works best. In fact, it is so advanced tool that can import emails of Zoho account to G Suite as well as in free Google account. And you can use this software on any Windows platform and enjoy the best Zoho Mail to G Suite migration procedure.

The process is divided into two parts, first you need to export Zoho Mail to PST and then import the PST file Gmail / G Suite Account.

Steps to migrate emails from Zoho to G Suite are as follows;

Step 1. Run Zoho Backup Tool and enter the credentials of Zoho account.

Step 2. Select PST file format to export emails from Zoho to PST.

Step 3. Click Browse and select the path to save the resultant PST file.

Step 4. Select the folders and click on the Start button.

Step 5. Once you have exported Zoho to PST, download the free GSMMO tool on your system.

Step 6. Then open tool and login with that Account in which you want to import PST.

Step 7. After validation process, select the .pst file and click Next.

Step 8. Zoho to G Suite Migration process will start. Once it is done, check out your account and review the data.

What’s More in Zoho Mail to G Suite Migration Tool

Apart from this, the software offers other beneficial features that worth for a user’s attention.

Move All Zoho Emails to G Suite Account

It is very easy to migrate emails of every Zoho account folder into the desired Google Mail account with this software. Moreover, all the email properties like CC , BCC and more remains the same even after the migration task. Plus, email attachment also imported into the dedicated account without any loss.

Supported All Windows Platform

No matter on which Windows OS edition you are working. This software works on all Windows Operating System, including Windows 10 Home or Pro, Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 and earlier releases. So, installed the software on any Windows OS and perform the migration task easily.

Maintain Original Folder Structure

You will get the same Zoho mail folder hierarchy in the G Suite account after the import process with this utility. So, no email messages get merged with one another folder after migrating from Zoho account to G Suite account.

Bringing It All Together

Considering the increasing market of Zoho to G Suite migration, we provide a relevant solution that helps the user to move emails data while switching the mail account. Grab this solution and migrate emails from Zoho account to G Suite account without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Is there any option present in G Suite that import Zoho Mail directly?

No, there is no such functionality available in G Suite Gmail account.

How many free Zoho accounts emails can be transmitted into G Suite account?

The application moves any number of Zoho emails into desired account without any failure.

Can I backup Zoho email attachment in Google Apps account?

With Zoho Mail to Gmail Migrator, you can easily move mail attachment safely.

How do I export Zoho mails what will be the right way?

You can use Zoho inbuilt Import/Export feature.

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