Zoho Mail

What is Zoho Mail: Guide with its Introduction, Features and Benefits

Zoho is an Office suite of online services; most of the applications are free for individuals where few are based on subscription which is used in organizations. Some best features of Zoho are - Zoho Mail, CRM, projects, desk, creator, notebook, card scanner etc. Here, we are discussing only Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail is an amazing web-based email application which can fulfill the requirements of several types of enterprises. It includes a web word processor, a calendar, list of contacts, a mail program, and other business-based applications. Basically, Zoho Mail is designed for the small organization because it comes as part of a package of solutions to keep track of expenditures, build client bases, and project future revenue. In addition, Zoho Mail also offers a personal email address that has the chat feature to instantly connect with friends and family. There are many more features of Zoho Mail which are discussed in the further section of this blog.

It is important to take regular backup of your Zoho account to avoid any disastrous situation. For that try Zoho backup tool to export emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird & Apple Mail.

Technical Details of Zoho Mail

Complementary Features of Zoho Mail

  • Zoho Mail is the free email service with unlimited online storage capacity for personal use and it allots the number of emails sent and received per day.
  • Zoho Mail collects the user’s messages from other email accounts. So, they can view those messages in a single inbox.
  • Zoho Mail can also be accessed through email programs & services by both POP and IMAP.
  • Some paid Zoho Mail accounts provides Exchange Active Sync for push emails as well as synchronization of emails.
  • Users can organize Zoho emails by using Folders and free-form labels. These rules give some automation & a spam filter files junk out of the inbox message.
  • In Zoho Mail, an out-of-office auto-responder can answer the emails on behalf of the users.
  • It has some flexible search options that allow users to combine many criteria like find emails and attached files precisely.
  • Zoho Mail contains Zoho Chat and instant messaging and it also provides some integration with Zoho apps & Google Docs for attachments.
  • In this, email conversations can also be read in context with a tree view. Zoho Mail can archive old mail in an automatic manner.
  • Zoho Templates allows users to save email text for further use, and an outbox can delay mail delivery for some time for good understanding.
  • A user can set up Zoho Mail to retrieve mails from POP accounts & send it from its web interface using all the addresses.
  • Business hosting plans of Zoho Mail give permission to use Zoho Mail with users domains and email policies.

Creating a new Zoho Mail account with unlimited online message storage is an easy task. In order to create a free personal Zoho Mail account with an @zoho.com, follow these step by step procedures:

  • First of all, open the Zoho Mail Sign Up page
    Open Zoho Mail
  • Then, under the Get started with ad-free email, click on the radio button which is next to the Personal Email
  • Now, enter your preferred new username in the Email id you wish to have field
  • Then, type a new password in the Password field. Select a password that is reasonably easy to remember & sufficiently hard to guess
  • After that, enter your first & last names in the fields provided
  • Then, enter your phone number where you can receive SMS in the two areas provided
    Enter Phone Number
  • In this step, click on the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy of Zoho Mail
  • Now, click on Sign Up for Free
  • After that, under Enter verification code, enter the verification code that you received on your phone by SMS in the Verification Code field
  • Then, click on the Verify Code
    Verify the Code
  • Finally, You can enter the credentials and log in with Zoho Mail account and access it.

You can also create a free Zoho Mail account by using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-in.

After signing in on Zoho Mail, you will get Zoho home page. Click on the Mail option from here.

Sign In

Make sure, you have selected the Add your existing domain. Then, choose the access plan which is mentioned below.

Choose Access Plan


This whole article is based on what is Zoho Mail, what are its main features, and process to sign up for Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail is really a great email client. It offers unlimited storage, POP and IMAP access, & some integration with instant messaging. However, it helps a lot for organizing emails, identifying key messages & contacts, and sending standard replies etc.