Steps to Convert Outlook Data File into 4 Different File Formats

It involve very few steps to convert your Outlook data files to other email formats like EML, MSG, PDF. With the software to convert PST file, you will be able to export Outlook contacts to vCard separately as well.


To begin using the software, first Download and Install it.
Launch SysTools PST Converter software from the installation location or Navigate to Start » All Programs » SysTools PST Converter » SysTools PST Converter to initialize the software.


Now add the PST file by clicking on the Add File button.


As you click on the Add File button, a small window will pop up where you have to browse the PST file location from the machine.

Advance Scan: Use this option if the file is highly corrupted


Select any one PST file from the folder & click Open to open the selected PST file.


After adding PST file, the software will show its location. If your PST file is highly corrupt, then check the Advance Scan option. Then hit the, Add File button.


The following screen will appear while the file is being scanned. You can see details like: name of file being scanned, its overall size in KB, & the file creation date.


After complete scanning of the PST file, software shows the following screen.


Now, the software loads the complete PST file and generates a preview of the emails in it. Users can view the loaded emails in different ways like: Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, Email Hop View, HTML View, RTF View, Attachments & Hierarchical View.
Click on "Normal Mail View" tab to preview the email body.


To export selected emails, simply select the emails, right click on it, and select Export to export the selected items.


An export window will pop up with several export options as shown below. Select the file type in which you want to export the selected items, i.e., MSG, EML, PDF or vCard. Also, select a preferred Naming Convention to save the file as when and Browse the destination location. Lastly, click on "Export" to begin the export process.


A message window pops up notifying successful completion of the export process.


Alternative to The Export Process: If you want to export complete PST file data with folder structure, then click on "Export" button on the menu bar.


The software provides multiple Export Options:
Select Folder: Select the folders that are required to be exported.
Export As: Select the file type accordingly (vCard, PDF, EML & MSG)
Mail Filter: Apply Mail Filter for exporting emails of a specified date.
Naming Convention: Select the Naming Convention to save the file with a preferred naming (Applicable only for Mails)
Browse Destination: Select destination location for saving the exported files.
Finally, click on the Export button to start the process.


As the export process begins, the following window will appear showing the process.


A report will be generated after the export of PST file finishes showing; path of the selected PST file and saving location of exported files (MSG, EML, PDF & vCard;). Click on the Save button to keep the report for future reference.


Export Report is saved in CSV format. View the location where you save the export report.


The output folders can be manually verified for the successful file conversion.


Tips & Queries to Convert Outlook Data File

Is software capable to convert contacts from “Categories”?
"I have categorized my contacts group-wise in MS Outlook and I want to convert all the contacts from these groups as well. Will this software perform Category Contacts conversion as well?"

Yes. You can convert Outlook data file. Outlook contacts saved as “Categories”. Software performs complete conversion of contacts saved in your Outlook PST file. For this you will have to choose the Export option as “vCard” and all the contacts (within categories as well) will be saved. Separate vCard file is created for the category comprising all the contacts which were grouped by you.

How to use the option of converting multiple Outlook Data files?
"I read that the software can add up multiple PST files. But I don’t find any option to do so. There is one link provided to browse and add file but it does not allow adding more than one PST file."

Software positively offers conversion for multiple PST files, but you will have to add PSTs one by one. Execute the software, add file by browsing it, and let it get scanned to show preview. Once scanning is done, again go to Add File option and then add another PST file. Likewise you can add more PST files to the software. Left pane will show up all the added PST files.

How to use Date Filter option while PST conversion?
"I want to perform an accurate Outlook email export based on dates of its creation. But I am confused with the Filter options. Is it possible to perform date-wise filtering accurately?"

Yes. Software performs filtering of data on the basis of dates mentioned by you in the field of Mail Filters as To and From options. This option is available in Export options which have to be checked. It must be noted that the dates you mentioned will also get included. This means if you apply Mail filter as from 6th March to 8th December, emails belonging to these two dates will also get converted.

Does this software support PST file which is not accessible in other programs?
"I have an add-in with Adobe Acrobat to save emails from Outlook. However, it throws error when I try to use that add-in to save PST emails as PDF files."

In case error is thrown while using add-in it clearly signals that the PST file has some corruption issues. Although, Outlook does not show any error as file has very minor level of corruption but external add-ins cannot support such damages. PST Conversion Utility supports corrupted file and has a Outlook PST file to PDF conversion option also. So you can successfully convert Outlook Data files to PDF which are not supported by other programs due to corruption.

Does this tool support converting contacts and calendars as PDF files?

Yes. Software successfully converts all data items like; emails, calendars, contacts, etc. to PDF file along with necessary information of data items. Contacts and Calendars too can be converted to PDF files in a tabular format with necessary details.

How to import converted EML files in Thunderbird?

Once, you have converted PST file emails to EML using our converter you can easily import EML files to Thunderbird application using below mentioned steps;

  • Open Thunderbird application.
  • Under your profile, expand different folders of emails.
  • Now open the destination where you saved EML files.
  • Arrange both Windows so that both are visible on screen.
  • Select all the EML files at once and hold them with CTRL key.
  • Drag them to these Thunderbird email folders.
Why Mail folder created in Thunderbird application not shown?

It may happen that even after successful export of PST file to EML files using this tool, emails are not shown in Thunderbird. This happens because of bug in Thunderbird which fails to display mail folders sometimes. Users create different folder to export newly converted emails but are ignorant of the fact that Thunderbird fails to show mail folder which has storage path length that exceeds 128 characters. It is suggested to use shorter names for Thunderbird folders or expand folders and choose shorter path to root of drive to avoid wastage of path length.

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