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Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Basic Security Infrastructure by SysTools Comprehensive Managed Security Services

SysTools with its vast experience provides comprehensive solutions to manage IT security for its customers. Being a Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), the solutions offered include basic security infrastructure. The services rendered are like endpoint protection by deploying DLP, Security Operations Center (SOC) for advance security, digital forensics related services, and much more.

Managed Security Services provided by SysTools has the ability to simplify the security operations, minimize risks, protect the crucial data and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise security infrastructure. The Managed Security Service or MSS team includes a wide range of proactive operations to address the core security fears within and outside the firewall.

SysTools has a partnership with leading player such as Guidance Software and Syntricate for Digital Forensics products and training. McAfee and Quick Heal for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. For Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), it has CloudCodes as a partner. And, when it comes to SIEM / UTM solution, it relies on AlienVault.

Basic IT Security Services

Our Basic IT Services include assessment of security gaps that exist within the organization and then implementing necessary security solutions to overcome the gaps. The following are the services provided by us

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Network monitoring
  • Active Directory Management
  • Implement and manage endpoint protection
  • Implement Data Loss Prevention

Managed Security Services Provided by SysTools

1. Endpoint Security

Endpoint security or protection is a centralized way of protecting the computer network, which is remotely structured over the client device. It is because all endpoints like laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other wireless devices connected to corporate can create a path for the cyber attacks (i.e., threats or malware). Thus, endpoint security attempts make sure that all these endpoints follow an efficient, effective, and easy security management standards. It also blocks unauthorized access attempts and any other risky activities at such endpoints.

Service from SysTools:

The endpoint security service offered by SysTools Managed Security Service (MSS) team will provide everything i.e., deepest visibility, and complete control over the company’s data. To minimize the data loss risk at the endpoint, we include antivirus software and DLP i.e., Data Loss Prevention. It stops sensitive data from leaking out of the organization. Our proven service keep track and records of all systems and data i.e., on or off the network.


McAfee and Quick Heal to extend your data security. It protects sensitive data both over the cloud or at the endpoints. It will monitor and address all type of risky activities. Guide users to perform an appropriate action against it.

2. Cloud Security Service

Cloud security is utilizing the resources at large scale by remaining in a safe state. It is basically protection of critical data from theft, data breach, and deletion. Thus, cloud security service has become very important because nowadays organizations move a large number of applications, data, and infrastructure over the cloud. In the field of cloud computing, security was once a barrier to the adoption of cloud services. But now with the help of managed security service providers (mssps) like us, one can achieve better security.

Service from SysTools:

Cloud security service is effective only if a correct defensive implementation is taken place. Use of an efficient cloud service will recognize the issue and address it with security controls. Thus, selection of strong service providers is one of the major concern. SysTools is one of the leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) that offer proven security solutions Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB). Our MSS monitor the cloud environment 24/7/365 and can be integrated in a seamless manner.


CloudCodes for CASB solutions to address the cloud security risks, impose security policies even in the case when cloud services out of the perimeter and direct control. Thus, it is important to use Cloud Access Security Broker and enhance the confidence of organization’s cloud service usage. CloudCodes allows to implement additional security to the cloud services of an organization.

3. Digital Forensics Services

The number of cyber crimes is increasing at a rapid rate. So, to investigate all of them in a proper way, there is a requirement of digital forensics services. The motive of using such services is to uncover and interpret the electronic data in the most original form. In this, there is a structured form of investigation will be performed i.e., collect, identify, and validate the digital information with the perspective of rebuilding the past event. And, being an Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), SysTools itself offers services in various areas such as desktop forensics, mobile forensics, email application forensics and much more.

Service from SysTools:

SysTools is one leading organization in the field of digital forensics. The services offered by the SysTools make sure that data is retrieved in the original form. The areas of in which digital forensics services are provided are email forensics, file viewer, etc. All of them help in identifying and analyzing the suspected data to find evidence. MailXaminer is one of the top most software that examines the number of email applications in forensics point of view to find an evidence.


Guidance Software for digital investigation solutions

4. Security Operations Center (SOC)

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is service that houses an information security team. This team monitors and analyze the security position of an organization on the current basis. This facility ensures that information system such as databases, applications, servers, networks, websites, etc., of an organization, are securely monitored, evaluated, and defended. Because of the rise in advanced security threats, SOC has become the need of an hour. It is the duty of SOC to make sure that all potential security threats are correctly identified, investigated, and reported. SIEM software i.e., Security Information and Event management are used to collect relevant data from various sources, security professionals, look for deviations from the standards and take an appropriate action.

Service from SysTools:

Our SOC team will detect, analyze, and reply to cybersecurity activities. Being being an Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), SysTools provides a combination of technology solutions and strong set of processes is used to do the same. Our SOC staff works very closely with the incident response team of an organization and make sure that all issues are addressed as soon as possible.


AlienVault is our leading partners to provides solutions related to SIEM. They are best in offering services and reduce the cost of setting up an infrastructure. They offer centralized and proper prevention against cybersecurity incidents. Thus, it is a cost-effective way of resolving advanced threats quickly.