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SysTools deliver the best Forensic Services provided by certified digital forensic experts. Our Forensic Team specializes in providing computer forensics services like Lab Setup Service, Temporary On-site forensics lab facility for email, database, multimedia & cloud forensics sevices. Moreover, a continual support from expert investigators and technical analysts is guaranteed.

  • Offer Digital Forensic Services by certified digital forensic investigators
  • Setting up cyber forensics lab with Required equipment by Forensic Experts
  • Extract information from Android & iOS devices and their applications
  • Forensically analyze data located in either "Live Box" or "Dead Box"
  • On-site forensics lab facility in order to address temporary forensics services
  • Fetch information from emails stored in any email clients or drives
  • Recover attributes, data, and passwords from databases of any size
  • Analyze various multimedia files to gather concrete evidence/ proof
  • Extract and interpret data from cloud-based services and storages
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Forensic Services Offered by SysTools Globally
We provide Expert Digital Forensic Services in Multiple Technology Fields

Forensic Lab Services

SysTools Digital Forensics Services also offers Forensics Lab setup services to different organizations in order to provide computer forensics services. These labs are furnished with all the latest equipment that help you to achieve the best results from your investigation. Our Digital Forensics Team of Experts will consider the requirements of a given organization and suggests the most suitable strategy. As per their suggestions, customized forensics lab setup is done.

Cyber Lab on Wheels Service

This Digital Forensics Service is exclusively done to aid the organizations that have short-time necessity of a forensics laboratory. All they need to do is to inform us about their requirements. We reach the given site at the predetermined time to provide computer forensic analysis services . With the help of this remote lab, they can solve the case without any hassle.

Computer Forensics Services

Computer forensics is a major component of digital forensics and SysTools is an expert in providing Digital Global Forensic Services in this arena. We turn all theories into practices with the help of some of the best investigating minds. Technology that we offer supports both the Live Box and Dead Box Forensics. We can collect data from any computer that needs to be extracted and analyzed to solve a case.

Forensic-as-a-Service for Mobile Devices

Data extraction from any mobile device becomes effortless when you partner with SysTools in the venture. Whether the data stored in mobile phone is password-protected or deleted, SysTools put maximum effort to retrieve the data. Our mobile forensic service is categorized into two parts: Android and iOS. Apart from examining devices, we can also recover data from applications like WhatsApp, iMessage/ SMS, and App Lock (iOS)

Email Forensic Services

Emails occupy a significant place in the field of digital forensics and SysTools is the proud owner of some of the best email forensic tools. These tools are fully capable of helping investigators to analyze emails to acquire any information. Our Digital Forensics Services covers web-based emails, desktop-based emails, cloud-based emails and also emails stored on local drives.

Database Forensic Services

Since database forensics usually involves an enormous amount of data, SysTools came up with a delicate solution to this issue. When it comes to investigating SQL database, we offer Forensic Recovery Services like analysis of SQL log, recovering deleted and corrupt data, retrieving password, etc. Besides, we can recover data from SQLite database.

Multimedia Forensics

Multimedia has the full potential to become a game changer as a forensic evidence. SysTools ForensicServices include examining and analyzing various types of images, video clips, CCTV footage, audio forensics services etc. Since the used applications can retain the integrity of the multimedia file, identifying suspects or gathering knowledge about persons involved becomes easier.

Cloud Forensics

Though cloud-based services are quite popular these days, things get critical when it comes to investigating any data stored in cloud. Securing information out of cloud is much more difficult compared to recovery from any physical device. SysTools provides Digital Forensics Services to the investigators to find out any potential evidence that may be situated in cloud.

Exchange Data Forensics Service

In-depth analysis of Exchange Server & its storage, with the possible scenario. Data Storage plays the key role in finding evidence… Read More

Investigating Outlook Account

While collecting & investigating the Outlook data, the main challenges is to recover the data which is deleted even from Deleted Mailbox... Read More

Analysis of Hotmail Account

Digging deeper in Hotmail Account, found a deep insight measure that need to be checked for forensic data analysis purpose like open relay, anonymizer... Read More

Examine Exchange Offline OST

Complete In depth analysis of Exchange Offline Storage OST File with Manual & Automated forensics data solution... Read More

Complete Analysis of DBX

Outlook Express having DBX as its storage file for emails. The data analysis of DBX file may help in analysis of the storage... Read More

How to Check PFC

Data Forensics Service of AOL Personal Filing Cabinet. Fetching email from PFC data results in analyzing the account holder data. The PFC could be analyzed forensically... Read More

SQL Server Forensics

Investigation of SQL Server through the log file of it, may help in finding the transactions occurred. The LDF File keeps track of all the SQL Server Transactions... Read More

Analyze Gmail Mailboxes

Hold the authorization by on Gmail & analyze all the individual emails on different views. Header Info shown individually... Read More

Sqlite Forensics

Sqlite is the majorly used database in Smart Phone, iTunes, Web Browsers, Email Application. Thus data examination of it, could help... Read More

Examine Thunderbird Client

Digital investigation of Thunderbird email application storage with the help of forensics data services & related tips provided here... Read More

IncrediMail IMM Investigation

Hold IMM as a source file in IncrediMail 2.0, is the deprecated version file. Investigation of such file format is difficult but simpler by the solution provided here... Read More

Aol Account Analysis

Finding Evidence from Aol account & save a copy of it for evidence preservation & forensic data analysis... Read More


Investigate Yahoo Accounts

Forensic Recovery of Yahoo email accounts. With header investigation method you can analyze Yahoo account data... Read More


In-depth Analysis of TeamViewer

As we know, TeamViewer is a powerful remote monitoring tool, it plays significant role in digital forensics. Read More

Analyze iOS Device Data

Increasing commonness of mobile phones in daily lives has forced us to find evidence... Read More

Analyze Firefox History

Mozilla Firefox Forensics

Now a Days usage of Browsers like Mozilla Firefox is common which could be a great source where culprit may leave its traces. Analyzing its History... Read More

Analyze & Recover

Forensic Email Recovery

Evidence acquisition in the form of emails some time could be the frustrating due to the multiple variants of email file type. Read More

Find Data in Hard Drive

Search Email Evidence

Suppose you got a task of data acquistion from 50 Custodians & the data would be the emails, then it would be a tiring process to collect all the... Read More

Analyze Skype Database

Forensic Recovery of Skype Logs

Usage of Skype increasing day by day for sharing data, video calling & so on. The forensic recovery of Skype is possible through its log file. Know More

Google Apps

Google Apps Data Forensics

Google related web applications such as; Google Docs, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, etc. the applications are available for free to the users. Know More

Office 365

Office 365 Investigation

Office 365 is a complete productive kit with many hosted applications and the user can access them through browser. Know More

Analyze DMG File

Apple Disk Image Analysis

Apple introduced a disk image format in the name of DMG file. DMG files are known as the proprietary disk image file for Know More


Citrix XenServer Examination

Data Acquisition from Citrix XenServer involved identifying evidence, examining image artifacts & finding virtual partition on the disk. Know More

Lotus Notes

Finding Lotus Notes Artifacts

Forensic Recovery & Analysis of Lotus Notes become easy when you have the acquisition of its data & with complete artifacs stored. Know More