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Digital Forensic Services

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Transform your Digital Forensics Investigations with Industry-Leading Forensic Experts

Digital Investigation

We examine digital evidences from all devices using modern approaches, hardware and methodologies to uncover the truth.

Disk Forensics

Our forensic professionals deploy their expertise, technology, and techniques to recover data from various storage devices.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are acquired & analyzed to extract digital evidence for investigative purposes under forensically sound conditions.

Email Forensic

Examining the source, content, and metadata of the email messages as evidence to identify the real sender and recipient.

Phases of Digital Forensics

Six Steps of Digital Forensics Services

Cyber Professionals Helping in All Crucial Stages of Digital Investigation

First Phase

First Phase

Proper Planning

Search & Seize

Acquire Evidence

Second Phase

Second Phase

Securing the Evidence

Data Analysis

Documentation & Reporting

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What Sets us Apart From the Rest?

Certified & Trained Forensics Team Providing Exceptional Cyber Forensics Services


Reasons Why Fortune 500 Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, & Top Law Firms Rely on us.

  • We use our in-house digital forensics tools, without any reliance on third-party software.
  • Global Experience by serving companies & individuals across the USA, Europe, UAE, & Canada.
  • Qualified forensic team comprising investigators, certified examiners, law enforcement officials.
  • 7+ years of experience in solving 8033+ cases worldwide with 100000 clients using our digital forensic tools.
  • We are renowned for our competitive prices, unmatched support &, professionalism in work.
  • Our clients are our first priority, & we prove it through our dedicated & top-notch digital forensic services.
  • Training & Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies, & giving utmost importance to their requirements.

Computer Forensics Services

What More Do We Offer?

Solving Complicated Cases With the Powerful Digital Evidence

Digitize your investigative process with the wide range of digital forensics services we offer. We regularly invest in up skilling and empowering our forensics team to offer you the best services.

Computer Forensics Lab setup

Comprehensive forensics lab set up with top-rated hardware and other forensics products to smoothen the process of evidence discovery.

Data Collection & Recovery

Our experts collect the exact 100% digital evidence that was deleted or compromised during the incident.

Digital Forensics Training

We provide world-class training on digital forensics to police officials, Law enforcement agencies, and armed forces to empower them in unlocking digital evidence.

Forensic Data Analysis

In-depth analysis to discover any fraudulent behavior in the data environment. Also preserving the data's integrity for subsequent use in a court of law.

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We use our own in-house tools to provide digital forensics services, without depending on any third party. This is done with the motive to keep the information secure.

  • Step 1: Plan
  • Step 2: Seize
  • Step 3: Aquire
  • Step 4: Analyze
  • Step 5: Report

Yes, we have a variety of data recovery tools, through which we can retrieve even the deleted and corrupted data.

Yes, we are currently providing training to the LEAs, police officials, and armed forces to empower them for digital investigations.

The price is competitive, as per the market standards. However, it also depends on the kind of services.

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