SysTools Paste

Tool to Paste Copied Files with Modification Date Unchanged

  • Copy any file & Paste it with SysTools Paste to keep it unmodified
  • Gets auto installed & appears as an option of S-Paste in popup menu
  • Does not make any changes to original file properties while pasting
  • Use S-paste option to Paste any file after copying by right clicking
  • No external set up installation is required: Run and use the tool

List of Key Features of SysTools Paste Tool

free of investment

Free of Investment

SysTools Paste software is available free of cost, so that every computer user can make use of its advanced facility. You can carry out copy/cut and paste process without any changes made in the date of modification with the help of this software.

free of external setup

Free of External Setup

No external setup is needed to run the software on MS® Windows OS and once installed; the tool will be automated to carry out the process. Also the option of S-Paste will be available on the popup menu that appears once you right click to paste copied/cut folder/file on any location.

free of extra effort

Free of Extra Effort

Tool never demands any extra efforts from the end user and even the installation process is designed simply to carry out the process with perfection. Tool will be available at the program files and also the option for S-paste will be there along with the paste option while copy-paste process is carried out after tool is installed.

free of technicalities

Free of Technicalities

To run the tool user does not require having high hold of technical know how as the software is guided by simple algorithms that guarantee automated process once it has been installed on the machine.

free of trouble

Free of Trouble

Data from the folder/file copied or cut from one location will not be hampered at any cost and also, the process to perform special paste without date modification is allowed without any trouble to the end users.

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Download SysTools Paste Software

SysTools Paste box

Size: 912 KB Version: 1.0

Freeware Application

A Freeware application to carry out the special copy paste process without modifying the date of modification done on the folder/file copied and pasted to another location.

Download SysTools Paste Software

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space

Frequently Asked Question

Can i use the tool any Windows PC?

Yes, you can use the tool on any machine having windows 8.1 or below version installed in it.

What our Clients Says

The software is so good and the best part is that it comes for free. There was always an issue with the date of my files getting modified even when I just copied and pasted it from its current location to a newer one. Thanks to the tool, I no more face the issue!.

Joana Prez, Columbia

There were many such situations where I faced issues with the file's creation date for managing them. And it only happened because there dates got modified on the mere action of copying and pasting them to a different location. With SysTools Paste am at much relief now!

Wesley Boschert, Switzerland