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7TH Annual BankSec India Conference: Innovations for Trending IT Challenges of Banks

Media Team | December 19th, 2016 | News|

A day’s long conference was conducted on May 25, 2016, at the Trident Hotel of Bandra Kurla, Mumbai addressing security executives from nationwide banks about the IT challenges encountered at present.

Demonetization or not, the world had already become digitally dependent for a majority of their expenditures. However, the sudden massive increase in the use of online payment methods via net banking services and mobile banking apps is on the rise, leading to an escalation in susceptibility too. Thus, evidence discovered using digital forensic methods and technologies, has become a vital element in most criminal trials these days. Keeping the same fact in consideration, Debasish Pramanik, and Viral Patel on 25 May 2016 shared essential information related to their homegrown flagship forensic application – MailXaminer, and the digital investigation services they render along with the rest of their team.

Motto of the Conference: Awareness On Banking Security Compromises

Training in the understanding of various evidence handling and acquiring procedure is important in order to keep up with the current scenario of digitization. The 7th Annual BankSec India Conference was a meeting place for discussing the same with banks to help their security officials ensure customer secrecy:

  1. The pertinent security challenges encountered by banks every day.
  2. Business continuity, resiliency and disaster recovery practices.
  3. Management of compliance and fraud, anti-money laundering.
  4. Measures for data loss protection & enterprise data management.
  5. Challenges & issues with the governance of information security.
  6. eBanking Environment: Measures for consumer’s protection.
  7. Integration of multiple channels and core secure banking solutions.
  8. Internet & Mobile banking practices & security against cybercrime.
  9. Assessment, Mitigation, and Prevention of Operational Banking Risk.
  10. Regulatory compliance and Information security plus privacy.

Origination Of The 7th Annual BankSec India Conference

Even before demonetization, the era of digitization had already arrived, making users dependent upon the internet and digital devices for purposes as major as banking. Online exchange of funds within and across banks has become a common practice for users nowadays. The need for reassessment and constant checks on these activities has become a necessity for the same fact. Reason being, online banking is most vulnerable to acts of cyber crime like; online frauds, white-collar offenses, and cyber assaults.
The bank and its Chief Information Officer (CIO) are responsible for staying updated and fortified against frauds associated with cards, checks, electronic funds, and a person’s identity for similar purposes.

Helping Banks Become Fraud Proof

The 7th Annual BankSec India Conference was in particular meant for the security executives from banks operating nationwide. The purpose was to address all the stated security threats related to banking and its procedures. The top agenda of the conference was to address the most critical challenges surrounding:

  1. Mobile/online banking.
  2. Authentication.
  3. Security & Compliance.
  4. Risk assessment.
  5. Breaches & frauds.
  6. Anti-money laundering and
  7. Security related challenges.

Contribution By SysTools: Aiding Bankers the Best of Technology

Amongst the global and domestic technology evangelists, SysTools came forward to exhibit its technological excellence – MailXaminer and in-house Digital Forensic Services for dealing with banking frauds.
Debasish Pramanik, the Co-Founder and MD of SysTools, along with Viral Patel, the Digital Forensic Examiner and Researcher at SysTools, shared their take on the on-going challenges of digitization for bankers. Meanwhile, MailXaminer, the flagship forensic software of SysTools was on exhibition at the conference highlighting its futuristic approaches in simplifying email forensics.

Attendees’ Profiles

The exhibition post the conference was held in order to address the following profile holders from banking and security sector:

a. CIOs/IS Heads/CTOs.
b. CISOs, Heads of Security.
c. Teams for Risk, Fraud Mitigation & Compliance, and Vigilance.
d. Decision Makers for Technology and Infrastructure.
e. Technology and Marketing Evangelists of Security and Compliance global firms.
f. Senior banking security and critical infrastructure safety executives.

The role of SysTools in this conference was to put forward the usage MailXaminer in:

  • Dealing with all web, desktop, and cloud-based email security compromises.
  • Investigating account details or transactions affected via email compromise.
  • Faster conduction of advanced searches for evidence containing emails.
  • Auto generation of links between users and domains for determining a suspect.
  • Extraction of evidence from collected artifacts in court admissible formats.
  • Complete reporting of case investigation with details of investigative procedures.

The additional detailing of the digital forensic services rendered by SysTools was also provided at the exhibition. The services focused on resolving other (non-email based) banking security or activity compromises associated:

  • With Mobile banking applications for Android or iOS phones.
  • With Netbanking conducted via internet browser, and more.


The daylong conference meet was made purposeful with the presence of all senior bankers and security executives with the reputed security practicing industry leaders and technical evangelists, associated with global technological firms. Not only did the technology evangelists from SysTools recommend their flagship forensic application. In addition, they also exhibited the product working at the conference with an introduction to their forensic services for other investigative requirements that are unrelated to emails. The motto of the 7th Annual BankSec India Conference was successfully achieved by discussing and putting forward applicable solution for the trending IT challenges in the banking sector with the help of digital forensic practices.

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