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Anuraag Singh
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Published On January 12th, 2022
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A surge in cybercrime necessitates the hiring of a cyber crime investigation expert. Who can be better than someone who has already worked with prominent government officials?

When you hear the word cybercrime, the most popular cyber attack in the history of India, ‘Cosmos Bank Cyber Attack in Pune’ would definitely cross your mind.

As India climbs to the 2nd position in being the country with the largest internet population, the number of cybercrimes committed also increased with the same intensity.

According to a report by NCRB, from 44,735 in 2019, the cases have jumped up to 50,035 in 2020 (12% increase). From then, there is no stopping by!

However, when an individual or an organization detects cybercrime and is unaware of its alternatives, they immediately report it to police officials.

Since police officials and other law enforcement agencies also lack in-depth knowledge of the crime, they seek the advice of a cybercrime investigation expert to solve these cases.

Which Cyber Expert to Trust?

Who to rely on for cybercrime investigation process is the question that stares in the face of police officials and other LEAs.

The officials are cautious before hiring someone since their work is highly sensitive. Thus, this makes them look for a cybercrime investigation expert with high credibility.

Who else can be a good fit for the position other than Anuraag Singh? Fulfilling all the above conditions, Anuraag is entitled as one of the most reliable most reliable cyber expert in India.

Why should you rely on him?

Anuraag Singh is a person whom the government of India itself endorses as expert in cybercrime investigations. Since 2007, he is working alongside police department. He has trained 6000+ officials in cybercrime from various Law Enforcement Agencies like Police, Armed Forces, Security Forces, etc. Along with that, he has also conducted 200+ Cyber Safe workshops for educational institutions and organizations.

computer crime investigation specialist

Is there any reason still left to not consider his as the cybercrime investigation expert?

Anuraag Singh – Cyber Crime Investigation Expert

The in-depth expertise Anuraag has gained over his 21 years of service had made him a person that requires no introduction. He is a well-established Cybercrime Investigation expert, Digital Forensics Trainer, and Entrepreneur.

cyber expert in india

However, there is a painful story behind every successful man.

Ever since his childhood Anuraag had a dream of joining the airforce and serving the nation like his father.

But unfortunately, his dream remained unfulfilled, but his desire to serve his nation was as rigid as a statue.

After completing his masters in computer science, he joined Kendriya Vidhyalaya as a teacher, but he yearned to learn more, do more.

This inspired him to create his own company, SysTools Software Pvt Ltd.

The company is successful in creating 250+ cyber intelligent solutions, that aims to simplify technology even for the novices.

These solutions are contributing to the work of police officials and LEAs in cybercrime investigations.

Finest Solutions of SysTools for Cyber Crime Investigation Process

Our range of digital forensic products meets all kinds of forensics needs, whether it is related to Computer, Mobile devices, IoT or DataBase Forensics.

Some of the prime solutions are:

  1. MailXaminer is the flagship product of SysTools and is renowned all over the world. It helps to examine emails from the web as well as the desktop promptly.
  2. MailPro+ is a software that supports 12+ file formats and helps to export these mails in 6+ file formats.
  3. Free File Viewer tools – The different Free File Viewer tools are helpful in raids to access files without the help of any email platform for evidence recovery.

Trainings & Workshops Provided by Anuraag Singh

The main motive of the cybercrime investigation expert was to support the people of India in becoming aware of the cyber crimes and cyber attacks and thus protect themselves from them.

So far, Anuraag Singh has shared his knowledge with 20,000+ youths of India and many more are to be added in the coming years. He has conducted 200+ cyber security workshops and provided training to police officials and other LEAs.

Some of the Training Provided by Anuraag Singh:

  1. Open Source Investigation Training (OSINT)
  2. CDR & IPDR Analysis
  3. Email, Phone, Web Investigation
  4. Intelligence Gathering
  5. Data Forensics
  6. Cyber Lab Setup
  7. Trainings on Cyber Awareness
  8. Cyber Security (VA & PT services)

Organizations Anuraag has Assisted in Cyber Crime Investigation Process

It was not easy for Anuraag Singh to make his name to the preferred list of cybercrime investigation experts. But, he did it with his endeavours.

List of top Government Organizations he has worked with:

  1. Department of Income Tax, New Delhi
  2. Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI)
  3. Competition Commission of India New Delhi
  4. Delhi Police Cyber Cell
  5. Delhi Police Training School
  6. Crime Branch, New Delhi
  7. National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi
  8. Enforcement Directorate, New Delhi
  9. BSES, New Delhi
  10. Department of Income Tax, Bangalore
  11. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Bangalore
  12. Competition Commission of India, Bangalore
  13. Enforcement Directorate, Bangalore
  14. Narcotics Control Bureau, Bangalore

Why is Anuraag the Best Cyber Crime Investigation Expert?

What sets Anuraag apart from the other cybercrime investigation experts is the ease with which he teaches.

He has a knack not only for training but also for communicating. He aims to teach the topic even to a rookie but focuses on the depth of the topic.

This hard work and dedication has labelled him as the top cybercrime investigation expert and made him earn valuable certifications from top government institutions.

So, if you are looking for a multi-talented and a trusted cybercrime investigation expert, then Anuraag Singh is the one you are looking for!


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a writer, researcher, and editor. Cyber ​​security and digital forensics are the two subjects that keep Mohit out of his seat. In addition, he hopes that the well-researched and thought-out articles he finds will help people learn.