How to Export Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp

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Have you recently installed WhatsApp on laptop / desktop / phone and do you want to import excel contacts to WhatsApp on Desktop or PC in a proper manner?

If your answer is yes, then you must be searching for the solution to export excel data to Whatsapp. Therefore, we bring forth a simple & reliable solution for the same. In this write-up, readers will find one of the best solutions that will help them to export Contacts from Excel to Whatsapp on Desktop.

import Excel contacts to Whatsapp

In a recent date, Smartphones are one of the remarkable developments. No one is out there who doesn’t have one such phone. Smartphones are available on many different platforms such as Android, Blackberry OS, Windows, etc. Phones are the evolution of the SQLite database that made the way for the era of smartphones. The user can work with many applications from the small handy system and the main app used by people is Whatsapp. With this application, users can keep in touch with the people listed in their contact list either through messages or through online calls.

But, there is no direct option available to export excel contacts to Whatsapp. In fact, this is not an easy task. Well, keep calm! As it is considered to be a complex task for users to transfer XLS data files to Whatsapp. Let us understand deeply with the help of the user query:

Ques 1: As XLS File format stores data in tabular form and contacts list is stored in a vCard file format then, How do I create a Whatsapp group from the Excel list on my Desktop? I am using Windows 8 Version.

Ques 2: I have some of the contacts in the Excel sheet and I want to move to Whatsapp contacts on my phone. But, I am not able to do the same. Can someone recommend to me the best technique for the same? Thank you in advance.

Transferring Excel Contacts to Whatsapp

As there is no direct conversion possible to import the contacts from Excel to Whatsapp. So, the user will have to first export Excel data to vCard (VCF) format since Whatsapp supports address book in VCF format only.

Need to Export Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp Application

Nowadays, Whatsapp is a trendsetting messaging platform developed for Smartphone’s running on Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry OS. Many people are using Whatsapp to exchange texts, images, videos! Hence, it also saves time and effort in saving hundreds of contact details manually. Through the excel file user can easily convert it into VCF file format supported by Whatsapp. Therefore, if you don’t have a Smartphone, you may find yourself out of the league.

But, not now because in today’s time you can also install Whatsapp on your laptop / PC and with appropriate internet connectivity have fun with this latest technology.

How to Migrate Excel Contacts to VCF File?

  • Download and Install the software

How to Export Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp

  • Add and preview Excel file data

export Contacts from Excel to Whatsapp on Desktop

  • Display the list of match attributes

Transferring Excel Contacts to Whatsapp

  • The conversion process gets started

Export Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp Application

Steps to Transfer / Move VCF Contacts to Whatsapp in Phone

After converting the Excel contacts to a VCF file, a user can copy the address book to the phone by using Bluetooth.

  • First, you have to open your phone contacts.
  • Then, select the ‘Import Contacts’ option to export the new contacts.

Excel to Whatsapp

  • Choose the destination location from where you need to save the imported file. Here, it is stored on a memory card.

export contacts from Excel to Whatsapp on desktop or PC

  • Now check the required VCF file from the list and proceed with ‘OK’.

  • You can see the status of the exporting file.

Export Contacts From Excel to Whatsapp

  • After processing, all the Excel sheet contacts listed in your phone contacts lists.

Select vCard file

In this way, you can easily export your all Excel sheet contacts into Whatsapp

Concluding Lines

In recent scenarios, Whatsapp is a top-leading messenger app and most people are using this application on their desktop, laptop, and, mobile devices to send or receive text messages, images, documents, videos, etc. But before sending messages, the user should add the user details to the contacts list. Various scenarios exist when a user needs to move the contact details from an Excel file to save time and effort of adding various user details every time. However, to export contacts from Excel to Whatsapp on desktop or PC. A user can go for third-party software that can help the user to convert Excel file to vCard format to easily save Whatsapp Contact list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I Import Contacts from Excel to Whatsapp?

A. First of all, convert Excel contacts to vCard file format, and only after that, you can import Excel contacts to WhatsApp.

Q. How to create a vCard from Excel?

A. You can use SysTools Excel to vCard File Converter Tool to convert your Excel file into vCard file format.

Q. Why can’t I import an Excel file directly to my WhatsApp contacts?

A. If you are using WhatsApp on an Android or iPhone device then, you have to convert Excel to vCard to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp.

Q. How to send bulk messages from MS-Excel to WhatsApp contacts?

A. Make Excel file compatible with your WhatsApp device and once contacts imported to device, create a group or send a broadcast message to all Excel contacts.

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