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“Are you trying to migrate from Horde Webmail emails to the Microsoft Outlook desktop application? You are at the right place. Just go through the article and read the complete guide for migrating emails to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 step by step.”

What We Have Covered?

  • About Horde Webmail
  • Real Queries of User
  • Solution for Horde to Outlook PST Migration
  • Steps to Import from Horde Webmail to MS Outlook
  • Conclusion

Before starting Horde to Outlook connectivity procedure, first let’s know about Horde Web Application.

About Horde

Before we convert Horde to Outlook, let’s learn about it.

Horde Webmail application aka Internet Message Program (IMP). This is a free email client application available in c-Panel software. Using Horde, users can easily view, send, or receive emails.

There are many features available like calendar, address book, notes, tasks, and bookmarks. To know more about horde, you can visit its official page:

Real Query: I have 21K+ emails in my Horde webmail account. Due to this, the mailbox quota exceeded. I deleted some unwanted emails but my mailbox still has the over-quota issue. So, I decide to import the data and delete the migrated emails. Is there any error-free solution for successful data migration?

Export Horde Emails to Outlook – What Solutions Do We Have?

Solution: Users can easily migrate their data from Webmail client to desktop-based Outlook application by following only 2 steps:

Step 1. Export the data to your local machine.

Step 2. Convert the exported data to Outlook supported file


The manual solution might not be capable of converting the data to Outlook accessible format. There are 4 more stages that you will have to follow for conversion & use different applications.

If you want a direct approach of doing so, we will be explained the source in the latter part.

Step 1: Convert Horde to Outlook by Saving Data to Computer

1. First, you have to open your c-panel webmail by typing “yourwebsitename/webmail” or “IP address/webmail” (without quotes) in the search bar of your browser. For Example: or 11.11.11/webmail.

2. Immediately, it will be redirected to a new Window for entering the login details. See the below screenshot. Here, you have to option “Control Panel” and Webmail. If you want to login your admin account, then select “Control Panel” otherwise choose webmail for individual user email accounts.


Note: Sometimes, user may see the below Screenshot while trying to import Horde mail to Outlook:

webmail login

So don’t panic. Simply enter the email account details here to access the data.

3. Enter Credentials and Click on “Login” button.

4. Once you are logged into your Horde webmail account, then move your mouse to left Navigation pane and right-click on “Inbox” folder. Click on “Export” option from the drop-down list.

click export

5. After hitting on “Export” option, a window will open. Users have to choose; Download into a MBOX file and Download into a MBOX file (Zip compressed)” as the first step to transfer Horde to Outlook.

Download into a MBOX file

Note: If you download MBOX in a Zip compressed format, then you have to extract it using Winrar tool. After extracting, open folder and access MBOX file.

Now the question arises that how much time will it take to save Horde Webmail on the machine?

The answer is quite simple. Time duration depends on the mailbox size. If you have large size of mailbox, then the process will take some time to complete.

Default Location of Downloaded INBOX.mbox in Windows 10: C:\Users\admin\Downloads

After the first step to export Horde emails to Outlook, you will find the download data in the given destination path. 

MBOX Location

Step 2: Converting Downloaded Emails in Outlook Data Format

There are 4 stages you need to go through. Make sure you have an Apple Mail account, Eudora, & Outlook Express on your desktop.

The stages are:

  1. Import data in Apple Mail
  2. Create a mailbox in Eudora
  3. Migrate the mailbox Via Outlook Express
  4. Transfer data to Microsoft Outlook

Drawbacks of Manual Method to Export Horde Emails to Outlook

  • The manual method for this conversion is a time-consuming procedure due to the steps involved.
  • It is possible that the data might be altered during this operation.
  • If you do not have technical expertise, this method is definitely not made for you.
  • Conversion of multiple files is not supported here.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get all the files in your local system and in Outlook account. There might be some files missing after converting the data.

Thus, we have the perfect and direct solution here.

Using the Direct Solution to Convert Horde to Outlook

This technique is the IMAP Mailbox Backup Software on Mac OS which doesn’t consist of any difficult steps of conversion.

The tool is capable of exporting emails from the mailbox in bulk and selectively via the filters available. For those who want their exchange of emails smooth by removing some files, use the Delete after Download feature.

Users can also rely on the software to keep the data safe. There will be no alterations or modifications made to the data during the procedure to export Horde emails to Outlook. The folder structure & data integrity will be kept the same.

There is an option to Split PST Files into smaller parts without making any changes in the content. Doing so avoid corruption errors due to large sizes.

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Exporting Emails to Outlook Supported Format Via the Utility

1. Run the tool and choose Other from the list of IMAP Hosts. Provide the user credentials with the IMAP Server & Port Key No. for login.

viewing modes

2. Choose the file format as PST from the Export Type options to convert Horde to Outlook and apply the Advance Settings

select PST

3. Apply the Split Option to divide larger files into smaller parts. Then, use the Date-filter to set a time-period from which the tool will pick the files.


4. For making space in the mailbox, apply the Delete after Download feature and click on the Change button to set the destination.


5. Press the Start Backup option to finish the procedure.


In the second process, apply the Incremental Backup feature to export only the new data received after the first process.


In the above article, we have discussed the Horde Webmail client application, the real scenario of Horde user, how to overcome with Horde mailbox quota exceeded and the perfect solution for Horde to Outlook migration step by step.