How to Avoid Office 365 Migration Failure?

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Microsoft Office 365 is a complete collaboration platform for unified communications and productivity. Besides these amazing cloud services, it offers great accessibility as well as flexibility in managing the business environment and therefore this cloud solution is increasingly used in businesses. Since more and more companies want to take the benefits of the wealth of services offered by Office 365 to work collaboratively so the massive migration to Office 365 is a very present reality.

However, lack of time and wrong methodologies may lead users to unwanted consequences during Office 365 data migration. So, if you want to perform this move successfully then, you must be prepared with more seriousness and professionalism. In this guide, we’re going to talk about how to avoid Office 365 migration failure.

8 Common Office 365 Migration Mistakes That Should Not Be Committed

Error # 1: Poor Planning

Most of the companies often immerse themselves in some large projects like Office 365 migration without taking a review of existing substances. For instance, Office 365 users, groups, distribution folders, distribution lists, data storage, obsolete data, mailboxes, unused accounts, and empty mailboxes. Hence, evaluating the compatibility of applications with browser and preparation for migration is very crucial while migrating to Office 365.

Error #2: Sluggish Internet Connection

This is another common mistake done by most of the companies that results in various forms like permanent data loss, incomplete migration, or corruption. This happens because Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that delivers its services over the Internet so a strong Internet bandwidth is necessary to migrate heavy data files. To avoid complex issues after migration, companies must check their existing network connections to ensure that they can handle the Office 365 migration and other regular Office 365 operations.

Recommendation: For smaller companies who are struggling with slow Internet issues, it is highly recommended to perform Office 365 migration in off hours.

Error #3: Absent Secured Migration Policies

Some of the organizations understand the importance of backups and perform periodical Office 365 backups. But, some of the companies lack this additional protection and begins Office 365 migration that sometimes leads them to failure. Hence, having a complete backup and data recovery plan is utmost important as this will help to restore the vital database easily in case if something goes wrong while performing Office 365 migration.

Error # 4: Huge Mailboxes and Files

If its an organization then, it is very obvious to have quite heavy mailboxes and files. Migrating these extensively large data files and mailboxes is an error-prone task and also can be time taking. Consequently, if the organizations are not prepared well for this scenario then, it might occur the issues like unavailability of the database for a long time and affect the smooth workflow. In order to avoid such difficulties, it is advised to archive email inboxes and extract all the unnecessary email attachments. This is a one of the reason of office 365 data migration failed.

Error #5: Misconfigured Firewalls/ Servers

Firewall is a very crucial component of network security and only a secured network can perform successful Office 365 migration. Wrong Firewall, Proxy device or CAS Server configurations are one of the most common causes of Office 365 Migration Failure. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using risky rouge/ management services and non-standard authentication mechanisms. In addition, organizations must test their systems using production data.

Error #6: Less Compatible Software Installation

Since most of the versions of Office 365 come up with subscriptions to the latest versions and built-in support for the systems but, there might be systems with slightly old versions. All the companies who are using an older version of Office 365 like Office 2010 or 2003 will not be capable to use Office 365 properly. Hence, companies are suggested to ensure that their systems and software are compatible with their Internet browser as well as Office 365.

Error #7: Lack of Postmigration Strategy

Several companies execute Office 365 migration without concentrating on the execution or without paying enough attention to the optimization of a new environment which is a very common mistake. The execution of Office 365 migration needs proper sound project management and a complete audit of ongoing reports, collection, and control over essentials. Only after that, the migration could be performed in a safe and efficient manner.

Error #8: Picking Unprofessional Approach

Theoretically, Office 365 migration seems quite a simple and direct procedure but, when companies actually perform this operation by themselves, they found it is not that easy. In addition, they come across so many unexpected complex issues that can only be solved by an IT expert. However, if organizations come across some critical conditions that cannot be handled easily then, they are suggested to use a tool to migrate Office 365 data to Office 365. This is a seamless approach to avoid all Office 365 migration failure.

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