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How do I Change a File from RAW to NTFS File System?

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About RAW Partition

Whenever a user adds New Hard Drive within Desktop and Laptop as Storage device to add File, documents, and application, first need to create the partition on the Hard drive so that OS File and other application files can installed. Since New Hard Disk stores RAW Storage also known Unformatted Space that cannot use to stores files If User tries to try to access the RAW Space Within System, get below error as space not allocated yet with File System. In this  section, we help you to fix to change a file from RAW to NTFS file system via Powershelll Command only.

RAW Error

In Windows, while creating the partition the different File System used to manage information and Read, Write Purpose. You can also extend a Partition without Losing Data. FAT, ExFat, CDFS, NTFS File system used in Windows Operating system. You can see in below image, the E Drive has RAW Space. Whereas D Drive has a CDFS File format and Local Drive has an NTFS File system. 

View Space Details

Introduction: NTFS File System

With the New Technology File System ( NTFS) for Windows Operating system offers more performance, recovery, compatibility and reliability, comparison to FAT, exFAT, and HPFS File system used and installed previously in Windows.

To Know More About NTFS File System, Visit Link

User Query

While searching solution for this question ” How do I change a file from RAW to NTFS? “, find that other user dealing with the same issue, Find some of the question found in a different format such as:




How do I change a file from RAW to NTFS?

Facing Issues Related with RAW space partition and don’t know how to convert in NTFS and another file system. To Convert RAW Hard Disk or Drive Space into NTFS File system, you can use Power shell command  In the below section, we discussed steps for that:

PowerShell Command to Change RAW Space to NTFS File System

Yes, it is possible to Convert RAW space into the NTFS File system via Powershell command format for that, follow the below steps:

1. Open Command Prompt, for that type “CMD”

2. As you can see an image of “Disk Management”, where you can see that the Local Drive ( D) has RAW Partition and We need to Change into NTFS or other Filesystem so that we can use for storage purposes.

3. Not Type “convert e drive: /fs:NTFS “ would convert drive E to the NTFS format. Here, E: Drive Name

4. This Command helps to change a file from RAW to NTFS Fiel format.

Convert RAW to NTFS using Diskpart Command Prompt

You can also try Diskpart Command prompt to change the RAW space in NTFS File system, please follow steps:

1. Open CMD and Type diskpart to open ” Diskpart.exe” Command Prompt.

Open Command Prompt
2. Type “ List Disk” to know all disk types of the system.

3. Now Select the Disk Number with Command Disk n, displays the Disk which stores RAW partition.
4. Now use Command “Create Partition Primary”.
5. Then use “active” to the active device.
6. Not Type “format FS=NTFS Quick”.

Can I Perform RAW Hard Drive Data Recovery to Recover Back Data?

Yes, it is possible to recover data perfectly via SysTools Hard Drive Recovery Tool. An Advance Tool that not only supports RAW Format but other File system formats such as FAT, ExFAT and NTFS onWindows. Not Recover Data not only from Inter Drive but also you can recover data on External Hard Disk or Drive. It also displays deleted data in Red Color so that can be easily recognized.

How Tool Perform RAW Hard Drive Data Recovery?

If you are getting an error wIf you are getting an error while opening the desired drive such as “disk not formatted and do you want to format now” or you are unable to access the Desired Drive then use the Formatted Scan for RAW Data Recovery, please follow the given below steps for RAW Recovery.


  • Install & Download Software from above Button
  • Now Select “Format Scan” option for RAW Data Recovery

Formatted Scan

  • Now Software, Scan and Recover the Desired Drive and Start Listing the Recover Data in Left Panel, as you can see in below images.

View Recover Data

  • Now Open the Selected Folder to view the Recover Data in it. You can also view the deleted data into Red section.

View Recover Data

  • To Save Data in Desired Location, either you can select the specific file or you can select the Complete Folder

Save Data

  • Click on Save option to export data into the desired destination.


To change a file from RAW to NTFS file system in Windows, you can user Powershell Command method to allocate NTFS File system using Diskpart Command. Use the above-mentioned command and if you want to recover Data from RAW Data Recovery techniques then you can also use Automated Solution offered by SysTool.

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