How to Recover Deleted Files with Original Names?

Ashwani Tiwari ~ Modified: September 27th, 2021 ~ Recovery ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Recovering deleted data from Hard Disks becomes a difficult task if the naive users tries to use the incorrect techniques to recover deleted files with original names. Different file systems such as FAT and NTFS are used to manage user data in the Hard Disk. The main problem occurs when data recovered, but not in the Original names and Original File structure. You can see the below example of the above condition:


As you can see in the above condition, a user tries to data recovery software but still not able to recover deleted files with original names?

Note: Please remember that the Filesystem for Windows and Mac Operation System is Different. In the Windows Operating system uses, FAT, exFAT, and NTFS File system, Whereas Mac OS use the HFX File system.

How to Recover Deleted Files with Original Names – Alternative Solution?

To preserve the Original Name and Location of the users files stored in Folder either it is related to Document, image file extension, portable document file, and other file extensions always remain a difficult task for most of the file recovery application.

But with SysTools Hard Drive Recovery Software, maintain the original names and state of files with complete data hierarchy order.

Steps to Recover Files with Original Names

To know how application recovers deleted files with original names, you need to view this guide:

Step 1: Download & install the Windows file recovery tool to start Recovery Process

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Step 2. Application provides Two mode of lost data recovery. Scan and formatted scan.

recover deleted files with original names

Step 3: Preview File and Folders: When Scanning process completed, view the recovered permanently deleted pictures from hard drive in the Left panel of the software and maintain folder structure similar to the original location and in Preview Panel, use “Explore” Folder section to view file details and “Search” Section to find the specific file from a different extension file stored in drive of Hard Disk.

find original file name after rename windows

Step 4: Now users can save their data at any desired location. To Save recover deleted files with original names & location, either you can Select the Whole Folder or if you want to save the specific file then check the file similar to below image and click on Save button.

restore files

Step 5: Find Specific Data Items: To Find files of specific extension, Use the Search Section of the software. Here, your needs to select one of the options from Drop-Down ( None, Created, Modified and Last Access) to continue to start Search Operation. You can either select complete Drive or Specific Folder according to find the respective file. find original file name after rename windows

Step 7: Save File in Desired Location: Now you can save the recovered files from external hard drive that won’t boot into Desired Folder or location, for that you need to Browse the location where you want to Save or You can even create “New Folder” to Move & Save data into it. The utility also displays complete Progress process.

how to recover deleted files with original names

You can see, the different file of various file format stored in drive with different File System such as ”FAT, NTFS”. Software displayed all deleted as well as other file formats without any data loss and change in Data-integrity.


Today, the Different file format is used in Windows OS to manage File, Folder in Hard Disk or drive so that read and write function can be performed effectively and quickly, But whenever data deleted due to Accidental deletion, Virus (shortcut created) or any other reason. To Recover Deleted Files with Original Names become a complex task since incorrect methods can lead to permanent data loss. To avoid this, Data Recovery always uses Automated solution to recover deleted data from hard disk.