How to Print MBOX Files in Bulk With Emails & Attachments?

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Scourging the internet provides us with a multitude of queries asking about printing MBOX files and similar scenarios. So, here we are with an article that tells you how to print MBOX emails and attachments as per your requirements.

MBOX is a mailbox format that stores multiple email messages in a single MBOX file. A multitude of email applications uses MBOX to save their mailbox data like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, eM Client, Spicebird, and many more.

One thing to focus on here is that not all MBOX files are the same. For example, the Thunderbird MBOX file has no extension while the Apple Mail file ends with a .mbox extension. It is just one example of how an MBOX file of different origins may vary a little.

This becomes important when one wants to print MBOX emails. Because each application has different printing and exporting options, plus the software generally found online does not support all kinds of MBOX files.

But worry not! We are here to provide you with an all-around solution that helps you to print MBOX files regardless of their origin.

Independent Solution to Print MBOX Files

Tool to export MBOX file to PDF is the de-facto software when it comes to dealing with MBOX files.

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It showcases all the data inside an MBOX file and helps you print them as per your requirements:

  1. Take Direct Printouts
  2. Print to a File (PDF)

Whether you need the data for forensics and legal purpose, or a simple presentation, and even for sharing purposes, you can utilize this tool for everything. After all, the end goal is to print MBOX files, isn’t it?

Let us understand some of the features you get to know on how you can take printouts of MBOX emails using this tool.

  • Add multiple MBOX files at once for batch printing
  • View scanned data in 8 view modes – Normal view, Hex, Properties, Message Header, MIME, HTML, RTF and Attachment view
  • Search emails based on different criteria like To, Cc, Sent data, body, etc.
  • Print all MBOX emails at once
  • Print only selective email messages
  • Search and print only searched results

In addition to all of these, you get multiple advanced settings such as

  1. Naming convention and Date-range filters to rename files when printing to a file and filter emails in between a set date-range respectively.
  2. Include/Exclude Internet message header at the end of each email body
  3. Page margin, paper layout, page size and header/footer text to include in the printouts
  4. Saving attachments to your system separately, including it as Pin or appending it at the end of the email
  5. Bates number and date stamp to include on every print

All of these settings are optional, but they help you print MBOX files with/without headers and attachments. It covers almost every requirement of users when taking a printout of MBOX data.

This tool also helps you to print Thunderbird email with headers in bulk as it does with all other MBOX file supported email clients.

Finally, let us take a look at the actual printing instructions.

Simple Steps to Print MBOX Emails Easily

1. Install and run the Pro version of the tool on your Windows computer

Print MBOX File Tool

2. Click on Add File button

Add Files

3. Browse and select the MBOX file you wish to print


Note: Use Folder option if you want to print a bunch of MBOX files residing in a folder.

4. Let the tool scan your files, select the desired file and view their emails in various modes

Explore & Print MBOX Files

5. You can also search emails based on multiple criteria for an in-depth selection

Analyze and Print MBOX Files

6. Now, you have two options:

  • Select MBOX emails you wish to print and click on Export Selected option.
  • Or, directly click on Export button to print all shown emails.
Print MBOX Files in Bulk

7. Select what you wish to do:

  • PRINT to print MBOX files directly.
  • PDF to save emails on your system.
Select Print MBOX Files

8. Now, apply Advanced Settings such as filters, header insertion, page layout, bates, attachment settings, etc.

Advanced Settings

9. Click the Export button to start the printing process.

Final Process to Print MBOX Files in Bulk

That’s it! If you chose to print MBOX file emails, then look at the printouts. Else, open the PDF file in which you saved the MBOX data on your system.

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PDF files are used everywhere. Whether it’s Legal cases, forensics, sharing, or presentation, PDF is the standard format with its platform-independence feature. So, it’s not a surprise to see queries regarding printing MBOX files to this file format and saving it. We introduced a tool to help take care of this task easily.

In fact, it helps in printing selective MBOX emails directly to a hard copy, if required. The fact that it works on MBOX files of all origins makes it the de-facto application when dealing with MBOX format.