Reset PST Password from Protected File with PST19UPG.EXE Utility

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: April 20th, 2019 ~ Password Recovery, Tips ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Password is the most preferred medium to protect all types of data whether a document or email repository. Thus, in the case of MS Outlook, by default PST file stores all data containing; emails, contacts, calendar, etc. Therefore, protection of PST file is necessary during a profile configuration. With this feature, you can secure their PST files including crucial business and personal information. You can encrypt Outlook PST file by simply applying a password. Once the password is applied, when you will try to open PST, a prompt will appear, asking for the password. If you do not have credentials then, you will not be able to open PST file in Microsoft Outlook. In that case, you have to reset PST password from protected file.

Reset PST Password from Protected File

Even though it is the best way to keep emails in Outlook PST but sometimes, if you forget the password of a PST file, it becomes difficult to access PST. Without opening it, you cannot access all important emails and mailbox items in Outlook PST. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss a complete solution to reset PST password from protected file.

Consequences of Losing PST Password in Outlook

Follow the below consequences:

Recovered PST Has Password – “Recently, I tried to add and open orphaned data file on Outlook profile. But, I failed to do so, after selecting a file, Outlook prompted an error message “the file is corrupted”. Thus, I tried to run scanpst.exe to repair the file and fortunately got a successful result. But I cannot access that file and still stuck with it due to password protection. How to open password protected Outlook data PST files? However, we do not know password but gain permission to access the file as it belongs to the organization.

Want to Crack Forgotten Password – “Yesterday I tried to open Outlook archives, then suddenly I received an error message after entering a password to it – ‘The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.’ I am very sure that the password is absolutely correct but I may have forgotten the exact order of case in which it was generated. How can I access this file? What are some possible methods to recover lost password of PST file.

Manual Steps to Reset PST Password From Protected File

For removing PST password, you can use a free utility provided by Microsoft to upgrade Outlook to version 19. It is a simple and authentic free tool that can upgrade Outlook PST files. This approach can be used to crack PST file password. But, when you have PST files in an older version of MS Outlook, i.e., ANSI PST file. In that case, you must use Scanpst.exe utility along with pst19upg.exe to remove password from Outlook PST. Go through these steps to reset PST password from protected file.

  • Close Outlook and create a backup of PST file before you proceed further
  • Open Inbox Repair Tool on PST file that you have copied and click Repair button
  • Then, press Windows key +R to open the command prompt and type the location of pst19up along with name of Outlook PST file. Now, press Enter button
  • Next, you need to create a copy of PST file with a specific name as filename.psx
  • After that, rename the original file in Microsoft Outlook to avoid any uncertainty
  • Under a command prompt, type pst19upgpath of PST file (filename.psx) again
  • You will get a new PST file without any password
  • At last, you can open the unlocked PST in Outlook application.

Using Alternate Method to Reset PST Password from Protected File

Many times, when you do not know a password and want to remove encryption in Microsoft Outlook PST file, it is very tough to unlock password protected PST file manually. Along with this, the pst19upg.exe is not always beneficial. In this case, you need to opt for a reliable and secure SysTools Software named as Outlook PST Password Recovery. Through this program, you can remove password protection from PST file in a single attempt. It is the best solution to reset PST password from protected file without losing a single bit of data.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have discussed a manual solution to reset PST password from protected file. But, the manual method takes a very long time and sometimes will not provide precise results. At that time, users try to find out a simple and authentic solution for the same. Thus, in this blog, we recommend a third party tool named. It is the best software which helps to unlock or recover password of multiple PST files without any difficulty.