SysTools PST Password Remover

Standalone Tool to Recover PST File Password and Access Mailbox

  • Unlock Outlook PST File: Remove password protection
  • Allow to Reset Unlimited Password Protected PST Files to Unlocked PST
  • No need of Microsoft Outlook Installation or Configuration
  • Remove Old PST password eliminating applied protection
  • Recover All Password Types: Lengthy and Multilingual Passwords
  • ANSI & Unicode PST Password Recovery: Outlook versions up to 2016 supported
  • All Windows OS Versions Supported: Windows 10 and all Below

Key Features of the SysTools PST Password Remover Software

standalone pst unlocker

Standalone PST Password Removal

The PST Password Recovery software is a standalone solution. The tool unlock PST password & helps in recovering emails from password protected pst files, without requiring the support of Microsoft Outlook in the form of installation / configuration or both.

recover bulk pst password

Recover Bulk PST File Passwords

Advanced programming of the application allows it recover the password of multiple Outlook PST files. You can select more than one PST file and remove password protection applied on them in a go.

recover pst password

Recover Lengthy PST Passwords

When recovery is being performed, the software does not consider character length of the password. Outlook PST Password Recovery solution is capable enough to bypass PST password of any character length and access emails locked inside a password protected PST file.

all outlook versions supported

All Outlook Versions Supported

Outlook PST Password recovery is served for PST file belonging to any/all Microsoft Outlook version. Therefore the software can process PST file password of Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 (i.e. both; ANSI as well as Unicode type PST files) for the recovery of lost/forgotten password.

old password eliminated

Old Password Eliminated

The software is built to offer Outlook PST password recovery in the form of password removal. Once the old password is removed from the selected PST file(s) you can save the unprotected PST and apply a password of your choice.

multilingual password recovery

Multilingual Password Recovery

Recovery of password is supported in all cases by the software, i.e. whether lost/forgotten or multilingual. The application can recover passwords generated using a combination of alphabets, special characters, digits, or symbols, etc.

easy user interface

Easy Graphical User Interface

The application is built on a single panel, i.e. it only has one screen and doesn’t require the user to navigate to and fro. Therefore, the Graphical User Interface emerges to be very easily operable and understandable to all groups of users.

all win os supported

All Windows Versions Supported

The application can process smoothly on all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System. This includes all versions including Windows 10 and all below. The OS versions of both; 32 as well as 64 bit are supported by the PST Password Remover tool.

MS Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool Screenshots

Outlook PST Unlocker
Step 1: PST Password Remover Software
Locate protected pst
Step 2: Locate Protected PST
view locked PST File
Step 3: View Locked PST
generate report files
Step 4: Generate Report
Watch Live Video of Outlook PST Password Recovery

Outlook PST Password Remover Software Specifications
Outlook PST Unlocker Box

Size: 4.8 MB Version: 2.0


Trial Limitations

Demo of PST Password Remover software will show you the status as a lock icon, if PST file is password protected.

Download PST Password Remover

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free hard disk space

Application Pre-Requisites

  • Microsoft Outlook should be installed and should be configured properly for any valid or dummy profile/account.
  • If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".
Frequently Asked Question

Conversation 1

  • : I have a PST file with unknown password applied to it. I want the password.
  • : You can remove the password with PST Password Remover but you cannot have it back. Nevertheless, you can apply a new password on it once the old one has been removed.
  • : But I have an Outlook 2003 PST file. Will the solution still work?
  • : Yes, the tool will absolutely work. It supports all Outlook versions, i.e. works with PST of both; ANSI and Unicode type.
  • : How will the unprotected PST file be delivered to me then?
  • : You get to save the PST file after password removal at a location of your choice. The software will ask you for the preferred location where you would want to save the unlocked Outlook PST.
  • : That's great. Thanks!

Conversation 2

  • : I want passwords to be removed from a number of Outlook profiles.
  • : The software is capable of processing multiple PST files at the same time. Therefore, password from multiple Outlook data files can be removed at once.
  • : But all of the PST files belong to a different Outlook version each.
  • : That’s not a problem. The software works efficiently with both; ANSI as well as Unicode type PST files.
  • : Then which version of Outlook do I need to have on my machine to run the tool?
  • : None. PST Password Remover is a standalone utility and doesn’t require any external support to unprotected PST files. The tool works absolutely well even without Outlook installed/configured on your machine.

Conversation 3

  • : I am leaving my current workplace though I don’t want to leave my emails behind. But I can’t remember the case in which the password was generated.
  • : No problem. You can unlock the PST file by removing its password using PST Password Remover tool. The software recovers all types of passwords, i.e. lengthy, multilingual, i.e. generated using a combination of characters, alphabets, digits, and symbols, or in different cases.
  • : But I don’t have Outlook installed with me. Can I still remove the password?
  • : Yes, you certainly can remove the password. The application is built as a standalone thus; it doesn’t require Outlook installation for the recovery of password.
  • : The PST will still be of no use to me as I would no longer be working on Outlook. And configuring it just for one PST would be too much.
  • : You can go for our Freeware Outlook PST Viewer application that lets you open and read PST files without Outlook.
  • : That is great. Thanks a lot!

Conversation 4

  • : My email migration from Outlook to IBM Notes failed due to password applied on the PST file that I am trying to convert. What can I do to get rid of this password that I don’t even know?
  • : Get PST Password Remover application and completely wipe out the password from the file. You can then proceed successfully with the migration without any inconvenience surfaced.
  • : But the PST is too huge. Will the process take up too much time?
  • : No. Size of the PST is not a concern during password removal. The software can remove password from the smallest to largest PST file.
  • : Thanks, that was a relief.

Conversation 5

  • : I have a PST file that needs to be unlocked as it is password protected. But, it has very crucial data stored in it that cannot be compromised with. Does the software interfere with the internal data?
  • : The PST file remains absolutely safe and intact throughout the password recovery. No amount of data is compromised or interfered with.
  • : What about the output? Will I get the old password back or a new generated password by software? Security is very essential for me.
  • : The software will neither recover the old password nor generate a new one. Nevertheless, it will get rid of the security applied on the file by wiping the password off from it.
  • : That is fine. But I cannot keep my PST file in an unprotected state, what about that.
  • : The software will remove the password from original PST file. You can apply a new password of your choice to this output PST using Microsoft Outlook.
  • : Then it is fine. That's great! Thanks.
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