Different Ways to Fix VHD File is Corrupted and Unreadable Issue

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“Yesterday I tried to create a new disk at the same location and afterward, attaching the newly created VHD file to the virtual environment. Unfortunately, VHD file or directory is corrupted and unreadable and I was unable to read that file correctly. Thus is there any way through which I can easily get back my corrupted .vhd file. Please suggest me a quick and reliable solution for the same.”

VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) is a file format used to create the virtual environment. At times, the users have restricted to mount a VHD file on the Virtual machine and view an unreadable Virtual partition algorithm. Because of this, they might fail to open the Hyper-V attachments and the data have become inaccessible too. There are so many reasons due to which a situation arises that a file directory is corrupted and unreadable. It is quite difficult to figure out the exact reason for this error.

Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a complete solution to resolve the VHD File is corrupted and unreadable issue. Before this, let us know the causes of why the VHD file becomes corrupt or unreadable.

Reasons Behind VHD File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable Error

There are several reasons due to which the .vhd file becomes corrupted and unreadable. Here are some major causes that are mentioned below:

  • Due to Hard Drive Failure:- Hard disk storage may become corrupted or damaged due to the manufacturer’s fault.
  • Due to File Sharing Over a Faulty Network:- Multiple errors occurred while transferring data on hardware that is faulty. The disconnection of a storage device during the creation or export of virtual hard drive will also cause an error.
  • Errors Due to Many Antivirus Programs:- Antivirus or encryption programs that can hamper the operation of the virtual machine. So, you can avoid to install antivirus or exclude virtual machine related directories from the antivirus scan.

The above-stated causes can make the VHD file or directory corrupted or unreadable. Thus, to fix this type of issues you just follow the manual approach.

Best 2 Approaches to Fix VHD File is Corrupted & Unreadable Issue

Go through the following methods by which users can repair corrupt VHD files without any data loss. Please have a look:

  1. Fix VHD File Corrupted and Unreadable Error Manually
  2. Fix VHD File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable Error (100% Safe)

Approach 1: Fix VHD / VHDX Corrupted Error Manually

Microsoft renders an inbuilt utility by which users can easily repair the VHD files and open a file in that inbuilt email program. Let us explain various steps that will help to overcome VHD file or directory corrupted or unreadable issue:

    • Firstly, you need to mount a .vhd file under the parent partition, and after that, type CHKDSK to repair it.
    • Then, you can check the integrity of the VHD file by using Hyper-V virtual machine
    • After this, add the VHD file to IDE controller and hit on Inspect option
    • You can also merge any VHD and AVHD file (This file can be created by default in the same location where the VHD file is also located). You have to check that it can be opened by Windows 7, server 2008 (for the Virtual machine)
    • At last, you can download the free Microsoft VHD tool containing the “repair” option that is originated to undo the expanding mode on-base VHD when multiple VHDs are available.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

There are numerous flaws while performing the manual solution to fix the VHD file is corrupted and unreadable error. Go through the following steps, it will also work to fix .vhdx file corrupted and unreadable issue:

    • This manual procedure is very lengthy and time-consuming.
    • Many times, this method will not be able to fix VHD file corruption.

Approach 2: Professional Way to Fix Corrupt VHD File

To overcome all constraints of the manual solution, thus users can take help of the trusted solution named as SysTools Hyper-V Recovery Software. It is designed in such a way to save and extract files from corrupted VHD image. It has the potential to extract formatted or deleted partitions from VHD File. This software also generates an instant preview of all data from a single and multiple partitioned virtual hard disk (VHD). Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface and it can be freely accessed by any normal user in just a few seconds. In fact, the technical or non-technical person will be able to run this application without any obstacles. Follow the steps listed here to extract files from corrupted virtual machine .vhd file or .vhdx file.

  • Download and install the tool on your system

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  • Click on Open to browse the corrupted VHD file.vhdx the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable
  • Navigate to the location and browse the corrupted virtual machine .vhd file. Here you can browse the VHDX file as well. The software is capable to extract data from corrupted .vhdx and .vhd file.vhdx file corrupted
  • Now the tool will Scan the corrupted virtual machine and list all the files and folders in the software panel.virtual machine vhdx corrupted
  • Save all files on your machine at a physical location.vhdx the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Note: – Now you have all your data in healthy state from corrupted and unreadable virtual machine VHD or VHDX file. Now simply create new virtual machine in Hyper-v and move all files from your physical device. Now you have a healthy VHD file. Simply Mount the new VHD or VHDX. The below solution is free manual way to fix VHDX file corrupted and unreadable. It requires skilled expert to perform. If you are novice to virtualization, then don’t opt this solution to fix VHD file corrupted error.

Time to Conclude

In this blog, we have covered two different methods that will help to fix the VHD file is a corrupted and unreadable issue. Users can choose any one either manual or automated solution. Both techniques are explained in a better way. However, the manual method has some drawbacks, thus we advise you to opt for an alternate solution. With the help of this application, users can easily resolve the corruption issues within a few minutes. It’s time to get rid of the VHDX file is corrupted and Unreadable error.

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