SysTools Hyper-V Recovery

Tool to Scan & Recover Lost / Permanently Deleted Data from Corrupt/Formatted VHD Files

  • Assured data recovery from corrupt/damaged, dismounted .vhd file/partition.
  • Retrieve healthy VHD file data (with exact file name, type, size etc) without installing Virtual environment.
  • Shift + Delete, formatted or re-formatted .vhd partition data recovery
  • No Size Limitation: Scan & Recover any size of VHD File
  • Recover dynamic and static .vhd of FAT (16, 32) and NTFS file systems (4, 5, 8).
  • Supports Microsoft® Windows Hyper-V, Virtual PC and Virtual Server VHD

List of Key Features that Hyper-V Recovery Software Exhibits

complete vhd recovery

Complete VHD File Data Recovery

SysTools Hyper-V Recovery software for Windows let you restore your VHD data along with videos, audio, images, archive, database etc. VHD data recovery tool offers advance scanning options thus recovering the items from emptied recycle bin, folder and partition stored in VHD files.

preview items with attributes

Preview Items with Attributes

Once the software scans corrupt VHD and recovers the data in it, an instant preview of it is generated. You can view emails, documents, images etc.; found in VHD file partition. The software will preview only selected type of files like: documents, PDF, emails, text files and likewise.

save scan report

Save Scan Report for Partition

Latest version of the software saves scanning report of partition. This feature helps minimize time consumption and gives the facility to load previously scanned details of that particular partition when it needs to be rescanned. Software prompts whether you want to save the scanned data or not. If you command it yes, the scanned data will get saved for future reference.

multiple scan mode

Multiple VHD File Scan Modes

There are various scanning modes available to recover corrupt VHD file data. Quick scan mode for minimally corrupted VHD files and Advance scan mode for severely corrupted VHD files. For resolution of MBR corruption in VHD file, raw scan mode comes handy. It also helps to search for entire files for finding the disappeared partition. Raw scan only runs when the VHD is fixed.

recover data form virtual machine

Recover Data from Virtual Platform

Data from the Virtual Hard Disk, formed as a part of virtualization of system with Windows OS, can completely be recovered with the Hyper-V VHD recovery software. Hyper-V data recovery tool is designed with advanced algorithms to ensure successful and easy VHD file recovery of permanently deleted data.

recover dynamic and static file

Recover Dynamic & Fixed VHD files

Dynamic as well as static VHD file stored data can be recovered with the Hyper-V Recovery software. Virtual PC recovery tool ensures that data from the uncountable VHD files can also be recovered but each one at a time. Also, healthy VHD files from an un-installed virtual environment can be recovered with VHD file repair tool.

recover fat and ntfs partition

Recover FAT & NTFS VHD Partition

Safely recover VHD file data from both FAT (16, 32) and NTFS (4, 5, 8) partition with Windows Hyper-V Recovery software. It will support NTFS & FAT 32 for for Dynamic VHD and for Fixed VHD file it support all file systems.

Note: Now software also supports FAT16 file system of fixed.vhd

save recovered file

Save Recovered VHD File Data

After the complete recovery of VHD file, software allows you to save output data at desirable location. Complete data will be saved with all Meta property retained and complete folder structure maintained. Also, you can check or uncheck the folders to save only selective files or items.

search with vhd file
Search within VHD File

An internal search option is incorporated within the software. With the help of this option, it is possible to find out any specific item present within the VHD file. You only need to type name of file or the file extension and software will list all the items present in it matching your search.

remove vhd error
Remove VHD Error Messages

When Windows Hyper-V virtual environment via created data stored in VHD files get corrupted show error messages. With Hyper-V Recovery tool you will able to remove all such possible errors and recover Hyper-V data easily in a healthy form.

Hyper-V Recovery Tool Screenshots
hyper v recovery tool
Step 1: Hyper V Recovery
scan vhd file
Step 2: Scan Partition
search vhd file
Step 3: Search VHD File
extract files & folder
Step 4: Extract Files & Folder
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Download Hyper-V Recovery Software
Hyper-v Recovery Box

Size: 1.3 MB Version: 2.1

Trial Limitations

Demo version of Hyper-V Recovery software generate preview of recovered data from the loaded and selected VHD file.

Download Hyper-V Recovery

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
Will this tool be compatible with my Windows 8 configured computer?

Yes, the software is fully compatible with all Windows OS versions and has no performance issues with Windows 8 environment either.

How much time will it take to recover a VHD file of size 193 GB?

Total time taken by software primarily depends upon two factors; size and corruption level of the VHD file. Large size and severe corruption of VHD consumes more time in getting processed than a small sized less corrupted VHD.

Can I recover VHD files in bulk?

No, software will only let you to add one VHD file at a time. And you can perform recovery of Virtual Hard Disk files one by one only.

Will I be able to recover data with demo version of the software?

No, demo version of the tool will only give you the preview of recovered data from corrupted VHD files. To save that data on your hard drive in its native format, you need to purchase its full version.

Can I repair corrupted/inaccessible VHD files?

No, you cannot repair a VHD file. The software only recovers data from VHD file in corrupted/inaccessible state. The recovered data can then be extracted in its original format respectively.

Does the software recover VHDX files?

No, software only recovers VHD files. If you want to recover VHDX file then they have to be converted into to VHD format first and then used with Hyper-V Recovery tool. see the steps to know how to convert .vhdx into .vhd file.

What does the "Red Cross" on folder in left panel of tool mean?

Data marked with a "Red Cross" denotes a recovered data which was damaged due to corruption or deleted.

Which type of data comes under "Lost Folders" category?

The Lost Folders category consists of those folders in which header part got corrupted and data is available. Data is recoverable from "Lost Folders" but folder information cannot be retrieved due to high corruption.

Does software support Dynamic VHD files for recovery?
I am trying the demo version of the tool. While browsing for my VHD file, I am getting an error stating "Dynamic partition is not supported in this version". Can you please help me?

Hyper-V Recovery supports only Dynamic VHD files of FAT 32 and NTFS file system. If you are trying to process Dynamic VHD Files of FAT 16 and FAT 12 file system then you might fail to do so as the software doesn't support them.

Why am I receiving "Sorry, incorrect file type" error even when adding a valid VHD?

If the software prompts this error, please check whether your file extension is '.vhd' or '.VHD'. If it is .VHD then change it to .vhd format.

What Clients Say

The dynamic VHD file I hold was the only available option to restore my data that I saved from the virtual PC before un-installing the environment, but when I tried to mount data from VHD I was surprised with the error message that shows inaccessibility of file.
I was in utter need of technical help and from the internet search I got to know about the Windows Hyper-V Recovery software, which really helped me in recovering the entire data stored in the VHD files safely into healthy format.

— Kshmiacha Suzuki, Japan

We had been looking for a solution that could bring back our data from VHD file in any state. But only Hyper-V Recovery gave us the convenience of doing so even without the availability of Virtual Environment on the system. Thanks a lot.

—Zac Lautner, United Kingdoms
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