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  • Migrate AD Users, Printers, Computers, Groups, and Contacts in One Go
  • Transfer Shared Folders and Organizational Units within AD domains
  • Migrate Computers with User Profiles Between Active Directory Domains
  • Provision to Create Multiple Jobs to Migrate Multiple AD Objects
  • Create Mapping of Objects Between Source and Destination AD Using CSV File
  • Different Options to Create, or Merge AD Objects in Destination AD
  • Migrate One or Multiple Active Directory Domains at Once
  • Migrate Objects, and Properties within and Between AD Forests
  • Migrate the Newly Added Properties of AD Objects for Migration
  • Provide Support for the Co-existence of Source and Destination Domain
  • Support Migration of Access Controls (SID History)
  • Allow to Migrate Existing User Profiles of User's Desktop
  • Support Auto-joining of Computers to the Destination Domain
  • Provide the Option to Remotely Force Restart Migrated Computers
  • Support Seamless Migration of Users with Existing Password
  • Option to Exclude Specific Properties of AD Users Before Migration
  • Offer Bidirectional Password Sync to Eliminate Password Mismatch
  • Experience Seamless AD Migration without any Downtime
  • Automate Network Connectivity Check Using VPN for Computer Migration
  • Support Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019 Versions


Why Users Trust SysTools AD Migration Tool?

Recognized By Gartner

Secure Authorization with Office 365 via OAuth 2.0


Comprehensive Reports

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified

24x7 Support

Most Trustworthy Software for Active Directory Migration

Complete Solution to Migrate Users, Printers, Computers, Groups, Shared Folder & Contacts

Why SysTools Active Directory Migration Tool?

SysTools Active Directory Migration Software offers a quick & reliable, integrated toolset to facilitate the migration and restructuring process safely in an Active Directory Domain Services infrastructure. Here are the three major reasons which make it a one-stop-shop solution for users.

  • Performance: This software displays high-performance nature and also maintains the hierarchy of Objects in the destination Active Directory. Moreover, the users also get complete visibility over their AD migration with built-in reports in this Active Directory Migration Software. Its powerful analysis and reporting capabilities give a real-time data about every step of their migration.
  • Innumerable Software Solutions: SysTools offers an efficient and reliable solution to perform Active Directory migration. Moreover, It also offers other numerous software solutions to execute various technical operations such as; SharePoint migration, Office 365 Mailbox migration , and OneDrive migration.

More Detailed Prominent Features of SysTools AD Migration Tool

Best Software to Migrate AD Objects Comprehensively to Another AD / Forest

Migrate Entire User’s & Contact’s Properties

Using the AD migration software users can migrate entire AD User’s properties such as General, Address, Account, Telephones, Organization, Remote Control, Remote Desktop Services, COM+, Member of, Dial In, Environment and Session to the destination AD Domain. Moreover, users can also migrate Users password through password sync.

Migrate Entire Groups's Properties

With SysTools Active Directory Migration software, users can also migrate entire group’s, and properties including General, Members, Member Of, and Managed By. Moreover, the users also get complete visibility over their AD migration with this tool.

Migrate Entire Computers’ & Printers’ Properties

Users can also migrate the entire AD computer’s properties such as General, Operating System, Member Of, Delegation, Location, Managed By, and Dial-in to the destination Active Directory Domain without any hassle. And also the printer’s properties like Security, About, General, Sharing, Ports, Advanced, Color, and Management.

Mapping Between Source & Destination

This software allows users to fetch the respective objects from the source AD domain, such as Users, Printers, Computers, Groups, Contacts, and Shared folders between Active Directory domains. And this tool also allows users further to define a destination location & map the destination path to save the resultant migration objects in the destination Active Directory Domain Controller.

Easy Deployment & Usage

SysTools Active Directory Migration Tool is much easier to set up and use than competing software available in the market today. Meanwhile, the other software force you to use scripts or a dizzying array of modules, whereas, SysTools AD migration software comes with a simple GUI, that users can deploy and use without even having prior technical knowledge.

Force Restart

After the successful migration of computers, we have to restart the Machines to reflect the domain change, in this case, we have to manually restart the machines. However, with the force restart feature, the administrators can enforce a restart of migrated computers remotely, by defining the time in minutes from 1 to 5 mins. With these features, you can ensure swift and efficient Machine rebooting, minimize downtime, and ensure a smooth migration of computers to the new Active Directory environment.

Detailed & Summary Report

As the Active Directory migration starts; the software shows users the complete details and count of AD objects, including Users, Computers, Printers, Shared Folders, etc., that are being migrated from a source AD to a target. In addition, it provides users with comprehensive migration insights on real-time data for each step of their migration. This is done through various reports, including Domain wise Summary report, Migrated To and Migrated From report, and Migration Scenario wise workload count report.

Comprehensive Security

Security becomes always the top concern when dealing with sensitive enterprise data. SysTools AD Migrator is the safest tool available today. As it avoids RPC and remote registry access. Moreover, it does not require any open inbound ports in the network firewall. Furthermore, it does not gather any credentials such as Email and Passwords within the software's database during or post the migration stage.

Conflict Handling

This software provides support to migrate Active Directory Objects with two options, a user can use. Those are as follows:

  • Create: This option will create new Active Directory Objects at the destination AD.
  • Merge: It will add add-on properties to destination Active Directory Objects.

Two Re-Run Migration Types

This software provides support to migrate Active Directory Objects with two options, a user can use. Those are as follows:

  • Retry Failed Migration: The utility provides support to retry the failed Active Directory Objects for migration.
  • Delta SyncUP: The utility offers support to migrate the newly added properties of Active Directory Objects for migration.

Bidirectional Password Sync

Another remarkable feature of SysTools AD Migrator is, it offers bidirectional password synchronization. This innovative feature ensures that password changes made in either the source or destination Active Directory are automatically synchronized bidirectionally. This feature eliminates the chances of password mismatch and security concerns. It streamlines seamless synchronization and keeps user credentials up-to-date across both domains without manual intervention.

(Note: To use the Bidirectional Password Sync you have to enable the Password Sync Feature in the software)

Exclude Property

With the enhanced SysTools Active Directory Migration Tool, admins now can exclude specific properties of Active Directory users before migration using a CSV file. Whether it's some specific attribute or unnecessary property, this feature offers granular control over what gets transferred to the destination AD domain.

Password Migration & Handling

The SysTools AD migration tool offers four different ways to handle password migration such as:

  • No Password Handling: This option will exclude user passwords during the migration process.
  • Password Sync: This option will Sync the newly updated password to the destination.
  • Password Hash: Explicit functionality to import and export existing account passwords.
  • Set Default Password: This option will facilitate user migration by defining a default password.

Windows OS Compatibilty

The SysTools AD migrator is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows 10 and 11, both 64-bit versions, as well as Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019. This means that the AD migrator can be utilized in a wide range of environments, making it a versatile and flexible tool for AD migration projects.

Download SysTools AD Migration Tool

Software Prerequisites to Move AD Users, Printers, Computers, Groups, & Contacts

Download Request for Migration Tool

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation

8 GB is recommended

Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz

Operating System

Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit), Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 Server


  • Microsoft .net framework v4.6.1 should be installed.
  • DNS setting should be there on all DC’s(Source and destination).
  • Trust Relationships should be created.
  • DNS suffix Search List should be configured.
  • Admin Account should be added to administrators group.
  • AD server needs to be in same network.
  • Destination AD should have schema same as source domain [Schema Classes / Custom/standard / In Built
  • The provided User should have Active Directory access.
  • Active Directory server should be in the same network.
  • Destination active directory machine should have same Active Directory Schema Classes + Attributes (Custom+ Standard+ in Built) as per source.
  • Antivirus should not be blocked the application.
  • Firewall should be disabled in Source and destination machines.

Trial Limitations

Trial version of SysTools AD Migrator will Migrate Two Active Directory Objects.



Electronic Delivery


Why Consider SysTools AD Migrator Over Others in the Market?

Why Choose Us for Active Directory Migration?

Why Other Solution Fails?

  • Lack of Compatibility: Many other solutions in the market fail to keep up with the latest Windows Server versions, causing compatibility issues and potential disruptions during migration.
  • Limited Customization: Unlike SysTools, alternative tools do not offer the same level of flexibility in mapping objects or excluding specific properties, leading to a less tailored migration process.
  • Incomplete Security Measures: Without robust SID history migration and bidirectional password sync capabilities, other AD migration tools can compromise security by leaving gaps in permissions and authentication.
  • Manual Configuration: Some tools lack automation features like auto-joining computers or remote force restarts, which requiries manual intervention and increasing the likelihood of errors or delays.
  • Inadequate Support: The absence of comprehensive support and help desk services, especially with round-the-clock availability, It leaves users stranded during critical migration stages. Eventually it can cause downtime and frustration.

Why SysTools AD Migrator Wins?

  • Support for Newer Windows Server Versions: SysTools AD Migrator explicitly supports Windows Server 2019, while other tools do not support the latest OS.
  • Cost: While pricing information isn't readily available online for most of products, still SysTools offers the most budget-friendly option among the market of reputation vendors.
  • Mapping objects with CSV: SysTools allows using a CSV file to define how objects are mapped between source and destination domains.
  • SID History Migration: It migrates Security Identifiers (SIDs) which can be helpful for permission inheritance.
  • Auto-joining computers: Its automatically join migrated computers to the destination domain.
  • Exclude Specific Properties: With this feature admins now can exclude specific properties of Active Directory users before migration using a CSV file.
  • Bidirectional Password Sync: It ensures that password changes made in either the source or destination Active Directory are automatically synchronized bidirectionally.
  • Remote Force Restart: With the force restart feature, the administrators can enforce a restart of migrated computers remotely, by defining the time in minutes from 1 to 5 mins.
  • Support and Help Desk: With 24x7x365, SysTools AD migrator offers industry learning IT support, updates, and maintenance services, which makes it the most dependable AD migration tool in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

User's Queries and Their Answers Related to Software for AD Migration
Q1. How does the SysTools Active Directory Migrator work to migrate the data?

Follow the below quick steps to complete the process:

  • Step 1. Download & Run SysTools AD Migrator.
  • Step 2. Register Domain Controller & Create Migration Scenario.
  • Step 3. Create Tasks Choosing Required AD Objects.
  • Step 4. Map Active Directory Objects Respectively.
  • Step 5. Click On Start Migration Button.

Yes, using this tool users can easily migrate shared folders to the destination AD Domain.

Yes, this AD migration tool is compatible with Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit) OS. Moreover, it also supports Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 & 2019 Versions.
Yes, it supports both inter-forest and intra-forest Active Directory migrations. It is designed to meet the needs of users and admins. Hence, it caters to all the requirements such as inter-forest and intra-forest migration scenarios. Using it, admins can easily migrate AD objects within the same forest or across different forests and trees.
No, you can easily operate the SysTools AD migrator tool without any technical expertise, because it is designed with a user-friendly interface. Which makes it suitable for both technical and non-technical naive users. However, a basic knowledge of Active Directory and domain structures would be necessary for an error-free migration.
Yes, of course! It offers a modern dashboard with real-time progress updates and comprehensive counts. Which enables you to monitor the entire migration process effectively and identify any issues that may arise. Moreover, it also generates two types of post-migration reports such as Domain Wise report and Migration Wise report. Using these reports, ?admins can easily have ?insights into the entire migration process.
SysTools AD migration tool is designed to handle large-scale migrations efficiently. It can handle complex migration scenarios such as inter-forest and intra forest migrations, making it suitable for organizations of varying sizes. Using this tool you can easily migrate AD Objects from one domain to another. Moreover, it offers different types of Re-Run migration modules such as Delta SyncUP and Retry Failed Migration. Using which admins can ensure a safe secure and error-free AD migration operation.
SysTools Active Directory Migrator is compatible with a wide range of Windows Server versions, including Windows Server 2012, R2, 2016 & 2019 Versions.
There are several reasons, why a user should choose the SysTools AD migrator over Microsfot ADMT. Some of the noteworthy reason are listed below:
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It simplifies the migration process minimizing disruptions.
  • It handles large scale migration with complex workloads.
  • It offers 24x7 customer support with technical assistance.
  • It offers flexibility and customization (On-Demand).
  • It offers more speed and high performance.
  • It has ?compatibility with newer server versions.
  • It delivers the ease of reporting and monitoring.
Yes, we offer a demo/evaluation copy of the AD Migration Tool. To obtain it, please fill out the request form on our website. You will then receive an email with the software download link.
New users must purchase a minimum of 50 licenses. However, if you are a returning user who has already purchased the initial 50-license quota, you can buy fewer than 50 licenses. Please contact our sales department directly by clicking the "Chat Now" button on our website. They will assist you with the purchase process and provide a custom quote.
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