Filter Calendars by Date From Lotus Note Database

Need to Filter Calendars while Migration:

Older Schedules are not required: When database is moved into a new messaging platform, there might not be the requirement of calendars that are older than a specific date. Excluding the older schedules can reduce overall time taken in migration process.

Older Schedules are to be archived: As a part of enterprise compliance, there can be requirement of preserving the older calendars. Filters will help to separate out the calendars for archiving and calendars for use.

How to Filter Calendars with Tool?

Calendar Filter: Enable the check box for "Calendars" and select "Apply Filter (s)". Click on "Set…" button and a pop up named Calendar Date Filter will get opened.

apply filter

Apply Calendar Filter

Enable the check box for "Include Date" and provide a time span of which calendars has to be exported. Click "Apply" to save the input provided for export.

Calendar Filters

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