Filter Duplicate Contacts from Names.nsf File

Contacts are a crucial mode of communication and possibility is there can be duplicate contacts in an address book. With this NSF to PST converter, duplicate contacts can be removed through duplicate entries in different fields.

Contacts Filter: If there are duplicate contacts in the selected names.nsf file, then it can be removed using the tool. For this, enable the check box for "Exclude Duplicate Contacts". After this, click on "Set..." button in order to define the fields on the basis of which the contacts should be considered duplicate.

By default, the Full Name, Mail Address, and Mobile Number is enabled (which can be disabled if needed). Rest of the options can be selected as per requirement.

Demonstrating with Example:

We have three contacts in Lotus Notes wherein the common field is “Company” and rest of the fields are completely different.

Now, if the contacts are to be filtered out on the basis of this common field, i.e. Company, here is how the tool with work and what will be the output.

The software has excluded rest two contacts that had the company name in common. The one contact is included by sorting done through Alphabetical character, i.e. priority on the basis of alphabetical order is given.

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