How To Use Journal Filter in Export Notes

Personal Journal Database in Lotus Notes, also known as Notebook is a place to store private documents that further be shared as required. This database gets saved into notebook.nsf file.

While Lotus Notes to Outlook migration, there can be situation where selective journals have to be moved from NSF file and for that date based filters are embedded in Export Notes tool. Here is a sample of journals that are created in IBM Notes.

How the Software Helps to Filter Journals?

Enable the check-box for "Journals" and click on the radio button for "Apply Filter (s)". Now, when you click on "Settings" button, a pop up named "Journal Names Filter" will get opened.

Click on the check box for "Include Date" and define a range for which journals have to be migrated to PST. Suppose, journals from 22nd May 2015 to 23rd May 2015 has to be filtered. So in that case following date range will be provided to the tool to filter journals.

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