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Features Of GIF Viewer Tool

GIF Viewer Software

Overview of GIF Viewer

  • GIF Viewer Software can open and play GIF file animation
  • GIF File viewer has a very easy interfac
  • Shows GIF animation and it’s images in very high quality
  • GIF Reader tool has built in zip/unzip option PPTX files.
  • GIF opener tool is a standalone application interface.
  • It is a very light weighted application.
  • Can save animation as individual frames or images in different file formats
  • GIF browser has option to play and pause videos
  • GIF reader tool display the entire details of GIF image file
Read GIF File

Open And Play GIF File

The GIF opener tool can open and play animation file, it also presents GIF animation in the form of frames or images.

Support Conversion to Read GIF

Support Conversion

The GIF viewer enables users to extract image from GIF file, It saves individual frame in formats like PNG, TIFF, JPEG, etc. one can easily extract images from GIF explorer and save them in different image format.


Enhanced Quality

GIF Opener tool will play all videos and images in high quality, also, user can adjust the quality of images during it’s conversion to different file formats.


Zip/Unzip Function

While loading file of considerable size, GIF Viewer Software will automatically adjust the size of input file. The tool itself unzip a big sized Zip file and display it’s animation.

Advance Option Available

Advance Options

The GIF reader tool has many advanced features like Play/pause, Zoom in/out option, Forward and backward, etc.

Provide Best Output

Standalone Application

The tool does not require any other application to play GIF file, user just need GIF viewer tool to view GIF files. User can run GIF Viewer software on any version of Windows operating system.

Unlimited Size Supported

No size limitation

The GIF image viewer does not impose any size limitation on input GIF file.

View GIF Details

Display Details

The GIF Explorer display the entire details associated with any GIF reader file and it’s frame like delay, duration, frame number, etc.

Excellent Tool to Open GIF Image

Easy And Light Software

GIF viewer has a very simple and effective interface, anyone can easily access this software to view and play animation file. It also takes very less space in system’s memory.

Supports all Windows
All Windows OS supports

The GIF Viewer Software compatible with all available versions of Windows operating system.

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