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Key Features of PNG File Viewer

PNG Viewer

Overview Of PNG Viewer

  • View any image of PNG File format.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • No image size limitations to read PNG File
  • External installation is not required
  • View or open PNG file at a time
  • Displayed all attributes of PNG image files
Open PNG Files

PNG Image Viewer

This software allows users to open and view PNG files. A user can open PNG file of any size with the help of PNG file reader. There is no file size limitation. PNG Image Opener can easily run on any Microsoft Windows platform, including Windows 10.

Support Multiple Formats

Supports Multiple Image Formats

Free PNG Image Viewer, supports multiple file formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc. A user can view images of any other supporting format also. It provides details of images like size, date, format, etc., of all image types. Users can use it to preview any image.

No External Installation

No External Installation Required

This is a standalone application to read PNG file, i.e. it does not require any further installation. A user can run PNG viewer tool anywhere without any problem. Configuration of PNG image reader is very easy, even a non-technical user can use PNG Reader tool in a convenient manner.

Provide Preview of Images

Preview All Images & Its Details

Free PNG viewer software provide a preview of any image in a convenient way. While viewing images on this tool, a user can view PNG files detail associated with image such as size, dimensions, format, etc.

User-friendly Interface

Provides User-friendly Interface

Free PNG viewer tool is designed in such a way that it does not require any extra installation. Any user can install this software and read PNG file without any expert help. It is like a portable PNG Viewer software which allows even a naive user to use this tool anywhere they want.

Sort and Copy PNG Images

Sort and Copy, All Image files

A user can sort and copy all the image files freely if they want. PNG image reader allows users to sort and copy multiple images also. A user can perform this operation to organize their images in a well organized manner.

Free tool

Available Free of Cost

Free PNG Viewer Software is available completely free of cost. A user just needs to download the software and run it on a local machine. A user can run PNG viewer tool on any available Windows platforms including Windows 10.

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