How to Convert iCloud Stored File to PDF Document? – A Made Easy Guide

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Summary: Searching on “How to convert iCloud Stored file to PDF document?” but not getting the right results. Don’t worry, we have covered the answer by focusing on user preferences.

In this digital age, iCloud has become a crucial toolkit for Apple or Mac users. Moreover, it can store and manage various files on your Apple devices, making it a significant player in the Apple ecosystem. From photos to important documents, iCloud ensures easy access across iOS devices.

Apart from this, there can be a scenario where you need to convert iCloud file to a more universally compatible format, like PDF. The primary reason can be to get improved portability, simpler sharing, or a preventive step for local backup. Thus, moving your iCloud files to PDF file format is a versatile solution for multiple instances.

Living in an existing era where security and accessibility are the key concerns, it is better to convert your iCloud documents to PDF. Now, before diving into the main context, let’s first explore the benefits of this conversion.

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How to Save iCloud Email as PDF Quickly?

Step 1. Download and launch the backup software.

Step 2. Enter iCloud account credentials upon opening the application.

Step 3. Click “Login.”

Step 4. Select “PDF” from the radio buttons.

Step 5. Click “Start Backup.”

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Why do Users need to Export iCloud Mail Emails to PDF?

Check out the following reasons to convert iCloud storage file to PDF document.

  • Converting iCloud storage files to PDF can bring visibility across widely used platforms.
  • PDF features offer enhanced security such as password protection, encryption, digital signatures, etc.
  • Transferring the iCloud files to PDF format can simplify the process of sharing as the receivers won’t require any specific software to open it.
  • Improves the organizational workflows with the PDF archives.
  • Offline Accessibility: This enables the user to view the PDF files in offline mode (without any internet connection).
  • Allows to add hyperlinks of emails within the PDF files after conversion from the iCloud.

How to Convert iCloud File to PDF on Mac Using Preview?

Transfer the iCloud stored files to PDF through the built-in Preview option on the Mac. Also, uses its native features to efficiently convert emails.

Step 1. Open the iCloud File:

  • Go to iCloud Drive using the Finder on your Mac.
  • Locate and open the file that you want to convert into PDF type.

Step 2. Open with Preview:

  • Right-click on the file.
  • Choose “Open With” and select “Preview.”

Step 3. Print to PDF:

  • Once the file is open in >>Preview<<, navigate to the “File” menu.
  • Select “Print” or use the shortcut Command + P.

Step 4. Choose PDF as Output:

  • In the Print dialog, click on the “PDF” button in the lower-left corner.

Step 5. Save as PDF:

  • Select “Save as PDF” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the destination where you want to save the PDF and give it a name.
  • Click “Save.”

How to Save iCloud Email as PDF through Automator?

Besides the above method on How to convert iCloud stored file to PDF. We have an alternative i.e. through the Automator built-in utility to streamline the process with ease.

Step 1. Open Automator:

  • Open the “Automator” application on your Mac.

Step 2. Create a New Workflow:

  • Choose “New Document” and select “Workflow.”

Find and Add Actions:

Step 3. In the left sidebar, find and add the following actions from the Library:

  • Get Specified Finder Items: Drag and drop your iCloud file.
  • Open Finder Items: Add this action after the previous one.

Step 4. Store the file as PDF:

  • After that, open the “Render PDF Pages as Images” tab.
  • Set the “Output Format” to PDF.

Step 5. Run the Workflow:

  • Click the “Run” button in the upper-right corner.

Step 6. Save the PDF:

  • When prompted, choose where to save the PDF file.

Limitations in the Manual Solutions to Convert iCloud Stored Files to PDF

Here are some of the shortcomings that users experience while using the above techniques:

  • Preview/Automator may not work well with all file types.
  • Exporting complex formats may result in a loss of data when creating a PDF.
  • You need to be technically advanced to use the advanced features.
  • Some file characteristics might not stay the same during conversion.
  • Keeping up with iCloud updates is essential to ensure things keep working smoothly.
  • The conversion process may skip sensitive information at times.

How to Convert iCloud Stored File to PDF? – A Master Guide

No doubt using the above methods is free and can be accessed easily. But in the long run, it could lead to some significant challenges. Due to this, we would like to suggest you the best Mac iCloud Backup tool. By using this utility, you can export iCloud to PDF in a trustworthy and hassle-free manner.

Not only does this application migrate the iCloud mail emails in PDF format but also in other types such as PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, HTML, CSV, etc. Let’s witness some of the remarkable features of this expert tool:

  • Enable incremental email backup after the initial backup
  • Implement a customizable naming convention for specific file formats
  • Offer the choice to select specific folders for backup using the Emails-filter option
  • Support inclusion of desired iCloud folders and subfolders
  • Generate a single PDF file for each email or attachment
  • Configure page layout settings, including margins, paper orientation, and page size
  • Utilize various options to add Bates numbers during PDF data export
  • Manage attachments with options such as append, attach on pin, and save
  • Export selective data based on a specific time period using the Data Filter option
  • Provide the option to split large FORMAT files into smaller ones to prevent corruption issues.

Salient Steps to Save iCloud Stored Files to PDF

Step 1. Download and Launch the Software to backup the files.

tool page view

Step 2. After the application is opened, enter the required credentials for the iCloud account.

enter login credentials

Step 3. Next, click on the “Login” Button.

click on login to convert iCloud file to PDF

Step 4. Choose the “PDF” option from the radio buttons.

select the PDF radio button

Step 5. Finally, click on the “Start Backup” button.

hit on Start Backup button

Step 6. Access the resulting PDF file at the specified destination location.

review the PDF files

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Final Takeaway

In this aforementioned guide, we have majorly focused on answering the question of “how to convert iCloud stored file to PDF on Mac OS?” Though there are manual strategies for the conversion they are ineffective; Instead, you can opt for the SysTools Mac iCloud application. In short, this expert tech encompasses the modern mechanism to enhance security and streamline the process.


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