How to Convert Image to BMP File Format? [Solved]

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Published On May 20th, 2024
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There can be multiple reasons why users want to convert image to BMP file format. Through this blog, we will discuss different methods that will help users resolve this query easily and entirely by themselves.

About Bitmap (BMP) Format

BMP is short for “Bitmap”. Bitmap format images are in a raster graphic format. This format is usually used for storing two-dimensional colored & monochrome images. These were first introduced on Windows, but now they are functional on both Mac OS and Windows OS.

Furthermore, BMP format pictures generally store each pixel’s color data in the image without compression. These pictures are much better in quality and they appear to be more high-resolution and crisp. Their major drawback is that these pictures are often of high quality and large. This can be due to the pixel compression in BMP pictures.

Using MS Paint to Convert Image to BMP Format

Here follow these steps to complete this task directly:-

  • Step 1.) In the first step, Run Microsoft Paint on your Windows system.Open Microsoft Paint on your system.
  • Step 2.) Next,  browse your images in the software panel by selecting the Open option.add your file
  • Step 3.) After that, hit on the File menu and then press on the Save as as option
  • Step 4.) Choose your required format from the Save as drop-down menu.convert image to bmp

Note:- For this method, users need to have Microsoft Paint installed on their computer.

Why Manual Method Fails to Deliver Good Results?

  • One of the main disadvantages of this utility is that it does not allow users to batch-convert their images.
  • Also, the entire procedure can be time-consuming because of the repetitive steps.
  • There is a high chance that you may end up losing your data.
  • Duplication of added images may occur due to repeated processes.

Expert Take on Converting Images into BMP File

Since there are some limitations associated with the above-mentioned technique. So, in this case, we highly advise you to utilize an automated solution. There is a plethora of third-party solutions available by which users can convert images to BMP file format. But, for this procedure the Image Converter Tool will be the best option. This utility is compatible with every version of Windows OS such as Windows 7,8,9 and its prior versions as well.

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Steps to Convert Image to BMP Format Using Software

To change an image to BMP, follow these below-listed instructions:-

  • Step 1.) Firstly, install and launch this software on your operating system.image to bmp file converter
  • Step 2.) Next, choose either File or Folder option in order to add your images.Select add files or folder option to add your image.
  • Step 3.) This utility allows users to view their files before the conversion procedure. Then, tap on the Next option
  • Step 4.) Now, select BMP as your export format from the drop-down bmp
  • Step 5.) Users can also resize their images by simply changing the Set Height or Set Width of the pixels.resize bmp images
  • Step 6.) At the last, hit on the Convert option to begin the process.convert image to bmp file

Highlighted Features of the Expert Tool

  • This utility allows users to convert image to BMP format. Apart from this, it also provides many export formats for users to change their images into. Users can convert image into HTML, Image to DOC, Image to TEXT, and other formats as well.
  • Furthermore, this application preserves image quality before and after the process.
  • With this tool, users can either add images in BMP or they can create BMP for each image separately according to their requirements.
  • It works evenly with every version of Windows OS. This software supports Windows 7,8,9,10 and its other prior versions as well.
  • After the procedure, this application provides an export report and users can save this report for future reference as well.
  • This software allows users to choose their desired destination to save their resultant files.

So There You Have It

In this upcoming article, we have discussed how users can convert image to BMP format. Along with that, we have also talked about different techniques by which users can easily resolve this query. Users can choose any method that meets their needs. But, we strongly suggest the Software that we have mentioned right above in this blog. With this tool, users will get satisfactory results and it will maintain image quality throughout the procedure.


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