How to Convert Image to GIF Format with Original Quality in 2024?

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Published On June 17th, 2024
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Not able to convert Image to GIF format? Wondering how you perform this task in one go without wasting your crucial time?

If yes, read this complete guide that reveals the easy and efficient tricks to resolve this query First we will look at a real time user query.

User Query on Image to GIF Conversion

Query:-Hi, I am Jesy and for some professional reasons I need to convert my images into GIF file format. I have tried searching for a solution that can help me with this problem, but was unable to find any. Can you suggest me any quick method to save multiple images to GIF format?”

Jesy Sean, California

In technical terms, GIF is an image file format that can be used for storing multiple images. But, when people often refer to “GIF”, they are actually talking about the animated images that people oftenstore in this format.

Furthermore, GIF is a combination of both video and a JPG image. These types of files showcase a looped animation, unlike typical images. GIF is like flip books at their core, as people display multiple images in sequence in order to create an animated effect.

Unlike many videos, this format does not have sound which lead many people to add subtitles in order to give their animations context. However, GIF can only display up to 256 different colors, giving them a low image quality as compared to videos.

Despite many imitations, this format is very popular on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and so on. Moreover, in this upcoming section we will discuss how users can change image to GIF with professional solution.

How to Convert Image to GIF With a Smart Solution?

Since there are no direct or manual method to resolve this query. We recommend users utilizing a third party software to convert image to GIF format. There are many applications available on the web that can definitelyhelp users with this issue. However, for this conversion procedure we strongly suggest the Smart Image File Converter Wizard.

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Working Guide to Change Image to GIF Format

  • Step 1.) To begin, install and run this tool on your system.image to gif converter
  • Step 2.) Next, select either Add Files or Folder option to add your images.add file or folder option
  • Step 3.) After that, choose your required destination path where you would like to save your resultant image file. Click on the Change tab and then tap on the Next option to move further.choose your required destination path and tap on the change tab.
  • Step 4.) Now, select GIF as your export format from the drop down menu.choose GIF as your export format from the drop down menu.
  • Step 5.) With the help of this tool, users can Set image quality and Resize image by simply clicking on these option. Along with the Set Width and Set Height option to resize your images.With this tool, users can set width and height of their images.
  • Step 6.) Hit on the Convert option in order to complete the procedure.convert image to gif

Perks of the Image to GIF Converter Tool

  1. This utility not only convert image to GIF format. But it also provides multiple export formats for users to convert image into HTML File and other formats as well.
  2. With the help of this application, users can easily change multiple images without losing their quality.
  3. It also gives the option to arrange the images in a different order according to your requirement.
  4. Users can also preview their images before the conversion process.
  5. Furthermore, this software is compatible with all the version of Windows OS. It supports Windows 8,9,10, and its other prior versions as well.
  6. Therefore, this tool preserves image quality before and after the conversion operation.

Final Words

This above mentioned write up is all about changing image to GIF. However, for this procedure we have mentioned an automated solution right above by which users can easily convert image to GIF format. This utility guarantees that one will get satisfactory results and it also maintains image quality even after the process.


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