Know-How to Extract PDF Bookmarks As Separate Files in 2 Ways

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Are you finding a way to extract PDF bookmarks as separate files? Well, in this write-up, I am going to tell you how to automatically export bookmarked pages from PDF files and have them saved in a separate PDF document. We will also look at the Adobe Acrobat method.

PDF bookmarks are used to point to a place in the PDF file to which you want to return or jump to a page in the same PDF or another document, or a web page.

Since we are talking about digital Bookmarks, they can also perform certain actions, like executing a menu item or submitting a form.

Generally, Bookmarks are automatically created using the table-of-contents entries of documents. Sometimes, bookmarks are tagged in order to make edits in the PDF.

So, we all know how important these bookmarks can be!

An intelligent way to organise your PDF document also includes collecting PDF bookmarked pages at one place or export pdf bookmarks to text file.

SysTools PDF Extractor can help you to organise your PDF bookmarks by simply extracting them and collecting them in a different PDF file.

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Now we shall see how you can do this!

How to Extract PDF Bookmarks As Separate Files

All you have to do is download the free edition of the software (download link has been given above).

Step-1: Starting with inserting files in the tool using “Add File(s)/ Add Folder”. You can also change the system location to save your resultant file, then click on “Next”.


Step-2: Here select the item type as “Bookmarks”. Under this, you get options to export bookmarked pages from PDFs by saving each PDF bookmarked page in an individual PDF file or you can export all the PDF bookmarked pages in a single PDF file.

export pdf bookmarks to text file

Step-3: You can also specify the pages from which you want to extract bookmarks using its Page Setting option. This option allows to specify page numbers or page range or only odd pages or only even pages.

page setting

Step-4: After specifying all the options and filters, click on the “Extract” button.

extract bookmark

Split Bookmarked PDF Pages Using Adobe Acrobat

1. If you are using Adobe Acrobat DC application, follow the given steps below:

Step-1: Click View > Tools > Organize Pages > Open to open the Organize Pages toolbar.

Step-2: Click on the Split button.

Step-3: From Split by menu, choose Top level bookmarks and then, click on Split.

2. If you are using Adobe Acrobat X and XI, follow these steps:

Step-1: Click View > Tools > Pages to open the Tools panel.

Step-2: Click on the Split Document button.

Step-3: Choose Split document by ‘Top-level bookmarks’ and click on OK.

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To extract PDF bookmarks as separate files either you can use SysTools automated utility or go for Adobe Acrobat application. In my opinion, both are premium tools, but if your task is only to export bookmarked pages from PDF files in a separate file then, SysTools is the best option for you considering the cost of the both tools. You can also export PDF bookmarks to text file using the same tool.