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Published On December 2nd, 2022
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Gmail is a productive web-based email client solution that is one of the most commonly used email solutions by users all over the world and also effectively handles personal as well as organizational needs. But, nowadays many organizations try to move from Gmail to Office 365. Because when considering the efficient features of Office 365 suitable for the enterprises level, the Google Gmail to Office 365 migration is necessary. When you decide to switch to the cloud service platform, you need to think about how to migrate the old email data to the new cloud service.

We all know that Gmail and Office 365 are the most common web-based email services among users. Gmail is the email exchanging platform provided by Google and Office 365 is the collaborative suite provided by Microsoft. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to migrate Gmail to Office 365. In the below section we will discuss both time-consuming manual methods and fast & secure automated solutions for Gmail to Office 365 email migration.

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For fast and secure migration of the mailbox data from Gmail account to Office 365 account, you can go with an automated solution. The Gmail to Office 365 migration tool by SysTools moves the mailbox without any data loss. Find the demo version.

Reasons Behind Migration of Gmail to Office 365

Before directly going to the methods for the migration we can first discuss the reasons behind the migration process.

  • Gmail uses labels more than folders for managing its data. But Office 365 uses folders for data management.
  • Office 365 has a simple interface that is more convenient for the users. But Gmail has a little outdated interface which is time-consuming.
  • Office 365 offers a desktop-based service also. This helps the users to work offline and synchronize to the cloud after retaining the network connection.
  • Office 365 provides more features as well as storage space at a lower price when compared to Gmail.
  • Scalability is an inbuilt feature for Office 365 which allow for being scalable together with the growth of an organization.
  • Office 365 is sustaining on the license instead of users’ data.

Manual Method to Move Email from Gmail to Office 365

Follow the steps given below to perform Gmail to Office 365 migration manually.

Once you sign up for Office 365 the first account created in the account will be an Office 365 admin account. Later you can change this account into a regular user account and use some other account as admin. Office 365 admin is only an authorized user to create and manage the user account under the same domain.

To migrate email from Gmail to Office 365 account user need to verify the domain. That is you need to verify that the domain used for the Gmail account is owned by yourself. You can perform it through these steps.

  • Go to the Admin center.
  • Click on Go to setup.
  • Select the Domain.
  • Add users.
  • Setup DNS.

Before creating the user mailbox you must ensure that you have an appropriate license for the users. Follow the given process to create a user mailbox for the Gmail to Office 365 email migration process.

  • Go to the Admin center > Click Users > Select Active users > Click on More.
  • For adding a single user select Add user option and for adding multiple users together select Import Multiple Users. Through the CSV file, you can import the information of multiple users altogether and create the mailboxes.
  • Once you upload the file click verify the data through the Verify button.
  • After verification select and assign an appropriate license to the user or select the option Create user without product license.

For the successful migration of data, you need to establish a communication channel between Office 365 and Gmail. Follow the below steps.

  • Go to Exchange admin center > Recipients > Migration > Migration endpoints.
  • Click “+” and on the new page select IMAP.
  • Enter the IMAP Server & Settings on the IMAP migration configuration page.
  • At last, provide a migration endpoint name in the Enter general information page.

We need to create a list of user mailboxes that we need to move from Gmail to Office 365 accounts. For creating the migration file you must know the password of all the Gmail user’s accounts. The temporary password can assign for migration but only the administrator can change the password of the user account.

  • Sign in to the Google Admin Console.
  • Go to Users and select the list of users from the admin center.
  • Collect and write down the email address of users’ mailboxes to which you need to migrate.
  • Create the excel sheet using the collected address and users’ passwords and save it as CSV.

For the migration of Gmail to Office 365, a migration batch with Gmail mailboxes is to be created.

  • Go to Admin center and select Exchange.
  • Navigate to Recipient > Migration.
  • Click on “+” and choose Migrate to Exchange Online.
  • Select IMAP migration. Click Next and browse the CSV file on the Select the user’s screen.
  • Gmail shows the mailboxes after the validation is completed.
  • Select the previously created migration point on Set the migration point.
  • Continue with the default values in the IMAP migration configuration window.
  • Go to the Move configuration page & provide the migration batch name
    On the Start, the batch page provides the required options and starts Gmail to Office 365 email migration.

The email system has a DNS record for fetching the exact address of email delivery. This MX record will be pointed to the Gmail account so you need to change it into Office 365 for migration. So the email will be delivered to the Office 365 account.

  • Go to Admin center > Settings.
  • Click on Domain and select Domain name.
  • Finally, the notification shows “Setup completed“.

After reading the above section now you will understand that the manual method is too lengthy and also each step time to complete the process. The most important part of the manual method is they are free of cost but if you miss any step or make mistake in any step will cause the failure of the migration process. So you should be more careful while doing each step. This is the main reason most users consider the manual method as the most tiring process. Don’t worry we have the appropriate solution to all these problems. Just continue reading…

Automated Solution to Move Email from Gmail to Office 365

SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migrator is an ideal solution for fast and secure data migration of Gmail to Office 365. The tool helps users to migrate their emails, Contacts, and Calendar data from their Gmail account to Office 365 through simple steps. Also, the software is embedded with expert features like the Date & Item filter which allows the selective migration of Gmail data. Through the application impersonation, the user can move single or multiple Gmail account data simultaneously. The features like Pause & resume, selective migration, Impersonation, Incremental backup, etc. make an excellent software which full fills almost all every requirement of the users. In the below section we will discuss the descriptive working of the tool and how it will help the users.

To begin the Google Gmail to Office 365 migration process download and launch the Gmail to Office 365 migration tools. Download the free demo version of the software from here:

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Gmail to Office 365 User Migration

  • After starting with the tool you will get a welcome screen in the software interface.

Gmail to Office 365 Migration

  • From the workload category, make your desired selection by choosing from the Email, Document, Contact, and Calendar.

category selection


  • Here, the user can now apply the desired filters and then proceed further.

date filtration

  • In the Source window, enter the Admin Email, Service Account, and the Certificate file. Hit the Validate button to authenticate the permissions.


  • Likewise in the destination screen, enter the Admin Email and application ID to validate the added information.

destination details for Google Gmail to Office 365

  • From the Users screen, avail from the three options available to add the users and Validate them.

add users


  • Ultimately, click on the Start Migration button to begin Google Gmail to Office 365 migration.

Gmail to Office 365

Gmail to Office 365 Email Migration – Top-notch Features

This software helps the users securely move email from Gmail to Office 365 accounts. To migrate only the email data user needs to select the Mail option. The tool also provides the option to selectively migrate the email data from the Gmail account.

  • Date Filter: Apply the Date Filter option to select the email between a particular date.
  • User Group Mapping: It is an additional feature allowing the user to map the source to destination groups, via CSV file.

user group mapping

After applying all required filters click on the Export button to start the Gmail to Office 365 migration. The software will safely migrate the email messages from the user’s Gmail account such as: “Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, Important, Starred, Draft & all user created labels”. So, in Office 365 each label is stored as separate folders with the same label name.

Migrate Calendar from Gmail to Office 365

By using this Gmail to Office 365 migration tool users can separately migrate the calendar data from their Gmail accounts to Office 365. For calendar migration, users need to select the calendar option from the software interface. Users can also provide the date filter through the apply filter option to only migrate calendar events of particular dates. The tool will generate a separate calendar in the Office 365 account with all events that are migrated.

Migrate Contacts from Gmail to Office 365

Contacts are important data for each organization. So the migration of contacts from one domain to another Without any information loss is an important fact for each organization Our tool provides a fast secure migration of email contacts to the Office 365 account. Select the Contacts option from the tool and click on the Export button. It will automatically migrate contacts from Gmail Office 365 without missing any information.


Users are constantly searching for methods to move emails from Gmail to Office 365 accounts. In this blog, we discuss both manuals as well as tool-based automated solutions for Google Gmail to Office 365 migration. Select anyone with which you are more comfortable. Although, we recommend the automated solution for quick and safe migration of data.


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