How to Print Multiple Attachments from Yahoo Mail Efficiently?

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Summary: Users are in great demand to print attachments in Yahoo mail directly. Seeing this concern as an important requirement, we are here with an efficient solution to take attachments from yahoo mail and print it over. Also, we will be guiding you on how to print multiple attachments from yahoo mail account easily.

Attachments are the sensitive data in an email sent between the users sharing their important information. The attachments can be in any format like an image, a text document, a .exe or .html file, or any such file that is possible to send as an attachment through the webmail client. If you want to print the attachment directly, then probably go with the procedure guided in the article below.

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How to Print Attachments from Yahoo Webmail Account?

In case of printing the attachments in Yahoo mail directly, you can perform the below-shown steps. Please note that this option is only applicable if you have a printer connected to your machine.

  • Step-1: Login to Yahoo mail account.
  • Step-2: Open the email having an attachment.
  • Step-3: Click on the attachment and then click on the print icon.
  • Step-4: Select the print formatting and click on Print.

This will print the individual emails from Yahoo mail. But, in case you don’t have the printer, then, the attachments will be downloaded to your local system directly.

On this note, take the below case:

You have a large number of attachments to be printed in hard copy selected from a number of emails in Yahoo mail. Does this situation seem easy to execute and then print each attachment individually?

Find How to Download All Attachments in Yahoo Mail At Once?

For me, it’s a big NO. It’s just the way you think and want to execute the task. Now, you might be having this question in your mind, “Is there any other better option available?” The answer is YES. You can scroll down to find a better option for this.

Know How to Print Multiple Attachments from Yahoo Mail

Have you heard about the Yahoo Backup Tool? It is one efficient application that turns out to be the best to create a backup of your sensitive data on the cloud and save it on the local hard drive. You can use this application and bring down all the email attachments to the local hard drive. It will now be easier to print the attachments from a personal or professional Yahoo email account.

You know, the application helps out to save the emails in multiple formats. So once you have the emails forwarded in any of these formats then, the next task will be to convert the attachments in Portable Document Format. Thereafter, printing multiple attachments from Yahoo mail is easy to execute.

Get the Solution to Export Yahoo Emails to PST Format

Steps to Print Yahoo Mail Emails

  • Step-1: Run Tool and login with Yahoo account. run yahoo email backup software
  • Step-2: Select format and browse location to save data. browse location
  • Step-3: Click on Start to begin Yahoo data transfer. start

Now you can view the Yahoo data in the local system. After this, the next step is to convert the downloaded file to a PDF file. For this, you can try MBOX Viewer Pro, EML Viewer Pro, PST Viewer Pro, or MSG Viewer Pro to search the attachments and print it accordingly.

Here, we are guiding the execution process with the MBOX Viewer Pro utility. For this, you need to install this application on your system and then perform the process below to search for the attachments you want to print to hard copies.

Know How to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer

Steps to Search Attachments in MBOX File & Print

  • Open Tool and Scan the MBOX file. Import mbox file and scan
  • Go to the Search bar and search emails with attachments. search yahoo attachments to print
  • Click on the Select All option, Right-click the mouse button, and choose the Export option. print multiple attachments in yahoo mail
  • Choose the PDF or Print option and browse a location to save the emails with attachments. print multiple attachments in yahoo mail
  • Click on the Export button. start the process

Once you have the emails with attachments in Portable Document Format then it is easy to print attachments from emails. Open the Portable Document Format file and click on attachments. Then, print the attachments. This way you can easily get the hard copies of Yahoo attachments without much trouble.

Here’s How to Print Yahoo Emails Without Header

Follow the given step-by-step procedure to print and save your Yahoo Mail emails without headers or advertisements. Keep in mind, that this procedure is only applicable to Mac OS users.

  • Step 1: Download and launch the expert-recommended utility on your Mac OS system.
    launch the tool to print yahoo emails without header
  • Step 2: Enter your Username and Password to log into the tool.
    enter username and pasword to login
  • Step 3: Select the “Print” option from the provided list.
    select export format
  • Step 4: Click the “Advance Settings” button to view the entire filter menu panel.
    click on advance settings to print yahoo emails without header
  • Step 5: In the “General Settings” section, disable the checkbox for the “Include Internet Message Header” option. Apply other settings as per requirements.
    disable checkbox for include internet message header option
  • Step 6: Click the “Change” button to set the preferred destination path for your restaurant files.
    set destination for resultant files
  • Step 7: At last, click the “Start Backup” button.
    click start backup

And that’s all! That’s all the steps you need to follow to successfully print your Yahoo emails without headers.

So There You Have It

The Yahoo users in need to print multiple attachments can find this article interesting. We have got you covered with multiple solutions that will surely get all your attachments in Yahoo printed to hard copies easily. This article is based on the query How to print multiple emails in Yahoo and we have guided some proven procedures for easy data conversion.


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