Know How Can You Recover Data from Failed and Crashed Solid State Drive (SSD) By Yourself?

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Published On September 22nd, 2022
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Scenario 1: “I purchased my SSD drive after reading reviews that said that Solid State drives have a very low chance of failure. But what I have experienced personally is totally opposite. Within one year of purchasing SSD disk of a renowned brand, I am facing some serious problems. When I connect the SSD with my laptop, the disk is visible in File Explorer Window. When I open the SSD, I see no data/ files in it. Can anyone tell me what is the problem and is it possible to recover data from a failed SSD?”

Scenario 2: “Help! I am stuck with a failed SSD. My system has stopped detecting my newly bought Solid State Drive. I even checked my SSD by connecting with my friends’ laptops, but I saw no improvement in the condition. What shall I do with my SSD now? Have I lost all my files and SSD forever or is there any way to recover data from crashed SSD? Please help me out by informing any available solution. So that, I can recover data from a failed SSD drive by myself.”

SSD drives are becoming more and more popular in recent time. But at the same time, SSD users complain about issues they face regarding SSD. Is it possible to recover data from a failed SSD is a common SSD related query that can be often seen in tech forums. The answer to this question is Yes. Users can retrieve files from SSD that is crashed or failed easily.

Now the question is, how can I? Stay tuned, as we are going to explain the complete process here. But first, we will have some idea about SSD drive failure.

Learn More About The Possibility to Recover Files from Field SSD

The biggest obstacle in dealing with SSD (Solid State Drive) failure or crashed issue is the novel technology used to build SSD drive. The algorithm that is used to recover data from traditional hard disks will not work in case of solid state drive. Therefore, only the dedicated and specialized technique will work get data from failed SSD.

When SSD (Solid State Drive) first arrived, it has been marketed as the better storage device that the existing standard devices. The reasons are its working speed and reliability in data protection. However, this does not indicate that SSDs are completely free from tear and wear.

Depending on the usage, SSD drives can have issues and over time, it may also fail. Moreover, there is no indicating sign/symptoms of SSD failure that users can notice and take preventive measures. As a result, the chances of sudden data loss due to SSD failed or SSD crashed are quite high. Now it’s time answer your query can you recover data from a failed SSD drive?

Know How to Recover Data from Failed or Crashed SSD?

Based on the scenarios discussed in the beginning, we can divide the SSD failures into two broader categories. The first one is when the system can detect the failed or crashed SSD drive, and the second one is when the computer fails to detect failed or crashed SSD drives. Based on the scenarios, different solutions are needed to be implemented for recovering files from crashed and dead SSD.

What If the Computer Can Detect  Failed SSD?

Sometimes, after connecting the failed or crashed SSD drive to the system, SSD gets detected but SSD data remains invisible. It means that your SSD is not dead, rather it suffers from some sort of corruption in the file system. To recover data from failed SSD that can be detected by the computer, the user can use SysTools SSD Recovery Tool. This application will help you recover all data from crashed and failed SSD drives in a few simple steps. This tool has the ability to recover deleted photos from SSD. Also, you will a trusted solution of your query can data be recovered from a failed SSD drive?

  1. Download and Open the software and add your failed SSD.

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  2. Click on Scan or Formatted Scan button. First use the Scan option to get files from failed SSD. If it is not able to recover. Then try formatted scan on crashed SSD.can data be recovered from a failed ssd
  3. All data will be recovered from failed SSD and available for to recover data from a failed ssd
  4. Select the files you need and Save in the preferred location.can you recover data from a failed ssd drive

If the Computer Cannot Detect Damaged SSD?

The issue becomes grave when the computer is unable to detect the dead SSD. If you are facing this problem, then we suggest you to try connecting the crashed SSD to one or two different systems. Thus you will be able to determine whether the problem is happening due to some issue of your computer or the solid-state drive dead.

If the SSD gets undetected by other computers also, then the problem lies with your SSD drive. You need to take it to some expert agencies to fix the SSD drive issues. The cost can be high in this. After they fix the drive, you should take the help of the above-mentioned utility to recover files from a failed SSD.


SSD drives are obviously a better choice for storing files that the traditional storage devices. But users must remember that SSD drives can also become failed or dead. In this post, we have answered the question: is it possible to recover data from a failed SSD. Here we have discussed two different scenarios and provided solutions according to each scenario. I am sure, that your query can data be recovered from a failed SSD drive? Has been resolved in a simple way. Feel free to contact US for any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

Can you recover data from failed SSD?

Yes, you can recover data from failed SSD after reading this blog. In this blog we have mentioned the hassle-free solution.

Recover data from dead failed or crashed SSD

With the help of this blog, you can recover data from dead failed or crashed SSD without any data loss.

How do I recover files from a crashed hard drive?

Mentioned the above solution you can recover files from a crashed hard drive. In the above blog, we have mentioned the simplest solution.

Is it possible to recover data from the damaged SSD drive?

Yes, It is possible to recover data from failed, crashed, and damaged SSD.


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