Import EML Files to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 Easily

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Published On October 13th, 2023
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Summary – Are you looking solution to import EML to Outlook account? So, you are at right place. Here, I have mentioned the different approaches that you can use to bulk import EML files to Outlook mail application versions 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010. All the steps are verified by IT experts.

Outlook is an email service that allows users to send, and receive emails, and manage calendars, contacts, notes, journals, etc. It is best suited for professional work or business purposes. It is also trusted by millions of customers worldwide as a secure and reliable service.

Microsoft Outlook stores its data in a PST file format. Whereas Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, and Apple Mail store their data in an EML file format. Here you might be thinking, is it possible to import EML files in Outlook and open them? The answer is YES, in the below section I will explain all possible ways.

So, if you want to import EML to Outlook email client, then it is mandatory to convert EML into PST file format, as it is supported by Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide all the suitable approaches that let you know how to open EML files into Outlook email client.

Approaches for Importing EML Files to Outlook

There are multiple ways to complete the import process. But all methods are not safe. The manual methods are free but are prone to data loss. So, in this write-up, manual methods are explained but are not recommended to perform.

Always use trusted and expert suggested solutions to open Emails in .eml into Outlook. So, lets understand the process!

Method-1: Import EML to Outlook Using Smart Approach

There are various manual approaches for importing EML files to Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2021. But, they are not reliable enough and cause huge data loss. So there comes a need for a Smart tool with advanced functionalities that can easily import EML to Outlook.

One such tool is the SysTools EML to PST Converter which supports unlimited files of any size.

  1. Imports EML to Outlook along with images as well as attachments.
  2. It converts EML or EMLX files into multiple file formats such as HTML, MSG, PST, MBOX, PDF, and NSF file types.
  3. It also allows users to analyze complete header details by using multiple preview modes including Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, HTML View, RTF View, and Attachments View.

Now, after understanding the software. Let us discuss its working below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Import EML to Outlook

  1. Download & install the SysTools Software on your Windows System and perform the below-mentioned steps.

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  2. Select your folder containing EML and EMLX files.
    preview option
  3. Click on the Export option from the menu bar to make EML file importable in Outlook. export option free
  4. Select the radio button PST and after that Browse, the path to save the file after exporting.
    import emails with all attributes
  5. Select Make New Folder or you can also select any folder of your choice to save exported data into a folder. And click OK.
    save exported file
  6. At last, simply hit on Export button and wait till the conversion process completes. Import all files
  7. Now you can view Exported PST files at your saved location. Now You have a PST file, simply open it in the Microsoft Outlook application.
    imported files
  8. At last Open the Microsoft Outlook application and using the Import/Export option simply import exported file. After this click on Import from Another Program or File and then Next. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and Next. After that Browse location of the PST file (created in step 6) and click on Next. Your task completed opening the EML file in Outlook.
    import to outlook

Know Why We Choose This Software:

  • Convert any number of files regardless of their size.
  • Allows to import EML to Outlook with metadata.
  • Users can import the resultant files on any supported email client.
  • Data integrity & folder hierarchy remains maintained even after EML conversion.
  • 24X7 User Support with Data Security

Method-2: Import EML to Outlook Using WLM & Outlook

This approach requires both Windows Live Mail & Outlook applications to be installed on your system. However, after Windows 7, Microsoft discontinued the WLM application. If you are using Windows 8 or later versions, don’t perform these steps.

  1. In the WLM mail app, click on the File tab.
  2. Select the Export option and then choose Email messages.
  3. Now, Select Microsoft Outlook as the export option and click on the Next button.
  4. You can select the email folders that you need to export and click OK.

Note: – This approach is not recommended  to import EML to Outlook account, as this approach is few years old now and Microsoft has also discontinued its support for Windows Live Mail in 2016.

Method-3: Import EML to Outlook Using Drag & Drop Approach

Import selected EML files to Outlook using the Drag and Drop method can only be done when EML files are saved separately on your desktop screen and there is no EML file supported email client that can access it. But, it is mandatory to have a preinstalled Outlook application on your desktop.

Now, we can import EML to Outlook by navigating the saved EML file and then dragging it into an Outlook folder (user-created folder). The email message will be displayed on the screen and then we can save it in any folder. But, EML files in bulk cannot be imported to Outlook. Also, attachments cannot be sent using this approach.

eml to outlook

According to Diane Pormsky (Microsoft MVP), you can choose drag and drop method. But it can result in error if you are move 50+ EML files at a time. So, if you have thousands of EML files then using drag and drop method is not good idea. In this case move to method 1 and easily import EML files into Outlook all versions.

Method-4: Import EML to Outlook Using Outlook Express Application

This approach uses Outlook Express to import EML to Outlook. In this approach, we drag the files from explorer to Outlook Express & then configure EML files. This approach is not recommended as this approach is quite a few years old now and Microsoft also discontinued its support for Outlook Express in 2014. Hence, Manual approaches are not suitable to import EML to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Free Approaches:

  1. Multiple EML cannot be imported by using these manual approaches. A user can only send a few EML files.
  2. Images and attachments cannot be sent by using manual approaches.
  3. It takes a lot of time & effort.
  4. Data integrity & folder hierarchy is not maintained.
  5. Do not maintain the read and unread status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answer of all your doubts.

Q-1: Why All emails showing as attachments after dragging and drooping in Outlook?

Answer: To avoid this situation, create a new folder in Outlook and try to drag and drop emails in newly created folder.

Q-2: Why am I unable to preview EML files in Outlook?

Answer: It observed in many cases that, if you try to open EML files in Outlook by using drag and drop technique, then it does not show the preview of EML files in Outlook dashboard.

Q-3: Can I use above mentioned software myself?

Answer: Yes, the easy to use and self explanatory user interface of this tool help users to perform the migration process. Apart from this you can ask for an expert to help you understand the software working process to import EML to Outlook account.


Although there are various manual approaches to import EML to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021. But, these manual approaches are not reliable enough to import EML files into Outlook. So, there is a need to use a widely used and trusted way. This work can be easily done by using the above-mentioned technique.