How to Transfer Lycos to Gmail/GSuite Account?

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Published On December 28th, 2023
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Are you looking for solutions to transfer Lycos to Gmail? This blog will explore the perfect methods for email migration. We will also talk about the reasons for switching your mailbox to Gmail, so read this blog till the end!

Lycos is a Carnegie Mellon University, United States, developed web search portal and engine. It also offers email and domain registration solutions to its customers.

Gmail by Google is the world’s most-used email service, with features like automated email filtering, advanced spam filters, and private mail sharing for personal and professional areas.

Benefits of Selecting Gmail/GSuite Over Lycos

Many reasons make Google Workspace/Gmail the perfect medium for migrating Lycos emails. This section mentions some of them in the following listed points:

  • Gmail/GSuite offers users 15 GB of free account storage, enhanced to 30 GB, 2 TB and 5 TB when they switch to premium plans. On the other hand, Lycos offers only 5 GB of mailbox storage, proving insufficient for storing hundreds of emails.
  • Google provides constant security updates and new features for robust email safety, with multi-factor authentication and automated spam filtering leading the email security.
  • Another reason to migrate emails from Lycos to GSuite is the flawless integration between all the Google applications. Users can edit and present documents and presentations in real-time with on-the-go accessibility.

These reasons highlight the importance of migrating your Lycos emails to a Google Business mailbox. We will now explore the solutions for the email transfer, so keep reading!

Export Lycos Webmail to Google Workspace

The absence of a manual method brings forward the SysTools Mac IMAP Migrator to transfer Lycos to Gmail seamlessly without data loss. This software works perfectly with Apple MacOS X 10.8 to 13 computers. The “Source Account Folder Tree” feature helps Lycos users maintain the folder structure of their mailbox during the Gmail/GSuite migration process. The “Date Filter” lets you select emails between two dates to migrate emails from Lycos to GSuite. The “Delta Migration” feature helps transfer only the recently received Lycos emails to your Google Workspace account.

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Steps to Migrate Lycos Email to Google Mail on MacOS

  1. Download and run the software on your Apple MacOS computer and click the “Continue” button after completing the prerequisites.
    download and run the software on mac computer
  2. Next, click the “Other” option from the Host Name menu in the Source IMAP Account section, and enter your Lycos account details (user name and password).
    enter Lycos account details in source imap account section
  3. Then, verify the entered details by clicking the “Validate” button.
    click validate to verify the details
  4. Select “Gmail” or “GSuite” under the Destination IMAP Account menu and enter the account credentials.
    select gmail or g suite under destination imap account section
  5. Next, click the “Validate” button and confirm the provided details.
    click validate to confirm details
  6. You can add more accounts to export Lycos webmail to Google Workspace using the “User Mapping List” box.
    add more accounts in user mapping list box
  7. Next, click the “Advance Settings” box and use the Date and Folder filters for selective email transfer to GSuite/Gmail Business.
    click advance settings and use date and folder filters
  8. Then, select the “Attach Source Account Tree” box to maintain Lycos mailbox structure during the email migration procedure.
    select attach source account tree for intact mailbox
  9. Check the “Delta Migration” box to migrate only the recently received Lycos emails to Google Business account.
    check delta migration box for migrating recent emails
  10. Finally, click the “Start Migration” button to migrate emails from Lycos to GSuite.
    click start migration to transfer lycos to gmail

How to Transfer Lycos to Gmail on Windows OS?

Lycos users with a Windows computer can comfortably rely on the SysTools IMAP to GSuite Migrator Software to export Lycos webmail to Google Workspace with complete data intactness. This software packs many astonishing benefits for seamless email migration. This software ensures an intact mailbox structure during the transfer. You can begin the email export process using the “Re-Run Full Migration” feature. Another benefit of this software is a “Priority Migration” feature, which lets Lycos users prioritise selective mailboxes for Google Business transfer before others.

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Steps for Lycos Email Forwarding to Google Mail on Windows OS

  1. Install, run, and activate the software on your Windows computer.
    install and activate the software on windows system
  2. Next, choose “IMAP” and “GSuite” as the Source and Destination under the Setup window, respectively.
    select imap as source and g suite as destination
  3. Then, select the “Email” checkbox under the “Workload Selection” section, and click “Next.”
    select email checkbox and click next
  4. Pick “Other” from the IMAP Server menu under the “Source” window, and enter your Lycos IMAP Server details.
    select other from imap server menu
  5. Next, click the “Validate” button to confirm the requested permissions.
    click validate to verify the details
  6. Go to the “Destination” window and enter your GSuite account ID, service account, and certificate file.
    enter your g suite account details in destination window
  7. Next, click “Validate” to verify the account details and necessary permissions.
  8. Then, click the “Import Users” button under the “Users” section to add more user accounts to transfer Lycos to Gmail.
    click import users under users window
  9. Next, verify the Source App Password for the included account(s) by clicking the “Validate” button.
    click validate to confirm source app password
  10. Finally, migrate emails from Lycos to GSuite by clicking the “Start Migration” button.
    click start migration to transfer lycos to gmail or g suite

Note: You can try the demo version to migrate emails from 2 Lycos accounts to GSuite. Purchase the premium version once you get satisfied with the demo edition’s performance.

Time to Wrap Up

This blog discussed the reasons and solutions to transfer Lycos to Gmail. The reasons mentioned here make GSuite the perfect collaboration suite for many email users, including Lycos users. The absence of a manual solution to export Lycos webmail to Google Workspace make the automated software described in the blog the perfect solutions for email migration from Lycos to GSuite/Google Workspace. The astonishing features make them the expert-recommended solutions for seamless mailbox transfer.

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