Simplified Methods to Import Outlook Calendar to iPhone / iPad Calendar

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Published On October 8th, 2022
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Microsoft Outlook allows users to organize and manage their emails, address books, calendars, notebooks, browsing history, etc. It has also an option to maintain the meetings, plans, events, and schedules under the calendar option. This information may be important for users, so they need to access it from anywhere. But, it is not possible because MS Outlook is a desktop-based application. In this situation, users want to transfer calendars from Outlook to iPhone or iPad for accessing all details about schedules and appointments online. Therefore, we will illustrate all possible solutions to import Outlook calendar to iPhone calendar. Before moving towards the solution, let’s have a look at the user’s query to understand the need for this conversion.

“Currently, I am working on working on a Microsoft laptop of Sony where I use Microsoft software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for my professional work. Recently, I obtained my first iPhone 7. Now, I want to access all events, meetings, and the appointment of Outlook on my iPhone. Can you please tell me how to move / export Outlook calendar to iPhone 13?”

How to Import Calendar from Outlook to iPhone?

Getting Microsoft Outlook calendars to iPhone or iPad has always been a bit of a puzzle. There are many people who are searching for a solution to add Outlook calendars to iPad or iPhone. But, they did not get an easy and quick solution. In order to keep in mind, the user’s requirement, here we will discuss both the manual and automatic process to transfer Outlook calendar to iPhone. These methods will surely migrate the calendar’s data without any risk of deleting a single bit of information that is already saved on your Outlook application.

Manual Procedure to Import Outlook Calendar to iPhone Calendar

Method 1: Add Calendar from Outlook to iPhone Using iTunes

  1. First of all, download and install the most recent version of iTunes
  2. After that, connect your iPhone to the computer system with an Apple USB sync cable
  3. Now, choose your iPhone from the “Devices” menu in iTunes
  4. Then, go to the “Info” option and then click on the “Sync calendars from” option that is situated under the “Calendars” pane
  5. In this step, select the “Outlook” option
  6. Further, select whether to sync all the calendars or specific calendars from the list of available calendars
  7. Click on the “Apply” button. It will allow iTunes to access your Outlook information
  8. Finally, your iPhone will easily import your Outlook calendar entries and export these entries to Outlook every time you sync it with your computer to import calendar from Outlook to iPhone calendar.

Method 2: Import Outlook Calendar to iPhone Without iTunes

Find out the below-mentioned steps to set up iCloud without any issue:

Step 1: Set Up iCloud

  1. At first, go to the “Settings” on your iPhone and then click on the “iCloud”
  2. After that, tap on the “Account” button to set up your iPhone to work with iCloud. Then, enter your ID and password and click on the “Done” button to create a free iCloud account with 5GB of online storage space
  3. Now, change the settings to “On” for Calendars that you want to import into iPhone
  4. In this step, scroll down and click on the “Storage & Backup” option
  5. Further, set the iCloud Backup setting to “On”. It will enable the automatic syncing of your Outlook contacts to the iPhone and does not require you to import Outlook calendar to iPhone calendar
  6. Finally, click on the “Backup Now” option to initiate an immediate backup and it will save them all calendar information.

Step 2: Install the iCloud Control Panel

  1. In this step, download & install the iCloud Control Panel
  2. Then, enter the same ID and password that you have used to enable the iCloud on your iPhone
  3. Now, choose the “Calendars” and then click on the “Apply” button
  4. After that, click on the “Done” button when you have finished downloading your information from iCloud
  5. Now, you can open your Outlook application to see the new folders and synced calendars. If you have done any changes then these changes in folders or your calendar will also appear on your iPhone and vice versa.

A Smart Way to Add Calendars from Outlook to iPhone

As you can see the above-mentioned method is very lengthy and slow. Also, there are chances of data loss while executing these complex and technical steps. In order to overcome these problems, it is a better idea to go with a direct solution like Outlook PST Conversion Tool. This software is very easy to download and use. It can easily import Outlook calendar to iPhone calendar.

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After that, this calendar can be easily imported into the iPhone or iPad. So, one can access their important calendar data of Outlook on iPhone by using Gmail. Apart from this, there are multiple advanced features of this tool such as migrating single PST, moving calendar items in bulk, quick scan, auto-detect, etc. Moreover, by using this utility, a user can also combine and import Outlook calendars to multiple email applications.

Steps to Import Outlook Calendar to iPhone Using PST Converter

If you want to add Outlook calendar to iPad or iPhone in a simple and convenient way, then perform the below steps:

Step 1: First of all, Download, Install, and Run the software

Import Outlook Calendar to iPhone

Step 2: Then, add the PST file which contains calendar information

Add PST File

Step 3: After that, you can preview your all selected data items

Preview PST File

Step 4: Select ICS format and click on the Export button

Export Outlook Calendar to iPhone

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Outlook calendars are really essential for users, as it stores lots of important events, meetings, and appointments. Therefore, sometimes Outlook users need to import Outlook calendar to iPhone calendar. As a result, in this post, we have shed a light on both manual and automatic solutions to import calendars from Outlook to iPhone 13 and other models. Users can easily choose either manual or direct solutions as per their accordance.


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