SysTools Outlook PST Reporter FREEWARE

Platform Independent Tool to Generate Complete MS Outlook PST File Report

  • Provide summary & overview of overall Outlook PST file statistics
  • Quickly Analyze the PST file and get file usage overview
  • No MS Outlook Installation required to generate PST file report
  • Allows exporting the generated report in CSV format for reference
  • Supports all versions of MS Outlook Data Type: ANSI and UNICODE Format

Key Features in SysTools Outlook PST Reporter FREEWARE

generate report

Generate Complete Report

The software allows you to scan and produce a complete report of the PST file. It will create a separate tab to show the details about attachments, Top sender, Top recipient, Year Wise, and folder wise activity. You can view the complete information of each item in these tabs like; Item count, size of folder, attachments count, type of attachment, etc.

view summary report

View Summary of PST File

After scanning the PST file, software shows an overall statistics of each item. It will show the item count of each Outlook folder. Also, an overall usage overview in graphical form is provided. And the actual space usage by different items is shown.

show attachment

Show PST Attachments Details

In the attachments tab, you can see the complete details of all the attachments present within a PST file. Details displayed include; Attachments type, counts of each attachment and the size of file in KB. Software will list and show all type of attachments present within the PST file emails.

top sender details

Get Top Sender Details

This Tab provides you a complete list of all senders including the sender's email address, the count of messages sent by them, and the total size of messages in MB, arranged according to message frequency. To filter the most contacted sender, this feature might come handy.

top recipient details

View Top Recipient Details

Featuring along with Top sender details, the software also provides you a complete list of the top recipient's details. Emails are arranged with proper address information, count of mails and overall size in MB in Top Recipients tab.

year wise report

Check Year Wise Report

The year wise tab will show you the complete activities carried out within a PST file in each year. It will list the year, the items count and the size of data. In this way, you can easily track the complete activity in each year.

folder wise report

Provide Folder Wise Details

To view the number of items saved in each item folder of the PST file, go to Folder wise tab. Here you can view the name of folder, folder path, number of items present in each folder, the total size in MB and the attachments count if there is any. Thus, if you want to check the data of each folder, the PST reporter will give you the complete information.

unicode ansi

Read Unicode & ANSI PST

This free application to generate PST report is capable of reading both; ANSI and Unicode PST files. And it also allows the user to get details generated within seconds once PST file is loaded and scanned. Also, it allows you to scan and report corrupt or damaged PST file. Thus, you do not need to repair PST file separately to use the tool.

export report
Export the Generated Report

Once the software generates a complete report of the PST file usage and information; you can then export the report at your end. All the details listed in each tab will get exported in CSV format file that you can save for future reference purpose.

Outlook PST Reporter Screenshots
Initial screen of PST Reporter
Step 1: MS Outlook PST Reporter
add pst file
Step 2: Select Outlook PST File
preview report
Step 3: Generate Summary Report
export & save reprt
Step 4: Export Complete Report
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Download Outlook PST Reporter Freeware
outlok pst locator box

Size: 2.4 MB Version: 1.0

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System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 5 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
Is it possible to find out the number of emails from multiple PST files?
I have hundreds of PST files and I need to find out how many total emails are in those files. Do you have a way to do this?

Outlook PST Reporter is the best solution for this purpose. It shows the total item count for emails, contacts, calendars and other categories.

Can this tool count all contacts from multiple PST files at once?

Software will not add multiple numbers of PST files in bulk. But you can add any number of PST files one by one.

Should Outlook be installed on my machine to use this software?

No, software does not require Outlook environment necessarily. You can use this tool even without Outlook installation.

Does the software also count attachments found in a PST file?

Yes, software counts all items of a PST file such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals. Also, a graphical representation is generated of the space utilized by each item in a PST file.

Can I use this tool on a Windows 8 PC?

Yes, Outlook PST Reporter can be installed and used conveniently on Windows 8 and all below versions without having any performance issues.

Is there any PST file size limitation within software to generate report?
I have 2 PST files created in Outlook 2002 and 2010. Can I use this tool for both PST files?

Software does not have any size limitation for PST files. It can process both; ANSI as well as UNICODE formatted PST files successfully.

What Clients Say

The Outlook PST Reporter helps me to supervise and administrates data regarding PST users that also free of cost. The method of generating report on PST file help to avoid time loss in manually analyzing doubted content and track email logos. Provision to convert report to CSV file is appreciable that help to store data in simple file format. File path, file count, file size, free space available, mail count and every other detail are valuable when administrator need to analyze PST files.

Jacqulin Macqulla, Maldives

Thankfully one of my clients suggested to me the usage of PST Reporter application otherwise I wouldn't have been able to create detailed information about my PST files. For the presentation and personal purpose both; these details were important and I don't have to open all the PST files for the same

— Anne Martha, United Kingdoms