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Experience the business class hosting for email services & solutions with SysTools at an affordable pricing structure. SysTools Business Email Solution guarantees 99.99% up-time with an advanced layer of protection of your business mail data.

  • Business Email Solution Provider for Corporate, Enterprise, Hosted, Professional
  • Advanced Data Management Filters for Auto Forwarding Rules & Email Management
  • Corporate Email Solution with Advanced Data Filters & Antivirus Scanning
  • Business Email Solution to Create A Custom Domain to Grow Your Business
  • Supports Regular Data Backup & Recovery in Case of Accidental Deletion or Failure
  • Encrypt Business Email Message to Protect Against Data Breaches and Malware Threats
  • Offer Free Migration Support to Switch from Any Provider to Business Email Service
  • With Business Email Solutions Access Your Mail Account on Various Devices and OS
  • Integrate Your Account with Collaboration Tools for Easy Professional Email Management
  • Deploy Business Email Hosting on Cloud Mail Server & On-Premise Server As Required
  • Secure Email Solutions to Access Business Email on Phone, IOS, Windows & Linux OS

Connect with Experts

Upscale Your Business

Unleash Brand Potential & Efficiency with Our Business Email Solution

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Grow Your Small Business

A private email address, such as [email protected], enhances the professional image of the business that builds credibility and trust among customers and partners.

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Branding Opportunity

A personalized email address ensures a consistent branding across communication channels. Also, the branded email address is more memorable as compared to free email service providers.

grow business

Accelerate Business Growth

Discover the new potential of your business with Business Email Solutions to improve communication and productivity. Streamline business operations with collaborative tools and services.

What We Offer?

Take Your Business Email Communication to The Next Level with SysTools

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Secure & Personalized Domain for Your Business

SysTools Business Email Solution can take your startup or small business to new heights by offering reliable and advanced corporate email services. Users can create a professional email address with [email protected] which builds credibility and trust among users. With this business email service, users can enjoy the following benefits:

hosted email

10 Days Free Trial: Enjoy a 10-day free trial with secure business email service for small business, enterprise, professional, hosted email, with unlimited creation of email accounts based on the subscription plan.


Superior Support: Get any queries about the corporate email services, connect with experts via live chat, phone, & email support.

professional integration

Protocol Integration: SysTools provides enterprise email solution for small and large scale business can be easily integrated with popular email clients. Also, it supports all the standard email protocols like: SMTP, IMAP, and POP3.

Our Core Values

How SysTools Business Email Solution Outshines the Competition?

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Free Migration

Business Email Solutions offers free migration services to switch from your existing mail platform to SyTools Business Email Hosting. The entire migration process ensures a smooth and hassle-free process without data loss.


Guaranteed Uptime

Experience the power of reliable business communication with SysTools corporate email solutions. We commit to and guarantee a 99.99% up-time to ensure your business email service remains available and accessible to your team with all resources.

cloud email services for small business

Flexible Environment

SysTools secure email solutions for small business offers a flexible deployment option for companies to set up email servers. Businesses can choose on-premises, cloud deployment, or hybrid server deployment for professional email solutions.

dual mail delivery

Dual Mail Delivery

SysTools cloud email services for small business provides a dual mail delivery option that allows businesses to set up a single domain on multiple business email hosting. It incorporates all email accounts from different servers & configures MX to ensure smooth communication across networks.

Benefits of Business Email

Explore Cloud Email Services for Small Business SysTools

Scheduled Send

The scheduled delivery option in the business email hosting allows you to compose your email and you can set a specific date and time to send it in the future.

Read Receipts

This functionality in the corporate mailing solution service allows users to receive a notification when the recipient opens and reads the message. This will help to analyze whether the email is read or not.

Follow-up Reminder

The follow-up reminder in the cloud hosted email solutions for small business allows you to set a reminder on a particular email that you have sent. It helps track down important messages that need further response.

Support for Add-ons

The plugin service can be installed with our business email solutions. One can easily install the third-party plugin to get additional functionality with the mail service.

HTML Template Body

SysTools email hosting solutions for small business come with the functionality to compose email with HTML. One can easily customize the message layout with HTML code as required.

Message Encryption

SysTools provides secure business email solutions for small businesses & large enterprise with advanced layer of protection at rest and in transit. Easily protect data from external threats and malware attacks.

Smart Calendar

Easily manage your events with Business Mail Smart Calendar. It provides a seamless way to create, manage your schedule and appointments. SysTools is best in email solution for business.

Create Rules & Filters

Business email service allows you to set rules and filters to automate incoming messages based on predefined criteria.

Secure & Realiable

Stay Professional With [email protected]

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SysTools Business Email Solutions for Simplicty & Security

Choosing the right email hosting services will make your entire process a lot easier. Here are some of the key points why SysTools email hosting for business communication:

Free Migration

Free & Hassle-Free Migration

Zero Ads

Custom Domain with Zero Ads

Top-tier Cloud

Your Business Data is Secure in Top-tier Cloud

professional email

Seamless Performance with Zero Downtime

Customized Secure Email Solutions

Get secure cloud email services for small and large scale business

Healthcare Industry

Retail Industry

Financial Services

Professional Services

Education Industry

Manufacturing Industry


Non-profit Sector


Legal Industry

Real Estate

Media & Entertainment

Why Choose SysTools as Your Business Email Provider

SysTools Mail Works for You & Your Business

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Years of Experience

SysTools is a leading service provider of business email solutions & has 250+ IT solutions that help businesses with effective data management, recovery & backup needs.

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Unmatched Expertise

We have a team of certified experts that are enriched in dealing with complex technicalities, and help users to switch from their old mailing platform to cloud email solutions for small business.

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Trusted by Public Agencies

SysTools has also earned a renowned name in the field of digital forensics, and our team has successfully provided assistance to police departments, SEBI, and other enforcement agencies.

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Service in All Sectors

We have a wide range of software and services that are used in all business sectors. We have successfully provided our services in the public, educational, financial, and healthcare sectors.

Ask Your Doubts

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Queries Regarding Business Email Hosting

Yes, you can use the SysTools secure email solutions for small business on the phone. In addition, you can log in to your business email account using any browser & active internet connection.

Yes, the corporate mailing solutions allows users to migrate their existing data to new mail account with all properties & meta information.

Yes, you can setup & use the Business Email Hosting mail account on any desktop client via POP3 & IMAP protocol configration settings.

Yes, the business email solution is suitable for unicorns and startups. We have a variety of offers and plans that will certainly meet your expectations. Contact the support team for more details.

Yes, you can setup email forwarding, message rules, schdule sent, and more with business email hosting.

We provide superior support to our customers. We have a dedicated team of experts who are available 24/7 via live chat, voice call, and email support.

SysTools being a Business Email Provider prioritizes data security by implementing encryption in email messages. In addition, our business email solutions also offer advanced spam filters, malware protection, and other security features.

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