SysTools Email Archiving Solution

Protect, Preserve, and Simplify email management & compliance requirements with email archiving solutions developed by SysTools. The solution is compatible with all email platforms and helps small & large enterprises to retain and retrieve email records.

  • Safeguard Critical Business Communication with Best Email Archive Solution
  • Securely Retain and Retrieve All Email Communications with A Few Clicks
  • Easily Archive Internal, Incoming, and Outgoing Emails from All Domains
  • Advanced Search Filter Options to Find Specific Email Data or Attachments
  • Deploy Enterprise Email Archive Solution on The Cloud or On-Premise Server
  • Integrate with Popular Cloud & Hosted Platforms to Archive Email Messages
  • Protect Email Data Against Unforeseen Losses with Business Email Archiving
  • Enterprise Email Archiving Solution Supports Military Grade Encryption Standards
  • Secure & Long-Term Storage Solution to Meet Legal & Compliance Requirements
  • Get 24*7*365 Dedicated Customer Support with SysTools Email Archiving Solution

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Compliance & Archiving

Enhance Data Security & Compliance with Email Archive Solution

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Email Backup & Archiving

Responsible to safeguard user's emails with automated archiving solutions. This email archiving solution will protect the users data against accidental deletion and system failures.

access anywhere

Allows Access Anywhere

Easily access your emails from any device using the enterprise email archive solution. This multi-functional email archive service lets you access the backup data from anywhere and with any device.

best email archiving solution

Easily Retain & Retrieve

SysTools hosted email archiving solution allows organizations to retain communication data during retention. Additionally, businesses can easily retrieve email messages whenever needed.

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Elevate Your Business with Cloud Based Email Archiving Solution

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Enterprise Email Archiving Solutions for All Verticals

Streamline your workflows with the best email archiving solution. Our robust and secure solution offers reliable and scalable email management options with an advanced layer of data protection. Here is a list of the benefits users will enjoy with this enterprise email archiving solution:

Security Policies: SysTools email archive solution allows users to set multi-role user privileges for archived emails. In addition, user can restrict connections via IP, email forwarding controls, and support for HTTPS using self-signed or CA-issued certificates.

Optimum Storage: Experience the top-class cloud based email archiving solution with multiple advanced features. The solution offers compression & email deduplication option to minimize storage requirements and avoid the confusion of duplicate emails.

Flexible Deployment: This online email archive solution works with all standard email clients and IMAP platforms. The archiving solution can also be deployed on-premises (VMWare, Virtual-box) or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.)

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Why Business Email Archiving Is The Need of The Hour?

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Compliance and Legal Requirements

Each industry has to follow & meet legal compliance requirements, that include data retention, including emails. This email archiving solution helps businesses to retain information for an extended period. It also allows user's to easily retrieve the data when required to comply with legal or regulatory purposes.

efficient solution

Storage Management and Efficiency

With the help of this business email archiving solution, organizations can manage their storage more efficiently. Archiving older and less frequently accessed emails can create significant storage space with better management and efficiency. In addition, this will also speed up your mailbox loading time.

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Email Retention and Deletion Policies

Organizations often have to follow specific legal requirements, including email retention and deletion policies, to manage data lifecycle and privacy requirements. Enterprise email archive solution helps user's to keep emails safe for the defined time to ensure the complaint requirements with data security.

easy search and retrieve

Easy Search and Retrieval

Businesses require hosted email archiving solutions to manage and retrieve their archived emails when needed. The On-premise email archiving solution lets you quickly search and retrieve specific emails from the mailbox.

Benefits of Email Archiving

Explore Prime Functionality of Enterprise Email Archive Solutions

Complete Archiving

SysTools hosted email archiving solution goes beyond just archiving email messages. It also allows users to archive drives (documents and files), calendars, and contacts from the user mailbox.

Email Compatibility

The online email archive solution works with all popular platforms, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. The solution works with both free and commercial email platforms.

Long-Term Retention

Many organizations and businesses are required to retain employee information to comply with regulations and laws. SysTools email archiving service offers user's a long-term retention policy at the best prices and requirements.

Quickly Restore Email

Easily restore the user's mailbox data, including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. The solution offers multiple data filters to restore specific data on different criteria in PST and ZIP format.

Automatic Discovery

SysTools enterprise email archiving solution automates backup procedures and generates user and business directories from email data. This powerful feature enables quick email searches, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Flexible Deployment

SysTools offers a flexible deployment option for business email archiving service. Businesses can deploy email archive solutions on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.).

Simplified Archive Management

Simplify email management and categorization with SysTools Email Archiving. To enhance workflow, the solution integrates with network-attached storage, disk partitions, and removable external drives.

Secure & Reliable

Comprehensive Email Security for Every Work Environment

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SysTools Email Archive Solution for Workspace Security

Get the most out of SysTools cloud based email archiving solutions. It offers various features that help automate the archive procedure with an easy restore option. Here are the key points for choosing an Hosted email message archiving solutions for businesses and corporations.

Easy Setup & Configuration

Military Grade Encryption

Easily Archive & Restore Data

Cost-Effective Archival Solution

Customized Email Archiving Solution for All Verticals

Get secure archiving solution for all business

Healthcare Industry

Retail Industry

Financial Services

Professional Services

Education Industry

Manufacturing Industry


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Legal Industry

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Queries Regarding Online Email Archive Solution

If you use the SysTools enterprise email archiving solution, then there is no limit to the amount of data you can archive and retain.

Backup and archiving are two distinct segments with different functions. Backup captures data at a specific time and cannot guarantee 100% complete and accurate data recording. On the Contrary, the archiving solution works continuously in the background, ensuring incremental backups with a quick restore option.

Log in to the portal of online email archive solution, and search for the emails or documents you want to restore using advanced data filters. Once done, select the emails or the source and click the restore button. In case you need help, please contact the support team.

No, email archiving does not affect server performance. Also, by archiving infrequent and old emails, you can save server resources that boost overall workflow & load management.

You can contact our support team to start with Systools Cloud Based Email Archiving Solution. Our team will help you with plans and deployment options. In addition, we offer 24*7 dedicated customer support via live chat & email support.

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