How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock – Top 3 Ways

Anjana Joshi ~ Modified: September 21st, 2022 ~ Technology ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Having protection and security on your Android device is one of the essential things you should have to take into consideration, especially when people tend to snoop into your phone without your permission. Hence, nowadays all Android users use pattern lock to secure their phones. From this, the possibility of forgetting the phone pattern lock also gets higher. Then, user will have to learn how to unlock android phone pattern lock.

Okay, don’t take our words and let’s check out the whole scenario with the help of a real-time user query:

Hey! Yesterday night one of my friends was using my phone. And for fun, he changed the pattern lock of my phone. But the worst thing is that he forgets the pattern after applying it. After that, I am unable to unlock my phone. And that makes me so angry and I’m also afraid that how will I unlock my Android phone. Does anyone know the solution to unlock android pattern screen lock? Please help me.

In a situation like this, you could lose your hope and start bickering with the perpetrator. So, if you are in the same scenario then, no need to worry. Because here we are ready to guide you with some effective solutions to bypass pattern lock screen on Android.

Top 3 Techniques to Unlock Android Pattern Lock

So, let’s jump into the techniques to remove the security pattern lock on your Android phone.

Solution 1: Unlock Pattern Lock Using Google Account

This is one of the easiest ways for unlocking the pattern lock of your Android phone. After a few failed attempts, a message will pop up “Try again after 30 seconds”. When you see this pop-up message follow the steps mentioned below to unlock the phone.

Step 1: Click on the Forgot Pattern option

forgot pattern

Step 2: Then you have to give your Google Account details like Gmail account User name and Password.

Google account details

Step 3: After entering the Gmail credentials, Google will send you an email with a new lock pattern. Now, you can remove pattern lock on Android phone and create a new one.

new lock pattern


  • While performing this method you have to keep connected your phone with the Internet
  • This method will only work if you’re using Android versions 4.4 and lower versions

Solution 2: Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

In this section, we will be going to use Android Debug Bridge or ADB to unlock Android pattern lock without Gmail. If you want to know about what is Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and what is ADB then,

Read more:

This technique will work on any Android device, rooted or non-rooted. But, before starting the steps first check out the requirements and warning.


  • Any android device with USB debugging enabled. If the device is rooted then, it is the best thing. But, if the device is not rooted then, the device must be running a kernel that grants root access to the ADB shell.

Note: To enable the USB Debugging on Android phone running Android version 4.0 and above go to Settings >> Developer option. Now, check the box beside the USB Debugging option. And if you are running older versions of Android then, go to Settings >> Application >> Development and then, check the USB Debugging option

  • A computer with ADB installed in it

Note: To know how to install the ADB
Read this:

  • A USB data cable
  • Make sure your device is charged more than 75 %
  • Make sure you create a backup of your phone data such as Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos and, etc.

Now, let’s understand how to unlock Android phone pattern lock.

Step 1: First, connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.

connect your phone

Step 2: Now, open CMD or Command prompt on your PC.

Step 3: After that type the following commands at CMD and press enter after every command.

command 1

Step 4: After the execution of commands, your device will start rebooting. So, after rebooting enter the following commands at the terminal

command 2

Step 5: Once all commands executed successfully phone will reboot again. Then, the phone will restart and will ask user to draw a security pattern to unlock the phone.

Congratulations now, you have successfully bypass pattern lock screen on Android. But once you get access to your device make sure to change the security pattern lock.

Solution 3: Using Recovery Mode to Unlock any Android Phone Pattern

Step 1: First, power off your phone.

power off your mobile

Step 2: Now, press power and volume up button together.

Step 3: It will start the Android Recovery Mode.

android recovery mode

Note: Use the volume buttons to scroll up and down. And the Home button to select the option.

Step 4: Now, choose wipe data / factory reset.

wide data or factory reset

After this, your all data will be deleted including your pattern lock. Now, your problem is solved.


This technique will wipe up all your personal data like Photos, Contacts, SMS, Internet Settings, Videos, Google Account. That means your phone be like a brand new factory-made phone.

Wrapping Things Up

There are many users have theses queries that they forgot the security pattern lock of their phone. So, if you are one of them, do not need to worry. Therefore in this blog, we have discussed the best and effective ways of how to unlock Android phone pattern lock. Hence, go through this blog and learn different ways to bypass pattern lock screen on Android without losing data.