Learn How to Add Outlook Calendar to MacBook in an Efficient Manner

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Published On September 8th, 2022
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Microsoft Outlook, the popular email client offers a calendar service used to manage time. It permits users to view, add, and drag and drop events within the calendar from one date to another in a hassle-free manner. Apart from this, users are also allowed to create a to-do list in the application and keep a complete track of all tasks. But in some circumstances, users switch from Windows machines to Mac machine. At that point in time, it becomes important for the users to move Outlook data items like calendars (in this case) to MacBook. Now, the question is how to add Outlook Calendar to MacBook Pro in an efficient manner. However, it is possible with iCloud (a cloud-based) service offered by Apple.

It is merely impossible for the users to carry the computer everywhere. So, syncing Outlook calendars with iCloud is beneficial. A user can access Outlook calendars on both Windows machines or MacBooks in real-time. Thus, if users are interested in adding Outlook calendar to MacBook, then he or she goes ahead with the blog and get a solution for the same.

Apple provides a number of services under its brand “iCloud” and you have likely used at least one of these services if you have ever used an Apple device. All of these services that Apple provides are cloud-based and hence the name iCloud. What that means is that if you make a change on one of your devices, it will automatically reflect on all other devices as everything is in sync with iCloud.

All Possible Scenarios to Sync Outlook Calendar with MacBook Pro

In order to understand the point of view of the users in a better way, consider some of the user queries discuss below:

“Recently, I bought a new MacBook for my office work so I am transferring all my data from Windows machine to Mac machine. Among all important data, I want to add Outlook Calendar to MacBook also. However, I do not know, how it can be done via some manual approach. Suggest me a solution for the same, it will be a great help.”

“I have Windows machine at my workplace and MacBook at home. As my Outlook calendar has lots of important events and tasks scheduled, which I need to check from time to time. So, I am looking for a solution that let me manage the Outlook calendar on both Windows and MacBook. Can anybody help me out in the same?”

How to Add Outlook Calendar to MacBook Manually?

In order to move the calendar from Outlook to MacBook, one needs to take the help of iCloud. Now, how the whole process can be taken into account is discussed below:

  1. First of all, download iCloud for Windows on the system
  2. After that, you have to Enter your Apple ID and Sign in to iCloud
  3. Then, you need to choose the features that you want to sync across Mac machine. As you are syncing the iCloud calendar to Outlook, so make sure that you choose Calendars as you want to transfer Outlook calendar to Macbook pro
  4. Next, you need to choose Apply button to move to Outlook Setup for the iCloud window
  5. Now, on the “Outlook Setup for iCloud” window, choose any desired option and iCloud will start syncing. It will take some time depending upon the amount of data you are moving
  6. When the process is completed successfully, click on the Done button and Outlook calendar imported successfully in iCloud.

Now, a user will be able to access Outlook calendar on MacBook very easily. A user just needs to download an iCloud application on MacBook and access Outlook calendar from it very easily. Moreover, a user can download Outlook calendars from iCloud on MacBook. This is one of the possible ways to add Outlook Calendar to MacBook pro manually.

Import Calendar from Outlook PST File to MacBook Professionally

The manual approach is not always a feasible approach for everyone as it is complex to perform and understand. Thus, a user is advised to take help of SysTools Mac Outlook PST Conversion Tool, one such application that let users export Outlook calendars to ICS format in an efficient manner. The software provides an option to move only selective data from PST to ICS format. Moreover, a user can easily install the application on any version of Windows OS and after that one can import Outlook calendar to MacBook Pro.

For Windows OS Users

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For Mac OS Users

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Steps to Add Outlook Calendar to MacBook

Step 1. Run the software and add PST file

Add File or Folder

Step 2. Select ICS format from Export Type option

Choose ICS File

Step 3. Click on Advanced Settings for filters if needed

Advance Settings

Step 4. Choose location to save resulting ICS file

Choose Location to Add Outlook Calendar to MacBook

Step 5. Hit on the Export button to start the process.

Add Outlook Calendar to MacBook

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Author Suggestion

Data is always really important for any user to maintain the continuity of work. It is because a loss of data can create big problems for all type of users. Now, calendars maintain all schedules related to business meetings and other time. Thus, users want to have to permanent access Outlook calendars. Therefore, the above blog has discussed how to add Outlook Calendar to MacBook in an efficient manner.


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