Easiest Ways to Export Outlook Calendar to Android Phone

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Published On September 8th, 2022
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Summary: This blog explains the solution to export Outlook calendar to Android Phone. If you are looking for the same, this post will help you and gives you a complete solution.

In the world we live in today, mobile phones become a lifeline to most of the population. It is the best source of communication that can be easily used anytime and anywhere in the world. Now, their importance increases with the development of technology. Advanced cell phone such as Android provides supports numerous features such as Digital Calendar. It is used to schedule the meetings, birthdays, and events and a notification reminder appear on your phone before the event starts. So, it is a great device that keeps all scheduled office appointments or family events in your hand.

On the other side, there are so many users who use Outlook Calendar to arrange their official meetings. As we all know, being a desktop-based client, users cannot take those calendar entries always with them. So, after considering this situation, we are going to discuss some methods in this blog that can export Outlook Calendar to Android phones. These workarounds can be easily supported by most of Android devices such as Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, Android Tablet, etc. Keep reading this article till the end to explore the easiest ways to import a calendar from Outlook to Android.

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How to Export Outlook Calendar to Android Phone?

If you are working in the office, then it is a very high chance that you are using Outlook to manage the meetings. So, it is obvious to transfer calendars from Outlook to Android phone to have an access it from anywhere. For this, in the following section, we provide a step-by-step tutorial in order to import calendar from Outlook to Phone. One can need to follow the instructions described below:

Step 1: Export Calendar from Microsoft Outlook Program

  1. Launch Outlook desktop program on your Windows system
  2. Open the calendar that you need to move in an Android phone in your Outlook application
  3. After that, you need to click on File tab from the Outlook blue ribbon
  4. A pop-out menu appears on the Outlook interface. Now, go to the Save Calendar option
  5. Next, save the desired calendar in .ics format. Actually, it is a standard format to store the calendar entries to copy calendar from Outlook to Android phone
  6. You have an option to either provide a customized name to resultant ICS file or save by the default name
  7. As soon as you save the file, a summary report will appear on the screen. It includes information like date range, the name of the calendar. If you agree with the displayed details, then directly go to step 9
  8. If you disagree with the information and wants to manage it, then click on More options. Now, in order to save only selective calendar entries, click on Date Range arrow and modify it according to your need
  9. At last, click on OK >> Save button to export Outlook calendar to Android phone.

Step 2: Move ICS file in Gmail Account

  1. Close Outlook email application and open web browser on the same system
  2. Next, you need to login into Gmail account that you are using in your Android phone
  3. Once your account opened, click on Compose button from the top-left corner
  4. A New Message pop-up on the screen, you need to click on Attachment icon
  5. Browse the .ics file that you made in the above step and upload it
  6. Once it is attached to the mail, enter your own email address in Recipient box and mention a subject line and mail it
  7. After that, refresh the page of the email account. Now, you will see the mail that you have sent recently appeared in your Inbox. To completely export Outlook calendar to Android phone, go to the next section.

Step 3: Import Outlook Calendar to Phone

  1. Take Android phone and open the Gmail account that you used in the above step
  2. Go to the Inbox and click on the mail that has .ics file
  3. After that, download the Outlook Calendar file on your phone
  4. It will provide you option to Save the file in Google Calendar. You need to choose that option and it will automatically sync the Outlook Calendar with your Google Calendar. Now, you can view all of your scheduled meetings on your Android device.

Limitations of Manual Method

As we know, the manual solutions are of free of cost but, many times they are not so much effective. Similarly, the above-described method to export Outlook calendar to Android phone has some downsides. It is important to know all the demerits by the users before opting for this approach.

  1. It is clear from the above that the manual method consists of lots of steps. However, it is fine to take a such headache to import Outlook calendar in the phone only for one time. But, in a situation, when you need to add calendar entries frequently, then it is a cumbersome task to follow such a long procedure every time.
  2. Most of the users have an old .pst file. The PST file functions are to save the copy of Outlook mailbox data such as emails, contacts, etc. And, they need to extract the calendars from the single PST file and transfer them into their phone. In such a situation, the above-discussed methods cannot work.

So, What are the Next Option?

Luckily, we have an automated third-party tool named as Outlook PST file Converter that can easily overcome the limitations of a manual solution. It can extract calendar folder from an orphan .pst file and convert them into Android supported .ics format. Further, users can move that file in the phone either with the help of USB cable or send to Gmail and sync with it.

For Windows OS Users

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For Mac OS Users

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Users can use this tool frequently and it does not take too much time. It provides the resultant .ics file in the shortest period of time. It is suggested to go with this software in order to import Outlook Calendar to Android phone.

Steps to Export Outlook Calendar to Android Phone via ICS are:

Step 1. Launch the PST conversion tool and add PST having calendars

add pst having calendar

Step 2. Preview of all PST data file items


Step 3. Select ICS format from the Export options

Export Outlook Calendar to Android Phone via ICS

Step 4. Choose location to save the resting ICS file

select location

Step 5. Click on the Export button to save calendars as ICS.

export calendar from Outlook to Android Phone

Let’s Sum Up

In this post, we have described a manual method in order to transfer calendar from Outlook to Android. Unfortunately, the manual solution has some limitations. So, we also discussed an automated solution i.e., PST to ICS Converter. With the help of the tool, users can export Outlook Calendar to Android phone supported calendar format in a matter of minutes.


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