Fix C Drive Keeps Filling Up Automatically for No Reason in Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

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There are many issues faced by the user specially regarding the use of hardware like in case of C drive keeps filling up automatically. People do not understand the reason why it happens. This issue is persistent with all the versions of Windows like 10/8/8.1/7 etc. Due to the the reason of C drive filling up by itself, many situations can arise like the computer runs slow, users are unable to store more large files or data on it, hard disk drive is not big enough to accommodate all the needs of the user. These are the situations which can take place if the C drive is filling automatically. The main issue is that the disk space of C drive is not big enough to store large data due to which the problem occurs. So before discussion the methods to fix c drive keeps filling up for no reason automatically in windows. Let’s first understand the reasons behind this error.

Reasons – Why C Drive Keeps Filling Up Automatically?


The hard disk drive keeps filling up automatically is a serious concern. The all possible reason behind this error listed below:

  • System Corruption: In case of file system that gets corrupted, it will show free space incorrectly i.e. something is taking up disk space. In that case corrupted file has to be fixed. Also the disk corruption can cause disk filling itself.
  • Attack of Virus: Make sure that the system is virus free because sometimes virus can eat empty space of the disk and shows drive keeps filling automatically error. Many users after running anti-virus software have got rid of the problem.
  • Windows Restore: System restore is the another Window feature that can fix certain type of crashes and other computer problem. System restore uses lot of disk space. Reducing the disk space for system restore can solve the problem of drive keeps filling automatically.
  • Hibernation: Sometimes it is believed that culprit of hard drive space disappearing is the hibernation mode. It is a power saving state of Windows which while closing Windows saves content in the hard disk. Disabling hibernation mode can create space in the C drive and get rid of c drive filling up with cab files.
  • Unknown Files: Hidden files causes hard drive space disappear. It is important to make the file reveal on the personal computer to ensure that the hard drive space is not taken over.
  • Temporary Files: Many program use temporary file that are stored on the hard drive. It can take over lot of hard drive space. So it is important to free up hard disk like C drive from temporary files and avoid c drive filling up fast issue.

Manually Solve Hard Drive Keeps Filling Automatically Issue


There are four methods of resolving c drive keeps filling up for no reason issue and are discussed below:

Method 1: Disk-Clean -up to Fix Drive Automatically Filling Issue


If the C drive is full without any reason, then use the in-built tool of Windows i.e., Disk Clean-up. It can help users in removing all unnecessary files and resolve the hard drive c partition keeps filling automatically without any reason. The steps include:

  • First of all, right-click on one of your hard drive in the Computer window. Select Properties and then click Disk clean -up button in the Disk properties window
  • Here, select the type of files that you want to delete and click OK

Method 2: Reduce Space for System Restore and Fix Keeps Filling Issue


System restore is a mechanism in Windows that allows the user to revert the computer state to a point which can help to solve the hard drive keeps filling automatically etc. By following these steps, we have to reduce its size.

  • Right-click the Computer icon and choose Properties
  • Click on the System Protection
  • Click on the Configure button
  • Now, in the Windows, Here, you have to turn off system protection entirely.

Method 3: Clear Recycle bin to Fix Hard Drive Keeps Filling in Windows


Recycle bin is a temporary storage space that keeps all the deleted files. When the user deletes files or folder, it is not deleted permanently as it goes to recycle bin. Therefore, some space can be created by freeing up recycle bin for files in C drive. fix c drive filling up for no reason issue.

Additional Tip: – You may also want to know how to recover deleted data from recycle bin in Windows.

Method 4: Uninstall Programs to Free Up Space in Hard Disk C Drive


Uninstalling some of the programs from the computer can free up enough space in hard drive. The steps to uninstall are as follow:

  • Click on the Start button, choose Control panel, click Programs and then click Programs and Features
  • Right-click the program the user doesn’t need to use and choose Uninstall button

The major drawback of manual method is that sometimes a user may find the steps difficult to perform. In addition, the steps are very time-consuming and if not done rightly it will not give the required results. So, I recommend you to try an optimal

Alternate Fix – “C Drive Keeps Filling Up Automatically in Windows”


For quick and trusted solution to resolve C drive filling up by itself and lost files. Try the SysTools Windows Data Recovery software helps to recover formatted, corrupted, deleted and lost Windows data file. It allows users to recover formatted and corrupted Windows data files. Moreover, one can restores permanently and normally deleted data also from Windows. The software supports lost data recovery also from Windows. It will easily detects external storage device as connected with the machine. This utility is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP versions.



With the help of above article one can find out solution for C drive keeps filling up automatically in Windows 10 and below versions. The reason why c drive keeps filling up for no reason is stated above, some of it includes space taken by virus attack, corruption of system, presence of unknown files etc. It becomes difficult for all the users if the hard drive is totally full. In order to overcome c drive keeps filling up by itself in Windows 10, 8, 7 etc. one can go for manual or alternate method discussed above. With this, the task becomes easier to free up some of the storage space from the C drive.

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